Friday, February 15, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Other Side

Zafira sighed. She knew Mevolent was planning to speak to her. She looked up at Javier,
"I need to tell you something." She leaned in close and whispered in Spanish,
"Tengo planeado unirse Mevolent. Excepto que planea espiar para el Santuario." Javier looked stunned and then relaxed.
"Yes I understand." He murmured. Then he kissed her cheek. Nefarian Serpine came,
"Kerias, I've been sent to bring you to speak to Mevolent." He said. Zafira stood and Serpine took her. She kept her head down knowing when she was by Mevolent to not look him in the eye. Serpine kept her in front of him but he didn't shackle her. She was slightly afraid but she didn't talk.
"Go on he wishes to speak to you privately." Zafira nodded and kept her head down. She knew Mevolent was there though. He spoke calmly not shocked,
"Death tells me you wish to join me." He said. Zafira nodded
"Yes. I made up my mind it is the best choice." Mevolent nodded and was quiet for a moment,
"I will let you. You may be released with Javier but you are staying in the castle until my generals believe you and him are loyal." Zafira bowed,
"Yes sir." She was dismissed and relayed the message to Serpine and within the hour Javier was with Zafira in their new room. She and him had been given the weapons they had originally came with. The rest of the time they sat together. Javier was still upset over the miscarriage nor did Zafira blame him. They had spent so much time in the cell they barely noticed the strangeness of freedom. Javier held her close,
"Te amo." He murmured. Zafira smiled, "Te amo." They kissed. It was hard for Zafira to believe her luck. When they pulled back Javier kept his hand in hers. The moment was perfect. Zafira felt the shadows on her neck and she laughed. Freedom was good. And then the happy couple left their room to explore. When they passed Sanguine and Scarab it was Scarab who stopped them.
"Is this your future husband?" He asked. Zafira nodded and Javier smirked,
"You know me, Scarab. Do you think I'm gonna hurt her?" Scarab shook his head,
"No and nor did I expect to meet the child I fathered and have her on my side. Yes I know you Zafira from you being a Grand Mage but the opportunity to get to know you..." Zafira nodded. She had kind of wanted to know her father deep down inside.
"Of course." She smiled and then her and Javier left. What to do...


  1. Well... I'm just glad I speak spanish.

    1. I plan to join Mevolent. Except I plan on spying for the Sanctuary. -Translation