Monday, February 18, 2013

Mevolent: Attacking America

Mevolent was prepared. It was time to get America with or without help. He had warned Zafira of this but the Grand Mage was still in Florida to his knowledge. He had told her if she was near the fight to fight on America's side so that the Americans didn't kill her for treason. Now the day had come to do it. He wore his battle armour, the same one that made most people scared. He also had the God-Killer and a few other sharp objects. Remit was teleporting them all at once into Manhattan. Within the hour Mevolent hoped to gain New York.

Zafira stood before the people she had worked with for so long. Her eyes were down as the Sanctuary took the news. The Grand Mage was spying for them. Finally one of the detectives broke the silence,
"So what are they planning, Grand Mage?" He called out. Zafira took a moment to compose herself
"To attack Manhattan today. Mevolent himself is leading the attack. But if you want me to live we need to act natural. We WILL continue our daily routine. Javier and I will be here but I will go for Mevolent. He won't expect me and I have a plan. If I manage to subdue him get the others away from Manhattan." Zafira ordered. The whole Sanctuary stared at her. Then it was the same voice that spoke,
"Grand Mage do you think we're letting you fight Mevolent alone?" Zafira smiled,
"Then go on. If you want to help me, Vidia." Zafira said. With that being said the operatives went about the day as if nothing was happening. Zafira and Javier had their own ideas. Zafira put on the robes and the hood. She looked like a normal Necromancer. Javier was dressed similar. The two held hands waiting for the fight.

Mevolent looked over the army they were bringing. Sorcerers, Redhoods and Sense-Wardens. All with the orders to get Manhattan but not to kill Zafira or Javier. No matter who they fight. But that was if the happy couple was even present. The clock showed it was time.
"Remit to the New York Sanctuary." Mevolent ordered. Everyone linked up and the next second they were inside the Sanctuary. The Administrator dropped the papers he held. He tried to raise the alarm but Vengeous glared at him and he exploded. Not the best entrance but it would do. They left the lower levels and reached the main floor. That's when hell broke out. The Sanctuary operatives looked stunned and they basically dropped what they were doing and attacked. Mevolent's forces were easily winning. It didn't seem Zafira and Javier were present. A Necromancer sent shadows at Mevolent. He staggered but regained his balance. He sent the air rocketing the Necromancer into a wall. They crumpled to the ground and rose slowly. The next second a wave of darkness slammed into Mevolent. He used the air to part the shadows. The Necromancer ran at him and he grabbed their arm and threw them into the wall. He didn't know who the Necromancer was but they were putting up a good fight. The Necromancer got up again obviously dizzy and slightly confused. Mevolent took advantage of this and sent fire at them. The Necromancer cried out and collapsed. The Necromancer was burned pretty badly. Mevolent didn't want to kill them yet. He took out a nice looking knife and stabbed them in the stomach. It wouldn't be fatal but just to make sure he wasn't going to be followed he stepped on the leg making it break. The Necromancer screamed and when he heard them it was as if Zafira was this one he had nearly killed. He turned and left the Necromancer but then he heard the Necromancer call out,
"Master." It was Zafira Kerias. Mevolent left not planning to deal with her. The battle raged on in the Sanctuary. Mevolent rejoined the fight much more harsh. He didn't care who died by his hands. Then more operatives poured in. Southern accents. Mevolent looked around. His own side was not going to win this. Baron Vengeous was fighting Javier Fyreheart. The fight itself was interesting but then Mevolent called his forces to retreat. He ordered a Redhood to get Zafira and fast. Within the minute the Redhood had Zafira and the force teleported to Ireland. When she was recovered Mevolent was going to question her. He turned to his generals,
"Just make sure nobody tries to kill her." He ordered and went to his own room. He took the armour off and went down to the throne room.

Zafira woke up in her own room in Mevolent's castle. It was painful. She had fought Mevolent and barely survived. She didn't know who had brought her or who had tried to heal her. Her leg was broken but that was painful. The burns were mending and whatever else Mevolent managed to do to her. She closed her eyes and then Serpine walked in.
"I know you can't walk but Mevolent wishes to speak to you." He told her. Zafira nodded and sat up. Looking slightly annoyed with his task Serpine helped her to the throne room. When they reached the room Zafira knelt before Mevolent as best as she could. Mevolent was seated on the throne and was quiet
"Zafira, what did you tell the Sanctuary in the South?" He asked.
"Nothing. I didn't get in contact with the South at all!" She told him. Mevolent motioned for the Sense-Wardens.
"And what if the Sense-Wardens rummage around in your mind?" Zafira shook her head
"You will find I speak the truth." She told him. The Sense-Wardens circled around her and she felt pain beyond anything as they entered her mind. She cried out and eventually they withdrew. One turned to Mevolent
"She speaks the truth." They told told him. The Sense-Wardens left and Zafira was trembling. Mevolent looked down at her and spoke,
"Then find out. I want you to tell me. And then report back to me. I want to know what else the Sanctuary plans. If you lie to me I will make sure the leg I broke today is nothing compared to what I'll do to you." He threatened. She bowed and Remit came over,
"Her home in Manhattan and come back." Mevolent told him. The next moment Zafira saw Javier and the two embraced. Remit was gone seconds later.

Mevolent and the generals were in the throne room
"Do we trust her?" Serpine asked. Mevolent nodded
"She isn't one to lie. She will tell us the truth. She fought like I asked and that is final. If we question her loyalty she will be less likely to do anything for us." Serpine went quiet. Mevolent had spoken and nobody dare object.n


  1. Did you just blow up Bernard? Cool, that gives me an idea.

    This chapter was so good. The whole fight thing was thrilling and stuff. Man, I suck at reviews...BUT ALL THE FIGHTING AND THE THRILLING STUFF AND THIS CHAPTER JUST MADE ME HYPER!!!

  2. I feel like I should be in this- but everything you're writing about now is three months ahead... I'll probably write this battle from my perspective when I get there. I am also very surprised that Mevolent trusts you. Anyway, it was an exciting chapter, and I know I always say this, but it's true- your writing gets better every chapter. Nice job!


    Zaf! Nooooooo don't die! D: