Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trakkfrekvens Tro and Glorianna Tankefull: Conflict

((I blame Fabi. I will somehow tie this into my main body...Outside of this reality, I want to ship B-J and Raz...also Cadence has a translation in Norwegian. I knew it more as a name than a I know what it means too.))

Elder Rasputin Vrestreni of the Czech Sanctuary stalked through the Norwegian Sanctuary with a bitter scowl. He looked nothing like his twin, Maxim Pledge. Facially, they were identical, but he was more formal, kept his hair cut close to his scalp and had a scar running from the corner of his right eye to his chin. It arched in a wide crescent moon. And his twin had a lip piercing. Rasputin didn't do piercings. He was too 'sensible'.

Trakkfrekvens 'Cadence Believe' Tro and Glorianna 'Pensive' Tankefull sat and watched him argue with the Grand Mage of Norway, Loren-Magnus Skisma. The men switched between Norwegian and Czech, making the conversation difficult to follow. They listened as they returned to Norwegian and threatened one another, one stating he would twist a broken bottle in the other's face while the other threatened to kill the first one's cat.
"He did not just threaten to kill Nils..." Glorianna hissed.
"Throw a fit. You're good at faking. That'll shut them up." Tro replied.
"What, with this baby belly?"
She smiled. "Lorey's your love-monkey. Doing something is your job."
"I never get a break." Heaving a sigh, Glorianna heaved herself up and went over to the two men, addressing them in Norwegian, breaking their Czech argument. "Loren. Grand Mage...Vestemi?"
"Vestreni." He corrected, frowning. "Who are you?" His voice drawled, giving an American sound to it. Otherwise he sounded as he should.
"Anna. Loren's wife."
Raz glared at Loren for a moment before turning to Glorianna. "Go away."
She pouted. "I want to know what is going on." She grabbed her lover's auburn ponytail, toying with it. His fringe almost touched his eyes. She liked that. It looked cute and funny at the same time and matched his hazel eyes. She was this pale man's polar opposite with mocha skin and long black hair that twisted to her navel and sparkling grey eyes. "It affects me too, you know."
Ras rolled his eyes and raised an eyebrow at Loren, who took his glasses off and began to wipe them on the corner of his robes. "A war is beginning, Anna. A man is targeting all the Sanctuaries and I want to stay out of it."
"No matter how much you try, you will not be able to keep Norway out of this." Raz warned.
"I will! We pose no threat to either side, so why should either side pose a threat to us?!"
"Magnus, they will still like your country, still want to take it over, still be interested in overthrowing you. The Grand Mage of America has disappeared and the Grand Mage of Ireland tortured and the Grand Mage of Australia has been threatened. The Grand Mage of Russia has been killed, supposedly by one of Mevolent's men."
"They are after the powerful countries and the cradles of magic and all the surrounding countries. My Sanctuary has already been attacked! You have strong connections to the Grand Mages of Australia and South Africa. He will come for you to get to them!" His phone bleeped. "I have a meeting with Deidrich and the other Grand Mages. Deidrich sounded frantic. He wanted to talk to you as well, but says you still refuse to talk to him after the elephant and banana toast incident at the Supreme Council."
Glorianna tried not to laugh. Her efforts were in vain. Loren-Magnus Skisma gave her a withering look and turned back to Ras. "There is a very good reason I do not talk to Deidrich and I have my reasons for avoiding involvement in this war of yours."
"Please, Magnus! Listen to reason! Deidrich wants to talk to you! He says he has heard something worrying from an American Sensitive! Something that directly effects the Elders he wishes to talk to! Magnus, I consider you a friend, so please..."
Glorianna sighed. "Please listen to him, Lorey. It could be important. Give him a chance."
Skisma's glare flicked between the two of them before he let out a growl-thing of fury and frustration. "Fine. I'll talk to Deidrich. I'll hear him out. It had better be good."

Glorianna gave an exasperated sigh as she sat back beside Trakkfrekvens, or Cadence as their Irish friend knew her. He knew them both by the English translations of their names. Trakkfrekvens looked rather young. She had wide blue eyes and blonde hair in a bob-cut. Her childish features were twisted into a frown as she jabbed her thumb at her phone. Anna rested a hand on her shoulder.
"What troubles you, Trakkfrekvens?"
"Awesome Dude. We had an arrangement, and also Luna, but I cannot contact him and Luna says she has not seen him for a week now, and they live together."
Glorianna was not sure what to say. She watched Skisma and Vrestreni walk away to make their meeting and sighed. "He'll turn up...I hope..."

((I've been sitting downstairs in my PJs for hours switching between TV and computer because my favourite programme is having a 25th anniversary celebration marathon...HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED DWARF!(If any of you have ever watched it, I will love you forever(IT'S MY FAVOURITE)...I wrote forever just as one of the characters said forever.)))


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