Monday, February 11, 2013

Niccolo Croatoan/Ian Heartbreak: Birds Give the Best Lectures

After much debate, Niccolo had decided he would stick with Death and her friend- but it would be far too annoying to have them chatting at him the whole time, so he followed them at a distance, shapeshifting into various creatures so they wouldn't see him and teleporting to keep up with their car. It became rather boring, but he still wanted to know more about Ren's power, so he persued them nonetheless and kept close tabs on their conversation. It didn't seem like Ren's discipline had many negative reprecussions, if any at all- but he would be sure to find out more from Ren's own mouth, soon enough...
They finally stopped so Death could get out and she eagerly approached a small cafe. She was talking to... Oh- that must've been the other person she spoke about breifly when they were both dead. She had called him her friend, but clearly he was more than that... And then he hit her. And she left, looking numb... Almost similar to how Aretha had become... And then before he could force sense into his own head, he was yelling into Death's boyfriend's.
"What the Hell did you do that for?" He spat telepathically, still sitting in front of the pub in the shape of a crow.
Ian jumped back, cursing as some of his grog split on his lap. He looked at Ren, "You know why, you-"
"What?" Ren shouted back. "You punched her! I didn't even think you had it in you to do that!" He slapped Ian hard across the face. "Her aura disappeared! That's never happened before! Never!"
Ian sat back, contemplating what Ren had just said; it sounded as if he hadn't heard the voice. 'Who are you?' He thought with an eyebrow raised. He hoped he wasn't hearing voices; that'd be just dandy!
"Man, I'm me. I'm Ren. Don't use your telepathy on me bro, I swear, you deserve to be punched in the gut for that!"
Ian sighed and rolled his eyes. "I swear, I'm going to punch you if you don't leave me right this second." He didn't wait for Ren to leave, he punched him anyway, hard, in the stomach.
Ren's eyes bulged and he gasped, folding in on himself. "You stupid jackass," his eyes rolled back in his head and Ian kicked him. Time for another drink, he thought and took a sip.
Somewhere outside the pub, a crow rolled its eyes. Now you're going to beat up your friend. Yeah, that'll solve everything, he thought to himself, trying very hard not to think too much about Death's aura disappearing. Then he spoke into Ian's mind again, more forceful this time.
"You pathetic, insufferable fool... I'm not Ren, so you can let him off the hook- I'll get him later, anyway. I'm just another sensetive talking in your head. But listen carefully becauase, for the moment, I'm trying to help you, and you do not want to get on my bad side." He growled, using his smooth voice like a dagger. "Now, do you love Death or not?"
Now that was a stupid question. He didn't anymore! Who could? She was mean, selfish, everything she'd called herself when she was dying. She was still working for Mevolent even though she hated him. 'Who could?' He asked rhetorically, glaring at his glass. 'Be a man and show yourself you coward,' he hissed.
"No thanks," Croatoan replied, his voice dark and dangerous without a hint of sarcasm, "I have no use for pride, nor do I feel it necessary to prove myself to you. And anyways, I'm not the coward here. You love her and you know it- you just can't accept how broken you were when you lost her. She never lied to you! She just died. And did you honestly think your 'brother' wouldn't bring back the love of your life, knowing full well he had the power to do so?"
Another layer of venom manifested in his voice as he continued. "You love her, and she loves you. You have no idea how lucky you are to have that. And now you're throwing it away because you're too afraid to deal with your emotions. You are an insufferable fool and the epitome of pathetic, and if this is how you're going to treat the love you have then you don't deserve it. But if you were any kind of decent human being, you'd go after her."
At that point Niccolo wasn't even sure if he was lecturing Ian, or himself.
Ian slammed the glass on the counter and the bartender looked at him. "Well?" He asked.
Ian looked at him. "So that's you, huh?" He huffed. "Your voice made you sound bigger, bader."
The bartender looked at him. "I think you've had enough to drink, get out of my bar." He pointed to the door.

Ian glowered at him, put a fifty on the bench and walked out. He sat down in the snow out the front of the bar and looked at a crow. It stood out from its background, white on black and it's brown eyes seemed to know too much. "Shoo!" He said, trying to shoo the dammed bird away. "Leave me in peace!"

He thought about what the voice had said. He didn't want to believe it but the voice did make sense; even if it did, he wouldn't go with its reasoning. Voices in your had was never a good sign.
"Where are you headed, then?" Niccolo continued the conversation, which was somehow made more intense by the fact that they were staring straight into each other's eyes. Not that Ian knew it was him. "Going to go on a drunken rampage and wake up bleeding in an alley somewhere, or own up to your mistakes and try to make it up to Death? Your choice, really- I honesly don't care about your life, or hers... I guess I'm just..."
Jealous. Jealous that you fell in love with a girl who returns your feelings... Sure, she cares, but she cares about pretty much everyone. A person like Aretha couldn't love someone like me. I'm everything in the world that she hates. If I made my presence more widely known, I'd be at the top of her hit list. I'm getting off track...
"Anyways, you're lucky to have what you have, so quit wallowing in self pity. Get over yourself- you know she's worth more than that. I have nothing else to say to you."
"I'm going home," Ian said, glowering at this bird starring at him. It was freaking him out. "Death will be fine. She was before and she will be again. She doesn't need me, she's got her dad and her master. Her only desire is to serve." The bird looked like it was choking, was it okay?

As he saw that, the voice in his head laughed in disbelief. What was its problem?

He stood up and the bird flew onto his shoulder. "What the hell?!" He shouted, trying to flick the damned crow away; it stayed there. "Get of my damned shoulder! I don't want a pet bird!" A woman walking past with red hair and a fur coat looked at him with weary eyes and walked faster. The bird didn't react in anyway. Was it a machine? It didn't look very fake, its chest was moving with quick breaths and its had was inspecting him with curious eyes.

Ian gave up and pushed the bird of his shoulder. He started jogging back to his car.
"Now, you know that's not true. Her real desire is to be with you. Why else would she have come back? But if you want to be difficult, then fine. It's not my life you're ruining. Be pathetic and weak, if you want to. People like you truly disgust me." The voice continued, full of icy bitterness. "Screw you." Niccolo muttered as he flew off to look for Ren.
Ian stared as ths bird took off. He hated it when animals, birds especially, gave him the guilt trip! He the a chunk of snow at it and sighed. He'd get a hotel somewhere, stay a few nights to make sure the hangover was fully gone then find Death. He'd probably just think this was some stupid hallucination tomorrow, our maybe the day after... All he knew for sure was one thing...

He loved Death Rose and the hate he had for her was petty and childish.


  1. Birds best lectures give indeed advice listen maybe self.

    Hcapter nice.

    [Writttren while fleeing vampires]

    1. He never called himself a decent human being... And he probably should take his own advice- I'm sure he would, if he felt he was in the same situation. But it's true he would be on the top of my hit list if the Sanctuary knew he existed. You still haven't seen his dark side. *evil foreboding smile*

    2. Hmmm his dark side is sounding alot like Mistical's
      I wonder how she would go fighting him? The fact that he's a telipoter and a physic would make him difficult to fight!

    3. He's also a necromancer, and an elemental, and a shapeshifter, and a healer... I think that's all you guys have seen him do so far for MC. I know, I know- impossible, right? It should be. I wonder why it isn't... (Can anyone define foeshadowing...?)