Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Valentine's Day in Prison

Zafira smiled at Javier as they lay together on the cold hard stone floor. She was happy to have him next to her even if this night should be shared with him privately. Javier kissed her neck,
"Zaffy. What can I do with you?" He teased. He had that loving look in his eyes. The kind he gave when he was thinking of the child before she lost them. Zafira smiled,
"Oh I dunno...." She trailed off as he kissed her again. She was happy.
"Zaffy if I could spend this moment happily at home I would but since Mevolent has us captive I think it's best if I have it with you rated PG-13." Zafira laughed. Javier held her close to him, always close.
"If we survive we'll have a proper wedding okay?"
"But my parents....Javier, my father is Dreylan Scarab." Javier looked stunned.
"Scarab?! My god Zaf. But he's a killer you are a Grand Mage! So unalike!" He shook his head murmuring to her. She smiled again and whispered in Spanish. He kissed her passionatley and for the moment they were in their own world. The screams of a tortured prisoner brought them to reality.
"Ah what do we do?" Zafira sighed.
"We survive and kick the hell out of Mevolent." Zafira nodded at his words. They were together forever whatever happened. At least Valentine's Day was with Javier.

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  1. Nice, Zaf, and cute!

    Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

    It's still yesterday for me, but oh well.