Sunday, February 24, 2013

Charisma Thorne - Friends Reunited - Well, For A Bit Anyway

Now, I know I should've left a bit of time before my next chapter, but it's way, WAY too much fun to write! So here's chapter two, enjoy!

Charisma Thorne – Friends Reunited – Well, For A Bit Anyway.

“And where exactly do you think you’re going?” A women who looked to be in her middle twenties hurried up to Charisma, who was walking out of the Sanctuary.
Charisma kept walking.
“Charisma, you’re not allowed out, you know what the Grand Mage said and I have specific orders to-“
Charisma cut in. “-Dianda, I’ve been working non stop for the past three months! I haven’t had one single jot of time to see my family or go do something I want to do! I know we’re in a war but surely I deserve some time off? Just this once? Please.” Charisma turned to Dianda. “Please. I’m finding this war really tough. I know we all are. Please, Dianda, I’m begging you to let me go this once.”
Dianda sighed.
“Fine, Charisma, I’m letting you go just this once. And no word to anyone else about this, alright? Be back by 1900 hours sharp.”
Charisma smiled. “Thank you so much. I’ll be back then.” And off she walked.

Ten minuets later, having only broken the no-magic-anywhere-except-on-missions rule only seven times, Charisma walked up the flight of stairs to her apartment – but just before she went to open the door, she stopped. She felt a shift, in the air, a little disturbance. Grinning to herself, hungry for action, she counted to three, kicked the door open and jumped inside.

Instead of danger, instead of Hollow Men or Redhoods, there was a short, blonde girl running towards her.
“Chrissaaaaaa!!” She grinned.
Charisma knew exactly who it was. Rosinda Pine, her best friend since forever.
The two girls hugged. “Rosinda, why are you here? I thought you were in America?” Charisma had started to make tea.
“I was, but after a couple of incidents involving me getting annoyed at being sent on scouting trips over and over again” (At this Charisma grinned) “I was posted back here.”
Handing Rosinda a mug of tea, Charisma sat down.
“I know exactly what you mean. In fact, I’ve just been sent back from a mission where I got bored and went to see Les Mis instead. And actually, how did you get into my flat?”
Rosinda smiled. “Picked up a few handy tricks in America. Talking of Les Miserables, I haven’t seen it yet. Would you mind seeing it again with me? You know how much I like that Eddie Redmayne.”
“Of course I will! There’s a showing in half an hour, do you want to go then?”
The two girls walked out, chattering.

After the cinema, both still crying a bit, they said good bye, and Charisma walked – or rather, walked for five minutes and jumped over buildings for the rest – back to her flat.

Once again, she noticed a shift in the air way before she got to the door of the building. She raced up the stairs, fire already in her hands. Somehow she knew this was more than just an old friend paying her a visit.

Her door was ripped open, shreds of wood covering the floor like leaves. She ran cautiously through the what-once-was-a-door, and then stopped dead.

“Ah, hello Charisma. You didn’t think you’d be seeing me for a while, did you? I’m guessing you thought I’d be dead when I fell of that train, but look at me. I’m as alive as you, or your little friend here.” At this, he pointed to Rosinda, who was tied up on the floor. “Well, alive as you are for the moment. Soon, however, I have a feeling it’ll be me who’s the most alive one here.”


  1. You talk as if you have to leave a gap between your chapters. Write away! I've posted three chapters in one minute before (although obviously I was writing them at the same time)

    And the end sent a bit of a chill down my spine. an't wait to find out what happens next, keep writing :D

  2. [Cues scary music]

    This is getting interesting! And don't worry about gaps, the MC's just been quieter than usual lately.

  3. Okay! Thank you!! I'm absolutely loving MC already!! :)

    Hehe have some great plans for what's going to happen to them all ...

    1. Oh, that's perfect! *nods approvingly* You'll fit right in here! And don't ever worry about too many chapters- I posted six in one day once! I'll have to start posting more often again... Anyway, great chapter- can't wait to see what you'll do next! Please keep writing!!! <3