Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mihai Viscol: The Darkest Interest

"I don't trust you." He stated bluntly as she walked towards him, smiling a wicked smile.
"Of course you don't, Mihai. I would never expect you to trust me." She stepped a little closer to the dark Mage. "You don't trust anyone, do you?"
He was too hot. He took off his robes, tearing them with his claws. Hissing in outrage, he tossed the ruined robes to the floor and straightened his shirt. Naturally he had a soft spot for pretty girls. This girl was an Administrator for the Sanctuary he was visiting. Like all the others, she had stared at him with wide eyes and an open mouth and he thought she was just like the others, thinking he was a freak. He was a freak. Of course he was. That was the problem. That was why nobody liked him, yet he and two others had been sent to discuss matters with this Sanctuary. That was why he would never believe this girl had any genuine romantic interest in him.
"What do you want from me, Sabina?"
"Do I have to have some kind of ulterior motive to be nice to you?"
"Everyone else does."
"I'm not everyone else, Mihai."
"I don't trust you not to be like them."
Sighing and rolling her beautiful eyes, she caressed his hand and drew back with a yelp.
"Did you...catch my claws?" He mumbled, eyes lowering to the floor.
"No...your skin is cold as ice...and wet too..."
"That's why I call myself Viscol. Blizzard."
He had been there a month and the girl had come to talk to him, coming on to him. He wanted to say yes. He fancied her so much. The problem was she would use him. "Must be a pain." She finally responded with a slight look. He glared back. She gave another laugh, only more nervous and sheepish now. "I guess you're my, uh, type..." Giving an apologetic smile, she turned to leave.
"Wait." He mewled. He liked her. If she was genuine, he was throwing away his only chance, but...

Polina finally noticed he was looking at her. He looked miserable, but she couldn't blame him. He had just been told Mevolent was targeting him to kill him. That would put a crimp on anyone's day. She gave him a kind smile and his hand jerked, as though he was going to close his connection but thought better of it at the last minute. He mouthed something at her while the others argued light-heartedly about baked beans and octopodi. Not that he would still remember, right? It was over forty years ago. 'Sabina. Slut.' She caught exactly what he was saying and her anger flared.
"You going to sit there behind your computer all cowardly and mouth insults at me? Can't you let one little slip-up go? I never even liked you! The only thing I ever wanted to do was kill you! I was a Sanctuary assassin! I was told to kill the Romanian delegates and I did! All except you!" She yelled in Russian and he hissed at her.
"You're a bitch slag from hell." He closed the connection. The others stared, most wondering what the outburst was about but Vrestreni was giving an accusative glare to Polina and Blaidd had the kind of expression that said 'someone has issues'.

And that was the problem. Sabina was a Russian assassin. Siguranta and Tacere were dead and Sabina had actually asked Mihai on a date. She had admitted that his appearance repelled her, but she said she would give anyone a chance providing they had a nice personality. What was the point of dating someone hot yet nasty? She was keeping him in Russia and all the while plotting the best way to kill him. No matter what type of poison she had tried, they had not seemed to work. During a hug she had tried to stab him, but found he had some strange armouring at his belly.

She was with her real boyfriend when Mihai found her bracelet by his bed. It was her favourite one and she was always petrified someone would steal it. His stupid soft spot for this stupid girl caused him to try and return it to her and he got to her house where she was kissing the boyfriend at the end of the drive.

The boyfriend's head was found a week later in the sewers. The body was never recovered.

Viscol turned to his colleagues. "How much of a disaster did you say it would be if this Polina Skromneyy became Grand Mage?"
"We think she's secretly siding with Mevolent. After that conversation, I think the best thing to do would be kill her before she can relay information."
"Call Scandinavia, get Santa Claus here. He's a teleporter."
The other person bowed. "Yes Grand Mage." She left and Viscol relaxed a little. Killing Sabina or Polina or whatever the slag called herself now would be a dream come true. He rolled up his sleeve, careful not to tear the material, and looked at the delicate green and blue bracelet beneath. It was home made and had one cloth strip with Polina's given name on it. Yulianna. Yulianna would be a fun person to kill. He always liked to see the way the blood stained blonde hair...


Meanwhile, with some less politically important people:
Gale sneaked out the back of the castle where Austin, Cadence, Maxim and Katherine waited. Gale had brought one of the medical division down, and it was not happy, but he had paid it handsomely. While Nye worked on Katherine, Austin led the other three away to talk in private. Maxim was being threatened with shadows and seemed quite heartbroken and quite happy to go along with them. Austin explained the problem with Daemon and Sierra. Gale sat on a tree stump and polished his new cutlass. "Shame about your new friend. What do you want me to do?"
"Help us. Listen out for things. Find out about this Sierra Lee person."
"Sierra Lee, often accompanied by Afton Redbird and Robyn Njarik." Austin looked to Maxim.
"Afton was with us, but I've never met this Robyn."
The Necromancer nodded. Gale smiled and continued. "All three are very good in bed. I almost seduced an elder once."
"Don't care." Cadence snapped impatiently. "Tell us more about Lee and Redbird."
"Okay, okay. Lee is a Sigilist hitwoman who works freelance with her friends. Redbird is a Necromancer and Njarik is an elemental. Lee will either work for anyone who pays her bills or just as often for herself. She likes shiny things. She has her eyes on one thing in particular. Possibly a god-killer weapon. Not sure. Whatever she wants, she seems to believe your friend has it..."
"Does she have a base of operations?" They all turned as Aleron approached from the woods.
Gale nodded. "Don't know where, but with my new-found skills I should be able to work it out soon.

((Just adding a dark plot twist...and the Santa Claus thing...he is TOTALLY a mage, I'm even writing a story where teenage B-R S meets Mage Santa...who comes from Lapland! I know! I've met him! LAPLAAAAAAAND!!!!(where he was from before the North Pole thing somehow appeared) He just tells people North Pole to avoid getting too much work, and that's why Xmas lists don't actually make much difference all the time, because they get sent to the wrong place :c And he is a blonde mage who likes green and coca cola...And I thought it was about time Gale returned, so...))


  1. Santa Clause, eh? I'm not surprised he's a teleporter. Would explain some things. Chimneys are a myth. A Norwegian myth.

    I'm not sure where that thought came from.


    Keep up the Awesomeness B-J!!!

  3. And now I am scared of Santa... Grand!

  4. Death, I was scared of Santa when I was a little kid...a great fat man coming into your room in the middle of the night?

    What about this makes you scared of him? :P

    Mistical, I shall. Oh, I shall.

    Fabi, that thought came from Norway.