Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Unexpected

Zafira lay in bed thinking of the recent battle. How could she handle this? It was impossible yet happening. She felt Javier stir. He was awake now.
"Zaf." He murmured "Are you okay?" Zafira shook her head.
"Bad dreams?"
"Very." She replied. Ever since Mevolent fought her she dreamed that he HAD killed Javier. The thought alone scared her. Javier pushed a strand of hair from her eyes
"Zaffy I got you okay? You gotta let it go. Mevolent isn't going to get us now. We're strong we will be okay." He soothed. She nodded and he got up.
"Come on let's have breakfast I'll make omelets ok?" Zafira nodded and Javier left. She sat up slowly and put her usual black clothing on. Her Elders robes lay on the chair. She'd put those on later. She wasn't going to the Sanctuary until later because of the recent events. She tried to make her times going to the Sanctuary hard to estimate. At this point she could smell food. Smiling she went downstairs by Javier. He looked up as she came into the kitchen.
"Hey." He finished an omelet and put it on a plate. Her put it on the table
"Eat Zaf." He told her. Zafira sat down and ate. She barely was in reality. She finished eating and then went to watch tv. The weather reported more stormy skies. Typical. She didn't pay attention really to what had happened the past few weeks. Then it hit.
"Javier...come here." Javier came over and took her hand,
"What is it?" He sounded concerned.
"I think...I think we'll be extending our family." She said. Javier grinned
"Seriously?! Zaffy I love you!!" He picked her up and hugged her tightly. The two were happy.
"Zaf i'm proud."
"I know." They stayed locked in their embrace happily. Nothing, not even the war, could make them unhappy.


  1. NAWWWW «3

    If that child dies Zafira, I swear to the Golden God...

  2. WOW WAY TO MAKE LIFE DIFFICULT... Seriously, though. This chapter is so bittersweet!!! I mean, the chapter itself is really just sweet- but there's a war going on! Not the best place for a pregnant woman! And Mevolent's out to get you, and I'm on my way to kill you right now, which is going to make me hate myself so much... Darn it... *sends mental hugs to Zaf, Javier, and especilly their baby before we all die*

    1. Thats why I made her pregnant to stir up things. I mean lets face it she's toast and Javier and her both know it but what can they do? He got her pregnant and they plan to manage to survive the next 9 months but since Zaf is on hit lists, maybe she'll miscarry

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  4. Oh this is so EXITING!!!! I wonder if its a boy or girl?

  5. *Covers face*
    I swear to God Zaf... If they die...