Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raeza/Faeris: Suitcase of Memories

Okay, this is what I wrote on the plane... I don't have access to a computer and copy-pasted, so I have no beef-witted idea what to do about the font. Also, should I continue being sidetracked by Raeza, Faeris and Maeve's past, or stick to what's going on "now" which is behind everyone else, anyway? Input appreciated, but I reserve the right to do what I please.

Raeza looked around frantically, but not a scrap of light penetrated the blanket of darkness, unnatural, magical darkness. She shuddered. Her first order of business was to move. She inched to the left, hoping that her enemies couldn't see, either. Enemies? She was just being paranoid, right? Probably not. In fact, suggesting that it might just be her nerves was dangerous optimism.
Somewhere close, Maeve shrieked. It wasn't one of her excited shrieks, this was one of pure terror. 
"Mae?" Raeza's call received no answer. She moved again, away from where she had spoken, just in time to the boulder crash down, close. Judging by the sound of the echoes, it must have been right where Raeza had just been standing. 

The darkness was absolute. Faeris couldn't see a thing. She felt behind her for the wall, something she could use to calculate her position, but there was nothing there. She must have been farther forward than she thought. A high-pitched scream sliced through the air like a poisoned dart. Faeris's throat felt tight, Maeve. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard Raeza call Mae's name voice panicked. She heard a thud, a gasp, footsteps, a whole jumble of nothing that made sense. She inched forward and found the blanket, the corner where Rae had been earlier. She wasn't there now, ok then. Faeris started towards where she'd heard Maeve earlier. That was when the hand came out of nowhere and covered her mouth, stopping the scream of rage and terror that had been building up in Faeris's throat. 


  1. O_O



    Please write more or I will never find out what happens!!!

  2. I have no idea... Sorry!


    As she says, OMG!!! EPIC!!! SCARY!!! THE WHOLE KABOOM!

  3. Oooh, exciting! Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep on truckin'.

    Continue being sidetracked by the past OR write the present? Why not both in separations or flashbacks like in my stories here or a separate fic I have where all the flashbacks are in bold and italics (because all the separate present day happenings that Valkyrie won't see are in ordinary italics)...damn my ability to babble...