Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maralie/Liberty Star - Mara's One Direction Collection!

"HOLY MOTHER OF NANDOS!" Maralie screamed as she teleported into her living room. Eleanna and Liberty stared back at her.

"Hey Mara," Liberty grinned.

"I don't feel so well," Harry muttered, clutching his stomach.

"Oh, Hazzabear, are you okay?" Maralie asked him, ruffling his curls. "It's just the teleporting."

As Harry sat down on the couch, Maralie glared at the girls. "What, you think you can just waltz right into my house?"

"Uhm, basically," Eleanna nodded, holding up a key.

"Shut up," Maralie muttered, throwing herself down on the sofa like a sack of potatoes. Harry gave her a weak smile and Liberty was sure she saw a blush creeping up Maralie's cheeks.

She smirked to herself. Oh, this'll be good.



"No!" Maralie yelled, blocking the door with her slim frame.

"Please?" Harry pleaded, his hands together in silent prayer.


"Then I guess I'll use force," he grinned. Maralie's eyes widened and she shrieked as Harry threw her over his shoulder.

"HARRY!" she screamed, pelting his back with her fists. "Let me down!"

"Not until I see your '1Derful One Direction Collection'!" Harry quoted, laughing.

"I'LL BITE YOUR SHOULDER!" she screamed, kicking her feet.

"You do that," he chuckled. They reached a door which was clearly marked Maralie's Room! :) and Harry kicked it open.

"NOOOO!" Maralie screamed, as if he had murdered someone. "MY ROOM IS SECRET!"

Harry let out a gasp as he looked around the room. The walls - and ceiling - were covered in One Direction posters. Harry couldn't see any wall. Her bed had One Direction stickers on it and the pillowcases and duvet were One Direction. The floor was covered in One Direction rugs and her wardrobe door had One Direction pictures all over it and her curtains were One Direction. Two One Direction shirts and a pair of One Direction Converse were on the bed. There was a table with a One Direction blanket on it, and it was covered in One Direction merchandise. One Direction dolls, One Direction secret diary, One Direction pencil case... And to top it off, the bookcase in the wall was full of every single One Direction book in existance.

Harry's eyes were wide as he turned to face Maralie, who was looking at her feet and kicking the ground sheepishly.

"You like One Direction," his voice came out wavering.

"What gave it away?" she replied jokingly, smiling slightly.

Harry smiled and suddenly swept her off her feet, carrying her bridal style. She blinked and laughed. "Harry!"

"You're perfect," he whispered.

Maralie swallowed and let out a shaky laugh, flustered. Harry chuckled and flashed his dimples at her.

"I never imagined I'd ever see perfection, but I have now," he murmured into her ear. Her breath hitched and her breathing got quicker.

"You flirt," she muttered.

"Well," he smiled, "that is my role in the band."

She rolled her eyes and giggled. "I heard you think it's cute when a girl tweets you 'Meow'."

Harry frowned, but smiled as well. A half-smile. "Irrevelant topic, but it's true."

"Meowwwww," Maralie giggled, blinking up at him. "Meowwwwww!"

Harry laughed. "My purrfect little girl."

She giggled again and poked his face. "Look at your dimples!"

The rest of the day continued like this until Maralie fell asleep on the couch, Harry beside her.

*giggles* HARRALIE!
~ Mara x


  1. LOL she poked his dimples!

    VERRY funny and kinda cute!

  2. All the Harralie...it's the perfect mix of adorable and amusing! I love it!

    1. It was so fun to write! :3 and thanks B-J! :)

  3. [Nods] Adorable and amusing, what Penguin said. And awesome, and absolutely amazing!