Monday, February 18, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Picking Up

The Irish weather sucked. It either rained or was cold. And cloudy and wet. Zafira hated it. Mevolent was furious with her for lying but he didn't torture her. She had basicallg gone off on him in Irish, English, and Spanish and he had let her. She knew she wasn't trusted and she planned to keep it like that. Javier was well trusted and rumors have it Mevolent may make him a general. As for Zafira, she preferred to be untrusted by Mevolent's forces. All that mattered was he trusted her. She stormed off through the castle utterly bored. She had about no patience to be here longer. She went to Mevolent himself. He was speaking to a few sorcerers who work with torturing prisoners. She waited until he beckoned her,
"I want to go home." She told him upfront. Mevolent shook his head,
"And why? Because you are a selfish person and can't realize I'm a Grand Mage? Do you think I can stand being so still? It's hard for me to be the follower. I've also been a leader. And it's hard for me to wait for YOU to decide when I can leave." She said. Mevolent's facial expression turned cold
"Do not speak to me like that, Zafira."
"I'll speak to you how you deserve it." She retorted. Mevolent's hand twitched.
"Go. Make any move against me I'll personally kill you."
"Thank you." She said and bowed. She went to Javier and told him they could go home. The happy couple left Ireland for Manhattan.

Manhattan a few hours later
Javier held Zafira in his arms. She was beautiful in his opinion. Even if he had to deal with her constantly being in danger it was a price worth paying to be with her. She was asleep at the moment. The shadows were around her protectively. She was so pretty in sleep. Her eyes opened,
"Javier? Whats up?" She asked. He smiled and kissed her cheek.
"Nothing my angel. Nothing of importance." He soothed. He kissed her again and they went into their bedroom. (You may take that however you please)

Long Island, New York City
Vidia Gaunt was searching for the clues in the home of a murder victim. She was apprenticed to Vinette Riddle and that was fine by her. She left the house and felt as if someone was following her. When she went into the alley she turned face to face with Nefarian Serpine.
"Oh my god."
Serpine pointed his red right hand at her, "Bad news from god, Vidia." She fell screaming in agony. Pain beyond anything. A light formed in her vision and she was dead. Serpine disposed of her body and left the alley casually and headed onward. One down as Mevolent wished.


  1. See, this is what happens when you tell Mevolent about your people. They get killed. You defnintely did a great job asserting yourself in this one, and as it always does, your writing is constantly improving!
    I still don't understand why people trust Javier (because he attacked Mevolent's forces in your defense and refused to kill you), or why Mevolent hasn't tortured you, or why he trusts you... Or why he let you go back to America... I am very surprised that he let you be so impatient about having to listen to his decisions. But this is not my chapter, and you may very well have something planned that I do not know about. And your chapters continue to be awesome. So I will rest my lack of understanding.

  2. Ah, my foster-father is a great man...

    Though he obviously doesn't know I'm dead...

    1. Yes, it is very strange that after three months he still hasn't figured it out- unless he has, and something else happened in that time frame...

  3. [Plays suspense music]

    Nice, Zaffy!

    Poor Vidia. :-(

  4. Because Mevolent doesnt want Zaf to go insane on him he was told she's a nut and he doesnt want to piss her off enough and also theres something anout Zaf only Mevolent and Javier know :P have fun guessing tis happening next chapter

    1. *nods to self* I ought to give you the benefit of the doubt more often. I think much more often than not, you know what you're doing and it just seems to not make sense. I like it. Can't wait to read your next chapter!