Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Messing Up Big Time

Zafira stayed by Javier for as long as she could but he literally shoved her out the door to the Sanctuary. He was healing but of course she still worried. He was hurt badly but apparently he was fine. Zafira paced the office once she got there. Minor attacks had occurred in the border states. The ones bordering Canada had issues and from what Zafira understood Mevolent had gained Canada. Which was far from good. If he gained anymore of North America it'd be bad. She had gotten reports from various Sanctuaries worldwide. Every Council was on high alert. With Meolent's plan failing at the Pocono 500 she didn't dare say they were safe. In fact she believed they were screwed. Finally after a few hours of either pacing or reading she sat down and Alexander Remit scared her to death.
"Grand Mage." He said from behind her. Zafira turned to him. Usually he'd call her by her name and not use her full title. As he was in the Sanctuary it was not uncommon he would use her full title. Less suspicious.
"What Remit?" She asked
"Mevolent wishes to speak to you." Remit took her and teleported. Then they were in the throne room, Zafira still in her Elders robes. Damn it.
"Next time let me take the robes off." She told Remit before turning to a very pissed off looking Mevolent.
"Master?" She asked unsure. His hand twitched,
"Zafira. You are a dead dead dead, Necromancer." He growled and sent her straight into the wall. She sprang up and sent shadows at him and he deflected them. Then two Redhoods grabbed her and forced her to kneel before him. She was not afraid but merely freaked. Mevolent seemed pissed even further.
"I should confine you to the castle but I actually need you to do something." He told her. Zafira kept her head bowed not wanting to deal with his wrath.
"I want you to go and somehow someway make sure my army gains the west coast." She didn't say a word she just nodded. He dismissed her and she was teleported to the Sanctuary. She took her Elders robes off and put them on her chair and shadow walked home. Javier hugged her
"Did Mevolent hurt you?" He asked and Zafira nodded slightly. Javier kept her close kissing her head and bringing her to their room. They just lay there happily. It wasn't as if she was gonna go anywhere anytime too soon. They slept together through the night locked in their embrace.

Javier wandered the house wondering when Zafira would be home. As he loved her so much he doubted he'd be able to withstand being separated from her for long. It was almost a day before she came home and Javier was worried. She looked hurt and pale. He held her close
"Zaf?" He asked. She pressed her head into his chest
"It hurts. Mevolent wanted me again and he stabbed me and stuff. I had only got my surroundings and I couldn't fight back before he got me. I managed to help myself and my dear father helped me. It just hurts seriously. Really really hurts." She explained. Javier put his hand to her stomach
"Here?" She nodded "I got you Zaf. Just sit down. I'll get one of those leaves." He helped her to the couch and she sat there. He got her a leaf and she chewed it relaxing soon.
"Why did he hurt you?" He asked
"Cuz I got him in the groin. He moved too fast technically I did no wrong." She shrugged. Javier laughed and hugged her close. He wasn't going to let go easily.

Serpine was planning. He wanted to kill Zafira and end the Grand Mage's control of America. If he managed to kill her it'd make capturing America so much easier. Well util the count of prisoners. Baron Vengeous had reported to Mevolent Serephia Jackson of America was freed. Which meant Zafira had to have done it and Serpine was determined to have her executed or something violent. The problem laid was that Mevolent was trusting her. She did resemble Justaria a lot. Serpine had liked that Necromancer. She was powerful and she was a good soldier. He bet Mevolent would have had her made a general if she hadn't died in battle. Serpine knew Vengeous knew the details. So he went to Vengeous
"Why does Mevolent trust Zafira?" Serpine asked.
"Simple." Replied Baron. "She's Justaria. Her true name is Justaria and Mevolent knows she is powerful. He hopes in time Justaria will influence Zafira." Serpine looked stunned
"She is.. Wow." He muttered. Who ever thought the Grand Mage of America was somewhat traitor to both sides. Ah the things Serpine learned.

When Zafira woke up her wounds barely stung. Javier had carried her to bed and she was happy to be with him. Until she realized Mevolent's motivation to hurt her
"Oh my god he's gonna attack New York."




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    Oooo can I help with the invasion? ... wait but if I do it'll be behind the scenas!
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    Great cliff hanger Zaf!
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  2. Oh and can I borrow Alexander Remit for my chapter?

    And I must congratulate you! if you got Mevolent that angry about being hit in the groin then it must of been an EXELENT shot!!!!