Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Torture Room

Zafira glanced at Javier. His face showed no emotion. Mevolent was serious. He ordered the Redhoods to take her to the torture rooms. Javier was sent to his room so he couldn't interfere. They chained her to the wall and Zafira was pissed. She was on Mevolent's side yet he still planned to have her tortured. Why was beyond her ideas. Mevolent himself came in. He looked at her then spoke quietly,
"You didn't do wrong...well somewhat. But to your people they believe I would torture you. I plan to fulfill their idea. Don't ask me how I plan to do this. Honestly, painfully." He grinned and took out a dagger and Zafira's screams echoed the room.

A few hours later Zafira stopped screaming. Mevolent had at least given her to Javier. Though Javier was heard from the throne room arguing with Mevolent.
"I don't BLOODY CARE!!!!" Javier screamed. "You want to make an example of her let us go back to AMERICA. "
"Javier do not speak to me that way. It'll be you who I torture next." Mevolent snapped. Javier focused on Mevolent and he went stiff. Javier smiled and backed off
"Well?" He asked. Mevolent shook his head clear and nodded. Javier had shown him something terrifying enough to let Mevolent agree. Javier went back to Zafira and looked at her.
"Hush my love I have you. Do not worry you will be safe soon." Javier soothed. Her injuries were far worse then ever. Mevolent had lied to Zafira and Javier knew it. He got revenge on her for what happened in the battle. Remit came over and teleported them to the house and was gone. Javier lay Zafira on the couch.
"Can you speak?" She shook her head.

When Zafira woke up she found herself in her own bed. The injuries sustained were healing and Javier was beside her. He stroked her hair which was in her face.
"Javier." She murmured in pain still.
"Hush Zaffy. You'll be better in the morning."
"I gotta get to the Sanctuary!" She pleaded. Javier put a hand on her chest.
"No. The doctors said that you are to stay in bed for the day." He told her firmly. She growled in frustration but did as she was told. Even as Grand Mage she couldn't ignore the doctors. Though she'd like to. Javier smiled and she fell asleep.


  1. Well! How nice, Cecil! [Glares]

    So it's all just been a game with Zaf? Did you ever think she was on your side, or were you bluffing?
    [Raises eyebrow]
    And I so want to know what Javier showed you! Deep, dark and dirty secrets... Mwahahaha!

    PS- Don't torture her again, it's impolite, you maggot-minded double-dealing rapscallion!

    What? Why am I talking to a fictional character? Nice chapter, Zaf!

  2. That's great!!

    Oh, and un questioni - do all the chapters have to be linked? Or can they all be different?