Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Franz Ransom: Demon's Plot

It seemed a bit of a surprise just to find his leg was okay now. Sitting up, he addressed Franz with a scowl. "What is this?"
"A plan."
"What plan? What on earth is that corpse doing here?"
"Airing out."
Mort looked back to the body of Garnet. Millie's necklace was wrapped around his rotting neck. Again he shuddered, and a shooting pain travelled down his leg. Okay, not completely better. "Franz, what is this? What are you planning on doing?"
Franz smirked, dropping Wilbur on the ground and taking out a mallet. "I'm planning on righting the wrongs." He answered, smashing the knife with the mallet. Mortis gasped as the Necromancer magic flew back into his body, coursing through his veins. "Phillipa, do you remember Phelan Schnorhavorian?"
"Why? What is this about?" And then a vile pain, the worst Mortis had ever felt, enveloped his entire body. His magic was being drawn out by this possessed monster of a man. Some formed a body, and some went into Garnet, and then the pain was over, and Mortis lay there, gasping for breath.
"Oh great." Garnet muttered sourly. "I just don't get a break, do I?"
Felicity got up, looking dismayed. "What the hell-?"
"You are in the preserved body of my father, Straker." Franz informed her pointedly. "Phelan Schnorhavorian, may I be the one to reintroduce you to your twin brother and murderer, Phillipa."
The look of fury on the man's face, the man who on the inside was his sister, was terrifying. People he had murdered were returning, and my would they be angry. Furthermore, Mortis was unarmed. All his weapons were either back at the castle or in Ransom's possession. Felicity walked over, glowering, and Mortis decided the best course of action would be to glare back. "I can't believe this." She muttered darkly, taking in her brother's appearance. He didn't look well and he was breathing too fast, and she felt a pang of sympathy for him before reminding herself he had killed her. "I can't believe you!"
"Believe it." He hissed back, a little self-conscious of the eyes on him. Garnet Dorado had loved his siblings, and so had Franz before he became possessed, but Mortis and Jayden despised theirs to no end. "Also, Felicity, you can't do anything to me. Not really."
Garnet gave a low whistle. "Sounds like someone's getting ready to rumble." Then he scowled at Franz. "I was enjoying being dead."
Mortis smirked. "Garnet, welcome back."
"I'm a corpse, Mortis, a zombie."
"...Hi Garnet..." Felicity opened her mouth to speak, but the long-haired killer slapped his hand over. "You're kind of in hell right now, you see. Franz is here, Jayden's here, Ricky's here, Millie and Felicity."
"Who's Felicity?
"Oh, someone I killed before we even met. Sister."
Felicity frowned at Garnet. "I'm surprised you ever made friends, Mortis."
"Also she's homophobic, so she already doesn't like Jayden."
He was interrupted by Hiro awakening and attempting to strike out, sharpened shadows stabbing into the wall. Slowly, he noticed others staring, and his magic crawled back into the diamond ring that sat snugly on his ring finger. In all this time, Mortis had not noticed Hiro wearing a ring, and all of a sudden it occurred to him that this particular psychopath was married. Well, he certainly didn't seem like the family kind. Everyone remained under a blanket of silence, not a single one sure what to do or where to go.
Esra woke up in an unfamiliar room in an all too familiar building. He didn't like it, and he couldn't feel his arm. He was still sickly and weak, and could really do with a good shower and meal. He went to get up, but there was no support on his right side. He looked to the side, saw a calendar and figured he had been unconscious for at least a week. The month had changed. Last he remembered about anything, there was a vampire, and alarms, and...he didn't feel too well. He couldn't sit up, and he couldn't sleep, and he couldn't feel his arm, and he was too warm. "Hello?" He called nervously, and then someone stepped into view, with creamy-coloured skin and very dark brown eyes, the kind where the iris is barely distinguishable from the pupil. He had spiky black hair and was wearing a white sports jacket and jeans. His mouth was open slightly and he seemed uncertain. "Esra?" He asked.
Jerry helped him sit up. It was Jerry. Dead Jerry. That was when Esra noticed the exact reason he was having trouble with his right arm. It wasn't there. He remembered the vampire. Erin. Erin had shed his skin, and he had told Esra to run...and had taken his arm...

Austin sighed. His legs were tired, and they had been walking for ages when they could just as easily teleport. His gaze was drawn out and around. He was curious. He had been to Russia before, but suddenly there was a fuss around his life, and things didn't feel quite right. He took a few glances sideways to his sister and his niece. Austin wanted a child. His sideways glance was drawn to Daemon. She wouldn't want kids. She wasn't the type, he felt. Katharine brought an undeniable fact that it would be impossible to tell if the child was his or not. Now Austin was on the precipice of all out war, already in such severe danger here, around these people, in this world with Mevolent trying once more to take over. He had had nightmares about being killed. The fact of the matter was that Austin Baritone, so used to being the underdog, had never once accomplished any of his life goals. He was now trailing at the back of this group he hardly trusted, feeling anxious, like he had a cloud of impending doom hanging above him. "Can we make a pit stop?" He asked loudly, thinking that if he was feeling this bad physically, others, especially Cadence, were in a less favourable state as well. He was met with a nasty look from Santa, but Mihai snapped something at him and after a hesitation, he nodded. "Okay, we can rest a little bit, but I need to keep forming this plan, so nobody bug me."

Frowning, Austin walked off. What plan? Was this guy actually thinking or just walking? He seemed like an idiot. He heard footsteps approach and turned fast, and smiled when he saw Daemon. "You okay?" He asked quietly. She nodded.
"This is mad..."
"I know." He kissed her softly and sighed. "Everything's been mad for months though."
"That's true."
He looked to Cadence, then back at Daemon. "All we can really do is hope for the best.


Another familiar face had been spending his nights in Mevolent's castle, still not outed as a spy. Gale Blaze had a pair of shoes on his chest, watching the rise and fall of his own breathing. He didn't want to move. He was comfortable, and the shoes reminded him of some Necromancers he had been working with at the very beginning of this tale. They belonged to the girl. They were her object of power. Gale Blaze was constantly on high alert. He was in the danger zone, and he had almost been discovered thanks to Jerry, but Jerry was dead now, and Gale could breathe easy. Well, relatively easy. That was one major threat taken care of, and Vehemence's death wasn't even looked into.

With a sigh, he got up, thinking. A while ago, it would have been the case that nobody dared give orders to him. He liked it back then. Back then Gale was his own boss. He liked being his own boss. He didn't like this. Now, he was scared. He was undermined and in danger. Still, survival of the fittest, and if Gale was anything, it was fit.


I can make the beginning of the alphabet with this family's names...

Also look at all the people returning to my mainstream storyline. I'll be avoiding killing people for a while so my brain can stop being weird and confuzzled, but Gale! I haven't written shix about Gale for aaaaages. AND DRAMA. DRAMA SHALL ENSUE.))