Saturday, February 2, 2013

Liberty Star/Molliana Dust - Bad Memories

Liberty Star flicked through a magazine as Eleanna played her 3DS, complaining that the 3D was hurting her eyes. Harry was beside Liberty, silently cursing and fixing his beanie as they sat in Arrivals, waiting for any random plane to come.

"Oh my, like, God," a girl whispered, pointing to Harry. Harry groaned and pushed his sunglasses higher up his nose.

"IT'S HARRY STYLES!" the girl screeched. Within a minute, hundreds of girls had gathered around, like screaming monkeys around one banana.

Ew. Bananas.


Liberty muttered and slapped a few girls in the face with her magazine, trying to back them off.

Eleanna simply waved at them.

Suddenly a wave of fangirls crashed over our heroes. Harry yelped as his curls were pulled at, and someone stole his shoe.

Eleanna screamed and bolted over to a gate that had just opened.

"THANKS FOR WAITING!" Liberty yelled sarcastically.

"No prob Lib!" Eleanna yelled back.



Liberty turned around to see him be mauled by three hundred shrieking girls.

"Go on... Without me!" he shouted heroically, reaching his arm out to Liberty. Expecting her to go back for him.

"Okay!" Liberty called, then ran after Eleanna.

"Wait, what?!" Harry screamed. "What happened to Back For You?"

But Liberty was too far away to hear him.


Harry sighed as a girl yanked off his wristwatch.

"GO AWAAAAAAAAAY!" he screamed.

Everyone paused, and then nodded and backed away slowly.

"Simple but affective," Harry murmured.

He hurried after the girls, snatching back his shoe and watch on the way.


Molliana Dust threw the phone away from her angrily. She then remembered it was a payphone, and it came back and slapped her in the face. After a few minutes of tears, Molliana was ready for the dramatics again.

"DAMN YOU LIBERTY STAR!" she screamed, clutching the huge wound on her waist.

Somewhere, birds cawed and flew away. Molliana scowled.

Also somewhere, footsteps echoed. Molliana looked around warily.

"Hello?" she said, then mentally slapped herself. That was really helpful in case it was Mevo and he was going to kill her.

But that would obviously never happen. Right?

Nope. Wrong.

"Miss Dust," came a voice, and Molliana tensed. She knew that voice.

"Ashton?" she asked, her voice wavering. "Is that you?"

Ashton Fatality strode out into the morning sun, and Molliana sucked in a breath. It was him.

"Never forgot about me, did you babe?" he smirked, his black fringe covering his green eyes.

Molliana gave him a hard look. "Don't call me babe, Ashton."

"Why, Molliana?" Ashton said, taking out a sword from under his black cape and casually running his hand down it. "I thought there were no hard feelings between us."

"You almost killed my sister," Molliana hissed, reaching for her own sword in her left boot. "Because you wanted to spend more time with me."

"But all you did was worry about her," Ashton sighed, "worry worry worry. You forgot about our relationship."

"We never had a relationship!" Molliana yelled, yanking out her sword and thrusting it forward, hissing with pain as she did so. "You just thought we did!"

Ashton dodged the attack and sent some quick jabs which Molliana quickly parried. "But you loved me, no?"

Molliana glared at him and went to cut his head off, ignoring the pain in her waist. "I never loved you!" she screamed angrily.

Ashton smirked, clearly happy that he had annoyed her. "You certainly enjoyed our first kiss."

Molliana froze. Ashton chuckled, and then frowned as she moaned and put her hand on her waist.

"A-Ash..." she whispered as she crumbled to the ground.

Ashton's eyes widened. He walked over slowly and looked at her. "Mollie?"

"C'mere," Molliana murmured, a moan erupting shortly after.

Ashton swallowed and bent down. "Yeah?"

Molliana reached up and put her hand on his cheek, then brought it back and slapped him hard. He yelped, but didn't hurt her back.

"We were best friends," she muttered in pain, "and you went crazy."

"For you," Ashton said, rubbing his cheek.

"You tried to kill Liberty," she hissed, pulling him down by his stupid-looking tie. "You will pay."

Molliana let go of him and coughed, blood spluttering out of her mouth. She gasped and her head fell back, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Why, Ash?" she whispered, hands clutching her wounded hip. "We were best friends... for life..."

Tears were running down Ashton's own cheeks as Molliana slowly closed her eyes.

"Dammit, Mollie!" he yelled, grabbing her. "You will not die on me!"

He cursed and picked her up bridal style, and instead of bringing her to Mevolent as he was supposed to do, ran to his house, praying Molliana would hold on.

Asdfghjkl NOOO D: Mollllieeee!!! *cry-sings Let Her Go by The Passenger*
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  1. Payphones do have a tendency to slap people in the face. [Nods]

    NOOOOOO!!!!!! MOLLIE!!!!!!!

    1. I have first class experience. *rubs cheek* *scowls*

      NOOOOO MOLLIE!!!!!!!

  2. Very nicely done. The ending piques my interest.

  3. Thanks B-J! :) Yeah... We'll be seeing a lot more of Ashton as the story progresses...

    And I did say Harry was going to get swarmed didn't I! That part was halariouse by the way!!!

  5. Poor Harry. I think I might steal his shoe when I'm older...