Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aretha Tesla: Plans

Just stay calm, I heard Niccolo's voice in my head again as I struggled to suppress the panic rising inside of me, I have a plan. Go with it. That was certainly nice to know, but it really wasn't all too helpful.

"How about we go for a walk?" Rosa said lightly, and I followed her as she walked off the other side of the bridge and into the forest. Trapped, again. And I didn't want to just go numb inside again... But did I ever start acting like myself again to begin with? I thought back, and realized that I really hadn't. Niccolo just showed up out of the blue and swept me away who-knows-where. I followed, because... Why did I follow? I never just did what he told me to do before.

I never even had that much faith in him, to be honest- I mean, I always trusted him to save me if I was dying, but never for anything more than that. I trusted him to be hard and cruel, like he always had been, so why was he acting so different, and why was I just accepting that?

I have a plan, he had said; the bind that he told me would work wasn't working, I was walking right into whatever trap Rosa had set, and I was supposed to just go along with it? If I ever do try to kill you... I want you to kill me first. What was he planning? And what role did I have to play in it?

As we walked deeper into the forest, I realized an ambush was waiting- and I prayed that somehow he would keep himself and Marina from following me.


  1. He still is hard and cruel. [mutters]

    And you can't possibly leave it at that! I demand more this instant!

    1. oops sorry fabi we r going on a plane ur just gonna have to wait sorry not sorry

    2. Yeah, that's true... Whether or not you'll get more chapters from me today really depends on how quickly I get tired. I'll either not write anything until tomorrow, or I'll write like a lunatic the minute I get home tonight and you may have three more chapters before I'm through.

    3. A week is overkill. [mutters]

      Hey, at least you people have better things to do!

    4. No, really there's not much out there that's better than writing in the company of awesome people. I've actually just decided to completely change the direction of my plot, so...

      Basically, I've been really busy with a large annoying standardized test, but I'm going to write like crazy again tonight. And I'm going to do something radical and probably very frustrating for anyone who couldn't stop themselves from caring about my characters. Expect the unexpected! <3 ;)