Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Justaria

Tell me what you thought the title meant before reading

Zafira was sitting in her home in Manhattan. Yeah she ought to be in the Sanctuary but she had to get this bit off her mind before she went further. Javier sat beside her. They were going to report to Mevolent and Remit was taking them. Neither wanted to go but it was a duty. Remit came and teleported them to the throne room. He left and Mevolent looked at the two.
"Javier, I think you know why I called you here."
"Yes, sir." Javier bowed slightly. Mevolent spoke quietly,
"Zafira, what do you know of the war? The first one? Not much I'd assume. You were alive for it I know. And then your parents say you went to the Necromancer Temple. But that's not true is it? You went somewhere else. Someone else instructed you. These memories are stirring I can see it in your face. But do you know why I know this yet you don't?"
"No master. " she replied unsure. Mevolent continued,
"You fought for me in the war, Zafira. But you weren't Zafira Kerias. Your name was Justaria. You know your true name." Zafira widened her eyes. She had begun to feel it in her, Justaria stirring.
"Master, how do I not know this?" She asked afraid. Mevolent smiled
"The Sensitives made sure you'd forget. Of course this was in Ireland and the Americans had no idea. Justaria was different. She looked different too." Mevolent took a dagger from his pocket. He showed it to Zafira. Immediately she recognized it.
"My true name is Justaria....and she took over. Yet I became Grand Mage. And nobody realized I was Justaria not even myself?!" She exclaimed. She backed away. Javier grabbed her and held her close. She was shaking.
"Let me go home." She pleaded. Mevolent nodded
"Go. I will speak again. In the meantime prepare for battle. And Javier...you will be needed too." Javier bowed and took Zafira's hand. Remit teleported them back home. Zafira hugged Javier and he held her in his arms.
"Hush. I know the truth hurts. It will end soon my love. You are powerful. I don't know how he knew but he did and it must be true."
"I can feel her within me." She murmured. Javier kissed her.
"Go to the Sanctuary." Zafira shadow walked and she was greeted by a detective
"Grand Mage." Vinette Riddle said. "We have a problem. Vidia Gaunt was murdered. A witness saw Serpine attack and kill her."
"Then do what usually happens, Detective." She said and left. She could feel Justaria within her. She could hear her. Zafira went into her office and worked on her plan. After a while she managed to do it. Hours went by. Finally she went home and fell asleep on the couch. Javier with her.
"Sleep Zafira. I got you." He wrapped them up in a blanket and stayed cozy.


  1. Umm... Maybe the baby's name? Or a place? I had absolutely no idea.

    And yes, I did think about it before reading. I just commented it after reading.

    Whoa... What a twist!

  2. Written before I read: Um... No idea... I thought maybe it was a place, or a new character you're bringing in? But then, you said in the comments of your last post that you'd reveal the reason why Mevolent trusts you- so, I'd guess Justaria is your true name, but that wouldn't make senese, because if he knew your true name he would enslave you completely- he wouldnt've let you come back to America when you wanted, or anything like that... I suppose I'll find out. Maybe something related to your father?

    After reading: Well. I suppose I guessed it correctly at your true name, then. I am surprised... Hm. I assume you've sealed it, then- I'd be interested to know how you did it. And the signifigance of that dagger. Nice job- keep improving the quality of your writing! I can't believe how much you've improved since the start of this story!

  3. I thought it was Harralie... A cross between Javier and you! But no.. Ah, true names... They are fun!

    Great chapter!!!!!!!!


      Just had to say that. *grins*

  4. um I didn't know what to think before ... I though maybe it was another child.

    And know I know that's not true but like Aretha I assume that you have sealed it?

    But COOL definitely a nice twist!!!

  5. Before: Uh, is it a name of a secret organisation? :P

    After: Ah. True names. *nods sagely* They make a good plot twist. Great chapter! :)