Saturday, February 9, 2013

Zafira Kerias: A Lost Life

Zafira was in the Sanctuary. Broken wrist mending. She felt safe knowing Aretha was in custody. She couldn't try her as Mevolent controlled Aretha but she could detain her. Zafira had been worried to death over her unborn child. Apparently the child was unharmed. But still more tests would be needed. When her wrist healed Zafira left with promises from the doctor to give her the results of the tests. She went into her office and looked at her files. What was she to do? She nearly got killed. Mevolent wants her dead and usually that meant you'd end up dead. But Zafira was lucky. Pleasant and Cain sure as hell weren't. After working on some files the head doctor came in
"Grand Mage." He said. Zafira looked up
"Well, the results from further tests came and....due to what happened to you it's showing the chances of your pregnancy following through, slim." Zafira stared at him.
"T-thank you." She managed and he left. She shadow walked home.

Javier stared at his fiancé.
"Zafira. Can i kill Aretha?"
"No. We need to get Mevolent." She said determined.
"He killed my unborn child." Javier growled. "I want HIM dead." Zafira took Javier's hand.
"Then we go to Ireland." The two kissed and then they got ready. Within the day they had a flight to Ireland. The plane landed eventually and they went through rainy muddy Ireland. Zafira hated rain. God only knows how her family was Irish. They finally reached the castle. When the guards saw her they immediately tried to attack shrugging Zafira overtook one and Javier the other. Their anger fueled the adrenalin rush.
"Throne room." Zafira muttered. They made it to the corridor when Mevolent himself came behind them
"And what can I do for the Grand Mage of America?" He asked. Zafira spun around and glared at him
"To kill you." She said simply. Javier looked at Mevolent and he went rigid. Taking her chance Zafira attacked him with her shadows. Mevolent tried to fight back but as he was basically blind it failed. Javier lost focus and Mevolent pushed the air forcing Zafira to the ground
"I should kill you now and make it an example of what happens." He said putting a sword to her chest. Javier watched afraid
"Don't! She's pregnant! Are you so low you would kill a mother to be?" Javier asked. He knew it was a lie, Zafira had miscarried but Mevolent wouldn't know that. Mevolent turned the sword on Javier.
"Then i'll torture the traitor." He said and Redhoods grabbed Zafira. They took her to the dungeons. Javier could hear her screams for him. Javier looked at Mevolent's hands.
"I'm only protected my fiancé. I never betrayed you." Mevolent ignored him. He personally led Javier to the torture room. Javier didn't fight back. He had to protect Zafira. He felt chains on his wrists. The next thing he felt was pain beyond measure. Mevolent was stabbing and cutting him with an assortment of objects. When it was all too much Javier fainted.

Zafira sat in the cell quiet. Hours later the Redhoods brought Javier. He was bloody but alive.
"Javier." Zafira murmured. "Wake up." Javier opened his eyes.
"Zaffy." He murmured sounding exhausted. She kisses his cheek.
"Hush my love. You will be okay I promise." She brushed hair from his eyes. He smiled and Zafira sat in her corner cradling Javier. How would they get out of this? She had miscarried. And Javier was tortured. And they were in Mevolent's castle. Prisoners. To her, she was screwed.

Mevolent sat in the throne room. The Sense Wardens had probed Zafira's mind in her sleep and came up with the truth. She had miscarried. Mevolent sighed. His plan had been ruined slightly but he did have Zafira in his hands. She wouldn't be going far. Now all Mevolent needed was to get her on his side.

(Author's note: dont kill me please i would like to live to read how Derek kills me off!



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