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Elders Around The World: Japanese Dominoes Part 2


The explosion shook the Sanctuary to its very foundations. Fires flared and alarms blared and people ran in circles screaming. A sensitive traced the bomb back to England and the danger and tension began to build. From Ireland came the first outstretched hand. It wasn't the Sanctuaries' fault, they suddenly all found their communications to Poland shut down. The Sanctuary was able to get its calls for help out, but nothing returned. It would seem like the whole world was just ignoring them. That was when Mevolent extended a helping hand. So desperate were they for help, they accepted. The bombs had not only been in the Sanctuary, after all. As easy as that, Mevolent had another whole country on his side. Desperation sure was sweet.

Jasmin returned to the Sanctuary with Charles and Perseus and hid himself in a toilet cubicle as he knew the Grand Mage would be pissed off with him. Two men came in, talking. "His wife is going crazy."
"The other two kids are fine though, right?"
"Yes, they don't think she was kidnapped. The thing was, they can't see where she could have gone. All the doors and windows were locked and there was no sign she had gone anywhere or stepped on the creaky floorboard or anything."
"Creaky floorboard, eh?"
"Yeah, and the mother's in a state and everyone's trying to find the father. Only he's gone to Ireland again."
"I heard he was back."
"Yeah, but he's hiding from the Grand Mage. Charles told me."
Jasmin froze. They were talking about one of his daughters."Which one of his kids is missing?" He asked, trying not to sound like himself.
"The eldest one. Lydie or something."
Jasmin unlocked the door and walked out, feeling sick. "Thank you for alerting me. Please stop talking about my family matters behind my back."
"Sorry." Replied the first man.

Johann frowned as the Grand Mage rushed around, clearly in a bit of a panic. It probably didn't help when the twelve-year-old girl appeared. Deidrich had left the room to panic elsewhere, so Johann got up and addressed the girl. "Hello."
"Hello?" she replied in French.
"How did you get in here?" He switched to French himself. He had had to learn it a while ago, but still wasn't very good.
"I teleported."
"...Have you been here before?"
"No...I kind of panicked...where am I?"
"The, uh, German Sanctuary..."
"Where are you from?"
"Do you know how to get back there?"
"...I don't know how teleporting works yet..."
Johann sighed. "Okay..."
"My parents might be worried."
"I don't doubt that."
"Are you an elder? Can you contact my parents? My father is an elder in France..."
"I think I can-" He was cut off by a shriek. Warheit cam bursting in, about to say something, when he caught sight of Lydie. He stared at her for a minute or so, then turned to Johann. "I think we ought to get out of here. Japanese and Polish forces have come in...they're working with Mevolent."
Starke nodded and crouched down beside Lydie. Speaking in French again to the bewildered teleporter, he told her to imagine the French Sanctuary and imagine appearing there. He held her hand as he told her and Warheit, understanding pretty quickly, grabbed his colleague's other outstretched hand...the door burst open and a blast of some sort was fired...and then they were standing in the French Sanctuary administrations office and Starke's robes were stained with blood...

Mist and Ravel were out God knows where. Ghastly wasn't impressed. They hadn't just not come in like that before. Part of him was a little concerned as he heard of the relative chaos around the world and the deaths of some of the very elders prophesied to die. It was just a little unnerving once the first few were gone.

The first thing Ravel noticed was that his head hurt like hell. Then he realised he was lying on the floor in an alleyway, someone stood beside him in a protective stance. Thirdly he realised that someone was Madame Mist and that she was peaking suspiciously around the side of the alleyway. Finally he noticed his walking stick was gone and his hands were grazed. "What happened?"
"Don't you remember?"
"Not entirely."
"Your living room, Alexander Remit, rounders bat, fight...I must say, you were very noble. Up until he brought a friend and caught us both by surprise."
He began to remember. First Remit had knocked her out, and she had regained conciousness just as he was pulling the stupid clichĂ© 'You want her, you'll have to get through me' line. Remit had attacked him in his own home. He had teleported away and Ravel had helped his girlfriend up and they prepared for Remit's return when he and another man came back, Remit in front of them, the other man behind, and the other man had hit him on the back of the head with the rounders bat... The Grand Mage struggled to his feet and leant on Mist for support. "They seem to be gone." She muttered.
"Where're we going?"
"I'm not sure."
He took a moment to get his bearings and figure out where they were. "The nearest place is Ghastly's."
"We can't get in there."
"I've broken in there before. In fact, that's how we first met..." They walked on as Erskine recounted the story from start to finish.

Ghastly hated having to rush to a meeting. It was a veritable whirlpool of misery and 'you're late'ness. Plus he needed the toilet, but there wasn't one on the way and he was already late. That was why he was really pissed off when he got there and nobody was there, nothing was set up for a cross-national meeting...and who exactly was he meant to be meeting with, anyway? He turned to leave and groaned internally. There stood Awesome Dude. He looked scared. "Help me." He whimpered. Quite frankly, Ghastly hadn't expected that.
"With what?"
"That detective McMooney guy...He vampirised me...what am I supposed to do?"
Ghastly checked the time. It was nearly night. "I'm afraid I might have to lock you up for the night and talk to you in the morning."
"Help me!"
"I will." He soothed, having met this man before. He knew how to deal with him when he started panicking. Unfortunately, he needed to deal with him faster. "I think it's safest for both of us that we go down to the cells of the gaol and lock you up for the night."
He paused, nodded, then looked like he was going to throw up. "Too late." He whispered, reaching for his chest...

Elizabeth Jaime Benson Slyther was an interesting man. Amber Thorn and Clef Cherry felt a little awkward to be anywhere near him, let alone work with him on their council. Slyther strolled up to them, all smiles. "Mevolent's made his move on Norway."
"Thank you, Elizabeth." Amber replied with a smile. "Hopefully this means Australia is relatively safe...all the same...they still went after Magnus full in the knowledge he would no longer be getting help from us...or at least not from Visie and myself directly..."
"Who knows the way his mind works? Maybe he mainly wanted Norway?"
"No...Norway wouldn't be of any advantage to him by itself. He wanted Norway to get to Australia and South Africa."
"Maybe he has different plans." Clef suggested.
"Like what?"
"This." He grabbed Elizabeth and Amber's heads and smacked them together, knocking them both out. His hand went to the ear piece where Elder Hato of the Japanese Sanctuary was speaking to him.
"Very good, Clef."
"Let them go now."
"Who, Paris and Ronaele? They are fine here, Clef. In fact, they are safer here, and your son is enjoying himself a fair bit. He's found the swords, actually, from what I've heard. He's quite enjoying them and has even wounded his gaoler. Unfortunately, I am not in charge of releasing your children, and so I will have to transfer you to my boss."
"I have three children...Where's Ginger?!"
"...funny story about Ginger..."


Dennis was easy to get to. While Mevolent had his ways of getting to everyone, such as telling Awesome Dude that Ghastly could help him or kidnapping or full assault, but for Dennis it was far simpler. Dennis owned something Mevolent quite desperately wanted. Whether elders Ronaele Weasley and Oniqua Draquesha De Groote knew what this Platona girl he was seeing was up to or that she was actually dating Mevolent behind Brysio-Blaidd's back was irrelevant. De Groote was the one who found Blaidd's body. He was slumped over his desk beside an almost finished glass of wine, once more too big a glass to be healthy, and he always filled them. She thought he had just fallen asleep. She moved closer and shook him gently. "Grand Mage? Den? Denny?" He didn't seem to be breathing. Leaning over, she felt his neck for a pulse. "Ah." She calmly walked out and told the nearest person the Grand Mage was dead. She was pretty certain it was all the drinking he did anyway, so she had no reason to worry until an autopsy concluded she was wrong. He had died from a lethal dose of cyanide. They tested the drink he had been found with and found cyanide pills had been mixed in...and Platona had fled the country...not before raiding Dennis' belongings.

South Africa

With distress signals coming out from both Norway and Australia in the form of messages complaining about the kidnapping of Glorianna and something scary going on with Elder Cherry threatening the Australian girls, Visie was getting a little worried and wondering if he should break their little pact and intervene. Perhaps if he intervened himself rather than Elder Hoop intervening, it would be better...Elder Hoop was the one the American lad had seen die after all. He managed to contact Magnus, and the Norwegian Mage looked a state. The only problem was Skisma didn't know whether to help each other or not, or how they could help each other. Their plan hadn't worked...but Vrees Visie would be happy as long as he could spare Glinsterende Hoop. The man was innocent and pretty clueless, and he had a massive family. Quite frankly Vrees was surprised anyone would stand to have so many children. He left his chat with Skisma and went out for a walk. He saw Hoop with his children and wished he had once taken the time to get to know someone and maybe father some children, but two things stopped him. One was that he was a workaholic, and the second was that he didn't like adopting and fathering children naturally was rather difficult with two men...he felt oddly paternal towards Glin's children sometimes. As a result, there was no way in hell he was letting the man lose his life or those children their father. He vowed it there and then.

((So I wanted to write an ending message, and I had an idea of what I was going to write earlier, but now I'm just tired and I've long forgotten...most of this is fantabulous improv...))


  1. This is AWESOME and so KAYOTICK!!!
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  2. Chaotic you mean? Kayotick could be a good name for a character though...yup, even if I gave her a surname previously, Kayotick is now Platona's surname.

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