Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Vengeous Returns

(Note: every chapter i do alone i'll note how many months Zaf is as of right now its 6 weeks

Zafira watched the people go by outside of her office. She didn't know what to do. She was not supposed to do much apparently. Then again the whole pregnant AND Grand Mage thing was surely a good reason to stay out of fights? She figured it was. Nobody really bothered her.

Baron Vengeous made his way into New York easily. He knew how long it would take. The Sanctuary was easy to get into he knew that much. Unless they upgraded security. But he planned to make this attack where Kerias lived.
"We attack tonight!" Baron told his group. The mages in the community would never suspect. And then he'd take Kerias to Mevolent. Personally.

Zafira shadow walked home and Javier immediatly embraced her.
"Hello Zaf."
"Javier." She greeted as he placed a hand on her stomach. Javier had been over the moon about being a father and he kept Zafira safe. She respected that and was grateful.
"I made wings I know you like them." He smiled and led her into the kitchen. The two sat down and ate.
"Anything new?" Javier asked.
"Nope! I got a lot of congratulations from people and all. Mevolent has been quiet." Zafira reported. They finished eating and Zafira cleaned the dishes. It was weird to be home at this hour. But since she needed to make her timings of work random she decided today she'd go home. Javier say down in the living room playing some Wii game. Zafira watched cheering him on.
"Wanna play Mario Kart?" He asked.
"Sure!" Zafira laughed and the two started to play. They played for a few hours and when they reached N64 Bowser's Castle, there was shouts and fireballs lit the sky. Both dropped their remotes
"My god." Zafira whispered. "We're under attack. Again." Javier grabbed her hand
"Zaffy! Don't get hurt okay?"
"I wont Javier." She promised. The two ran and grabbed their weapons and went out into the night. Zafira whipped the shadows at people from Mevolent's side. Javier ran off and attacked people. Zafira kept fighting people more just stabbing and shadows. She was trying to do little fighting. Baron Vengeous stood in her way.
"Ah hell." She groaned whipping shadows at him like knives. He ducked and the two ended up in a mix of fists and shadows. Zafira felt a blow to the head and she went down. The Baron grabbed her wrist and broke it. Then cuffed her. He put a sword to her neck. Javier burst through the fighting
"THAT'S NY WIFE!!!" He screamed and threw a knife which lodged itself in Vengeous' arm. He dropped Zafira who tried to uncuff herself. Javier looked at Baron watched him go still locked in his own hell. Javier stabbed him with a sword and then broke contact letting Baron go.
"Kill my wife I'll kill you. She's pregnant." Javier growled. Enraged Baron retreated but he did not leave Manhattan. Javier uncuffed Zafira.
"You okay?" He asked. She nodded and they surveyed the area. Zafira called to her side
"Scout the area for now on I want guards at night." The mages hurried off organizing the guard. Zafira and Javier went back inside and played the rest of Mario Kart. Zafira was winning.

Mevolent listened to his general carefully. He had found out valuable news.
"Javier's?" He asked and Baron confirmed it. Mevolent hung up and walked the hallway. He was closer. If Zafira was pregnant that meant she wouldn't be fighting much. If he captures her and she gives birth, he will have gained something good. A way to force Zafira to behave. As for Javier he figured he'd reform. Mevolent didn't know how far Javier would go to protect his unborn child as Mevolent never fathered and children nor did he want to. Now he needed Zafira.


  1. Mevolent is JUST PLAIN EVIL!

    How much time passes between your chapters? It feels like you're WAY ahead of me. Guess I better write fast!

    Nice twist, btw!

  2. Damn you Mevo... Damn you to the furthest pit of hell where you belong...

  3. Oh god if I find out Mevolent is doing that! Oh god Zaf I won't cair if you have dibs on him I'll kill him anyway!!!!

  4. Great chapter- I have two questions, though- one, is she going to be in official fights from now on? And two- if Mevolent really wants her, can't he just order her to come to him and obey him, because of the binding mark? Or is it a different type of bind? Or have I missed something completely? Sorry, I'm just a bit confused... Again, great chapter!