Friday, February 1, 2013

Death Rose: Bob Hitler

So, there she was, in Iowa with a fake boyfriend that she had to call Simon Hearting but was actually called Ren Clairvoyant. It was a stupid name, but not as stupid as what she would call Aretha's friend. The thought of that name made her smile.
She followed the spirit's instructions to the only train station in Des Moines and looked around for clues. Ren opted to stay in the car as she looked around for a police man or something that could help her find the medical facility.
There was an area that was surrounded by a line of yellow and black police tape. Death trudged over to the space and a man in blue uniform stopped her. "This os a restricted area Miss," he told her in a deep voice, it reminded her of a whale; a big fat whale. That was actually a good way to describe him!
"I-I'm sorry." She said as crocodile tears pooled in her eyes. "M-my friend was killed there. I w-want to know where he is." She thought her acting was amazing because the policeman smiled at her with sympathy in his eyes.
"I'm very sorry, Miss. I will find out where they took him. What was his name?"
Death smiled sadly. "His name was Bob, Bob Hitler." She had to pinch herself to stop from laughing, she must have pinched too hard because blood started to flow over her fingers on her arm.
The policeman nodded and turned away as he spoke into his radio. "This is Officer Brant Smith. I'm requesting information of the man who passed away from the rare blood disease in the car park of the Des Monies train station."
There was science for a few moments. "He is at the medical facility north of there, distance unknown." Replied a female voice.
"Thanks," Officer Brant Smith said and turned back to her. "He's in the medical-"
"I heard," she interrupted quickly. "Thank you so m-much..." Her voice broke and she started to sob. She covered her face with her hands and grinned as her shoulders heaved.
Officer Smith patted her shoulder reassuringly. "I'm sorry," he said over and over again.
She sniffed and looked at him. "It's okay. I better go see him now..." She trailed off as she looked away. "Thank you so much!" She turned slowly and her shoulders started heaving again, not with sadness but with savage laughter.
Ren was snoozing happily in the back seat, how he did that in ten minutes, she didn't have a clue. She grinned as she ducked under the window. She threw up a block in her mind and waited.
The car jostled slightly and Death popped up and roared. Ren squealed like an eight year old girl and jumped away, cracking his head on the roof of his red Evora. She fell backwards on the floor and started laughing. Hard.
Ren got out with a scowl on his face. He lifted one hand and felt light, like she was floating on marshmallows. She smiled and sighed. Her eyes started to close...
It was as if a rubber band snapped back into place at that point as her body become full of life again. "Damn you Simon!" She spat at him. "My soul is mine, MINE! Don't touch it again or else I'll kill you!"
It was Ren's turn to laugh now. "Like hell!" He said as he got into the driver's seat. He looked at her with his chocolate eyes. "Where to?"
"Medical facility, north of here."
Ren nodded and sped off before Death's door was closed. She strapped the seat belt across her torso and fumbled with the buckle. She finally got it in as he pulled over. "This it?" He asked, pointing to a white building with the words, 'Des Moines Medical Clinic' written in gold above the arched doorway.
She shrugged. "One way to find out!"
They walked out of the car and Ren locked his precious car. God did he love that thing... They held hands and swung them as they walked. It was embarrassing for both of them. Death looked fourteen while Ren looked twenty with a scar down his face. The perfect little couple...
They walked inside and waited at the front desk. I woman with short black hair and emerald eyes was on the phone to someone. It sounded too casual to be a patient. "I'll have to call you back Bethy!" She said brightly, she had a very pleasant voice. It reminded her of lilacs.
She put the phone down in its cradle and looked at them. "Hi, I'm Diana Roberts. How can I help you?"
Death looked at Ren and saw he wasn't going to answer, his eyes were glued on Diana and his mouth was opened slightly. So much for a boyfriend...
"Hi, I'm Susan Price, this is my boyfriend Simon Hearting. You don't happen to know where my friend is, do you?" Her bottom lip jutted out.
"What is her name?" Diana asked, picking up a clipboard.
"His name," Death corrected. "It was Bob Hitler."
The receptionist nodded and scanned her list. "I'm sorry, we don't have any patients by that name."
"He's dead. He died of a rare blood disease." She informed her as she elbowed Ren. 'Stop drooling on her desk.'
'What if she likes my drool?' He thought at Death and she shuddered.
The woman nodded and looked at a stack of papers beside her. She fingered through them until she found the one she wanted. Diana passed the piece of paper to her and she skim-read it.
It was a form of his details. His name, age, address, family, phone number, blood type. All boring things like that. The woman started to explain what Death had to do. "We need you to fill in this sheet about Mr. Hitler so we can look up previous health records."
She smiled tightly. "Would I be able to see him? Just for a moment? I'd like a chance to say goodbye... I'm leaving the continent and wont be here for his funeral. Please?" She made a sad puppy dog face and the woman sighed.
"Fine, just don't let anyone see you. Go down that corridor, take your second left, then first door on the right." She instructed, pointing to a corridor across the room.
"Thank you so much!" Death said and pulled Ren along after her into the white corridors.


The room Diana instructed her to reminded Death of the torture chamber Mevolent had tortured her in. She almost bolted right out of there because of the sight of the tools in the wall. She took a deep breath and grabbed the white sheet over the figure in the centre of the room. She pulled it back and gasped as she noticed the man had no shirt on. She dropped the sheet and ran to a corner, reminding herself of a cowardly mouse. Then she wondered why she kept relating people to animals and objects. And then she wondered if Diana looked more like a cat cross a mouse. The she wondered if-
"Okay!" Ren shouted as he shoved his fingers in his ears. "Enough with the rattling thoughts!"
Death smiled. "Get this man back now."
He sighed heavily and looked around for a chair to sit on. "This might take a while," he admitted and held his hand out to her. She gazed at it stupidly. "Take my hand so you can show me who this is."
Not understanding how that would work, Death took his bronzed hand. She waited while he closed his eyes and nothing happened. "I don't know what you're doing, but it's a no-show on my computer," she joked.
Ren sighed and opened his eyes. He got a pocket knife from his back pocket and sliced it across his palm, then did the exact same to Death's.
"Crap man!" She shouted, jerking her hand away.
"Now try," he murmured as he closed his eyes. She put her hand in his and their blood mixed together and swirled on the floor. Death's blood somehow looked paler than Ren's rust colluded blood.
Just as she thought that, she was whisked into darkness. She gasped slightly as she felt her feet hit solid ground. It wasn't like the last time she was dead, she couldn't feel anything then, but the floor was exactly the same as it was on the material plane. It made her confused.
"Don't let go of my hand," he warned her sternly. "If you do, you will be trapped here and even I wont be able to get you back."
Death bit her lip. "Okay," she said and squeezed his hand. He squeezed it back.
"Go on," he prompted. "Call out to your friend."
She took a step forward and yelled. She didn't know why but she did.
Nothing moved or made a sound.
She cursed and tried a different approach. "Aretha Tesla's friend! The dead man! Please come here!"
She waited and saw something flicker in the darkness.
"Yes?" Came that dark chocolate voice from before. "What do you want?" It sounded dark and angry, uncaring.
"Psychopath to the rescue!" She said and laughed. "In other words, we are here to take you back."
"Go on then, do it."
"Please?" Death prompted, waving a hand.
There was a long pause, a sigh, and then an unwilling, "Please."
She grinned and looked at Ren. "How do we do this?"
Ren took a deep breath and looked at where the voice was coming from. "Can you see me?"
"No, but I can hear you."
'Duh!' Death thought. 'Bob is an idiot! Of course he can hear us!'
Ren chuckled slightly. "Death, shut up. I have to concentrate." She laughed then became quiet. "Come towards my voice." He instructed.
"This isn't going to be one of those, 'come towards the light' things is it?" He asked as his voice became louder.
"No, it's not." Ren said.
"Just checking." His voice sounded like it was right next to her. She shivered.
"Now take Death's hand."
"I can't see it."
"You'll feel it," Ren insisted.
Death held her spare hand out and felt around. Something cold wrapped itself around her hand and she gasped and jumped back. "WHAT THE HELL?!"
"It's just my hand," the man murmured with a smile in his voice.
"Okay," she said uneasily, "just scared me, that's all."
"No kidding?" Ren said sarcastically. Death let go of his and and slapped him. "What have you do-?" He shouted as she rocketed back to colour.
She was in the medical clinic in Des Monies. Her body was shaking violently and she couldn't stop. The man on the bed took a breath and sat up. He looked at her with brown eyes.
Ren opened his eyes and gasped. He grabbed Death by the shoulders and shook her. "What the hell was that for?!" He almost screamed.
"I-I forgot..." She could barely breath. It rattled in her chest.
"You dip-"
"Will you two quit fighting?" The man on the bed said. "We don't have time for this. We need to find Aretha before she killing people again." They stared at him. "Well, what are you still doing here?" They blinked. "I need to get changed." He pointed to the door.
Ren picked up Death in his arms and walked out the door. "You shouldn't have done that," he murmured in her ear.
"I know."