Friday, February 1, 2013

Aretha Tesla/Ian Heartbreak: The Hunt Begins

Aretha hadn't stopped running from the moment she jumped out the window and realized Death and Ian were hot on her tracks. She was fast- in all her life, she had never met someone she couldn't beat in a sprint. Well, no one save for Niccolo, but he didn't count in her mind. For all she knew it was quite possible that he was never even human.
She didn't know how long she had run for- only that her legs were begging for mercy, and a main road was just a few meters away from her. She flagged down the first unoccupied cab she saw and headed to the airport. America, she thought to herself, I wonder if I'll have the decency to call up and tell them to run. But she didn't. So she found herself sitting by a gate in a crowded airport, waiting for the plane to board in ten minutes.
Ian cursed as he saw Aretha jump into a taxi. He was so close. If he'd left Death a moment earlier he would have caught her... The thought of Death's demise made his fists clench and his teeth grit in anger.

'She killed her,' his thought was a snarl. 'If Ari wasn't so... So... Ugh!' He punched a tree, left a fist-print in the centre and spin back around. Aretha was going to America, huh? Then so was he.
He let himself into a taxi driver's mind and made him pull over.

The taxi pulled over and Ian saw the people in the back. The driver told them to get out and they protested. The driver yelled angrily and they shot out like bats out of hell. Ian slid inside gratefully and told the Spanish man behind the wheel that he wanted to go the the airport and laughed quietly as they left the American tourists in the rain.

Moments later, he was in the airport. Passing cafe after cafe, smelling the freshly roasted coffee beans as he searched for Aretha Tesla. She had thought something about heading to America and they just happened to have four planes heading there in separate corners on the airport.
To make things worse, he only had ten minutes before they took off.

Aretha sat waiting at Gate 22, until the economy class started boarding. She squished herself into the middle of the line; she was a bit surprised Mevolent hadn't forced her to kill her persuers before she even arrived at the airport, but it appearred as though all he cared about at that point was getting her smoothly into America. Just as a flight attendant scanned her ticket's bar code and she took a step past to board the plane, she turned and saw Ian running towards the gate, his gaze searching frantically. He probably won't see me, she thought to herself, Because if he does, he'll just end up dead. She sighed. Whatever.


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    1. Naturally! Prepare yourself. I'm coming to kill you! I really do wonder how this will play out, though- the Grand Mage against her best assasin. Embrace your inner lunatic. Fun times guaranteed!

    2. Lemme know when you want to do it im ready

    3. Ok- it'll be sometime soon, after I've finished up with Death (for the time being, at least- I think we'll be working together a lot). Actually probably very soon. We may or may not add more to the end of this, then I'll start working with you!