Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aretha Tesla: 205

Guys!!! This is not really a chapter and has nothing to do with the storyline- I just thought we should have a post to commemorate the fact that (including this one) there are now 205 published posts on Mevolent Collaboration, and (as of the time I'm writing this) 8,334 pageviews!!! This post exists purely to emphisize how awesome each and every one of you conributers/readers are, and just how rediculously impressed I am (and all of my friends are) that we've accomplished all of this in about a month. So congratulations, everyone, and most importantly, thank you all for making this work so beautifully!!!!


  1. Thanks, Ari! You're awesome, too!
    As are you all!
    [Hugs everyone]

  2. Yay! *is hugged* *hugs back*

  3. Holy mother of Nandos, are you SERIOUS?!?

    1. Perfectly serious! This blog gets anywhere from 100-200 pageviews a day, and sometimes upwards of that. And remember, this all started because of your dream! *throws confetti* Thanks for having awesome dreams!!!