Monday, February 11, 2013

Mevolent: Talking to A Traitor

Mevolent had other things to do but he did need to try to get Zafira or Javier on his side. He had Death Rose and Aretha which was good. He waited until the Redhoods brought Javier Fyreheart to him. To Javier's credit he wasn't afraid like most prisoners were. Javier kept his head down. He still wore the wounds of torture.
"Javier. You know why I brought you here without Zafira. I want the truth." Mevolent waited calmly for Javier to speak. Javier's voice shook as he spoke
"You should know. I fell for Zafira I only joined her because I love her and I can't handle the thought of us separated. Plus she carried my child before..." Javier didn't finish. Mevolent knew the truth so he finished for Javier,
"Before she lost it."
"Yes, sir." Mevolent looked at Javier closely then he came up with something surely to help Javier somewhat but more so to gain that damn Necromancer.
"If she were to join me would you follow her?"
"Of course, sir. But she'll never join willingly."
"Oh no worries, Javier. She will join us. And as for you?"
"I will." Javier stood. "I will join you."
Mevolent nodded to him,
"For now continue to be a prisoner with her. Do not mess this up, Javier. This may be your ticket to being a general. " Javier smiled,
"Of course. Thank you." The Redhoods led Javier out and Mevolent felt hope rise in him. He got Javier now all he needed was the Grand Mage. She will be hard to gain. Maybe with some guidance she will conform. As for Javier the boy would make a good general he wasn't too worried. Mevolent went into his chambers and plotted murder. He specially had Pleasant's bones in here. No head but still was a nice decoration. Mevolent smiled upon seeing the bones,
"Ah Skulduggery if only Tenebrae had left you for dead." He shook his head and continued to ponder. Murder. And dealing with Baron's daughter.


  1. .... Why does he have to be so... So... Agh! I used to like Javier, I'm not so sure anymore, though... D:

    Great chapter, anyway. Keeping things interesting, I see.

  2. Deal with me? I thought we were besties...