Sunday, February 10, 2013

Raeza Blayd: Closed Doors

     All six of the computers had been sabotaged, and there was a phone signal-blocker somewhere in the vicinity. Without her arsenal of inventions, Raeza was practically helpless, the small amount of adept magic she knew mostly good for small things like picking locks and improving the efficiency of what already existed.
     Everything was broken...shattered. Raeza thought she had been doing well at not getting attached, but she'd been wary of people, not things. Her creations, the machines she'd formed into existence...she didn't know how to explain it to herself, much less you.
     Another method, then. Raeza put her hand on the doorknob and it unlocked both magically and physically. It was her door, her territory, no one else's magic was ever as powerful on her machines, probably because she was the only one who understood them. She turned the knob and pushed.
     The door opened less than an inch before banging into something metal. The image in Raeza's mind was that of an anvil, but that was probably just from working with Eff on more than one occasion.
     Raeza started to punch the door, but thought better of it and punched nothing instead. She'd made sure the door would withstand any physical or magical attack, imagining this place as a refuge, not a trap. Was it explosive-proof? Unlikely, but one never knew. She shut the door again, pressed her hand to it and muttered 'withstand.' That extra touch of adept magic would do what her engineering skills couldn't...hopefully. She honestly had no idea.
     Her eyes scanned the room and her face darkened. She grabbed a pair of pliers and closed her eyes for a second. A deep breath, and she began dissecting the remains of her precious computers and sending them down the tiny heater vent in the floor. Any shrapnel from them would be more likely to kill her than the shockwave, and they were already broken.
     Her vision blurred, and she realized she'd been crying. Stupid tears, where had they been for Eff? For Maeve or Faeris or any of the casualties of the Mevolent war? Sometimes keeping to herself made Raeza feel less than human.

And this is her. I made a Glitch avatar version, too, but I think this is better.

shorthairedanimegirl.jpg short brown hair anime girl image by hp-mangacrazed693


  1. I'm really starting to like her. Nice pic, and great chapter! I will eagerly await the next one.

  2. Thanks!

    I found it by accident, looked at it and was like 'Raeza!'

    [Plots next one]

  3. Do you really have to blow her up? Blowing up people is messy...

    *Hope no one asks how self knows*

    1. [Deletes previous response]

      No, I don't have to. It's a matter of my whim when I write the next chapter.

      [Politely doesn't ask]