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September Silver: Effrancia, Elizabeth, and Outer Space

This is confusing, and I'm making up weird rules, and I have tonnes of odd characters, and blah blah blah, but here's the next chapter!

Ember was still being chased after her dad, even though she was already dead. His motto was that you could always cause more pain, and he was going to stick to that.

Even though she hated being weak, she didn't really care or think about it in that moment. So Ember cried out, "HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

And then out of nowhere, Eff came and knocked him in the head with an anvil.

"Hello, Silver," she said. "We meet again. Now I get to finish you off for what you did to me."

Ember was crying too much to reply, so she sunk to the ground and wept instead of thinking up a smartass comment.

"Whoa, whoa," Eff said as she stepped back. "What the hell is happening?"

"It... it doesn't.... matter..." Ember sniffed between snobs.

"All right... god, how do I deal with you... how did you die?"

"He just killed me, you dipwit!" Ember yelled.

"No need to snap, Silver."

Ember shakily stood up. "We need to go find Elizabeth."

"Uh... who?"

"Elizabeth Wisdom."

"Uh, what? I thought that she lost control of her gist, killed hundreds, and then got put to sleep. Why do you want to go talk to her?"

"Uh, well... she didn't exactly get put to sleep the first time, by the way."

Eff frowned. 

Ember took a deep breath, then added, "I think you'd know her better by her other name. Liberty Wit."

"Mevolent's person? The psychopath? The wanted criminal?!"

"She's my sister. And besides, she only became a psychopath once the gist took over. And now that she's here, the gist can't follow her through death, so she's temporarily cured. She's normal."

"All right, fine," Eff groaned. "Let's go. Where do you think she is?"

"I know where she is. She's with my mother."

"Does your mom have any powers?"

"She's an Elemental, so we should be able to defeat her. I can't suck people's souls like this, because I'm dead, and Elizabeth doesn't have her gist, but I have my wings and she has her knife. And her own wings. I'm sure you could help us too."

"Yeah," she shrugged. 

"Or mess everything up, like you did the last time I met you. You know, before I stabbed you in the arm and you died."

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

"So do I. I disturb myself greatly, you know."

"I had guessed."

They flew in silence over to where Elizabeth was.

"I can deal with your mom, if you don't want to hurt her," Eff offered.

Ember looked at her slowly. "I want to hurt her so badly, it's not even funny."

"Okay," Eff said. "Not afraid to hurt the ones you love. I like that."

"I don't love her," Ember said. "I only love one person in the whole world and that's Elizabeth, and she's gone. She's become insane. She's barely there anymore. The gist took over, she changed her name, she changed her life..."

Eff rolled her eyes. "This isn't a good time for a pity party, Silver."

Ember gave her a murderous look. "All right, well, why don't you do something useful then?

"Watch your mouth kid, or you’ll find yourself floating home," Eff muttered.

Closing her eyes, she manipulated Ember's mother's sight until Liberty appeared missing.

"What?" her mother shouted, whirling around. "Where are you, you good-for-nothing bitch?

Ember tensed and grasped the syringe hidden in her robes, but Eff grabbed her arm and motioned for her to be quiet.

Suddenly, images of unicorns floated in front of her mother. 

"What's happening?" she yelled. "Elizabeth, get back here immediately!"

"I want her to pay," Ember whispered to Eff. "Could you put an image of Mevolent in front of her?"

Eff glared at her. "I'm not your slave, Silver."


They glared at each other until Ember finally looked away. "Alright, you know what, fine. But then you'll never get to find out exactly why I want to put his image there."

Eff stared straight ahead. "Whatever." She was curious, though. 

She made some images so it looked like Liberty was running away in the opposite direction, and Ember's mother howled and ran after the image.

"Now grab your damned psychopath out of here," Eff huffed, "And let's get out of here."

Ember was already busy untying Elizabeth and checking the wounds on her face. "How are you, Elizabeth? Are you alright?"

"Oh, Ember!" Elizabeth said with joy. "You're here! I knew you'd come for me. Are you alive right now? Please say you are..."

"Unfortunately not," Ember sighed. "I was, but then our father killed me, you know how it is."

"I do. Now, let me say hello to your friend!"

Elizabeth got up and turned to Eff. "Hello! It's so lovely to meet you. Thank you very much for helping free me. I'm Elizabeth Wisdom. You?"

"Effrancia Devastine," Eff said with a slightly cautious tone. You could tell she was a little worried that at any given moment she'd turn back into Liberty and kill her.

"Lovely!" Elizabeth said. 

"Do you know how to get out of this hellhole?" Eff asked.

Elizabeth paused. "Um, I think that we have to speak to the ruler of Heaven about it first. Either that or we have to wait for another Healer to get us, and that's not going to happen."

"Perfect. Let's go," Ember nodded, and she spread her snowy-white wings. Elizabeth revealed a pair of raven-black wings, and Eff kinda just stood there.

"Why don't I get wings?" she grumbled under her breath.

Ember glared at her. "Shut up."

"I'll carry you," Elizabeth offered with a smile, and Eff jumped. Ember sighed and grabbed onto Eff, and together they flew over the land of the dead.

They finally reached a little office with a receptionist there. She looked friendly, with square green glasses and bob-cut hair.

"Hello, Order," Ember said. "It's good to see you again."

The receptionist named Order smiled warmly and took her hand. "Likewise. Have you come to collect somebody or drop somebody off?"

"Neither. I'm stuck here for now, so I was wondering if I could get permission to leave."

Order sighed. "Oh, I'm sorry. How did you die?"

"My father... you know how it is. He killed me."

"Same as me! Now we can be matching. But anyway, I don't think you're going to get permission."

"Yeah, that's the disadvantage of being on the Wanted list for years."

Eff looked at her. "You're on a Wanted list?"

"Well, technically the Midnight Princess doesn't really like it when you still her inhabitants. And I steal them a lot."

"The WHAT?"

"Oh, she controls death. She also rules Heaven and Hell, didn't you know that?"


"For god's sake, you've been here a week and you know nothing. Are you stupid or just ignorant?"

Eff lunged at her and she enveloped her in her wings. Immediately she was surrounded by images of One Direction.

"NO!" she screamed, flailing her arms about.

Order kicked at Eff's legs and she fell to the floor. The images disappeared, Ember letting out a sigh of relief as she helped Eff up.

"In the beginning," Ember continued, "There was no death. No life disappeared. Back all this time ago, there wasn't such a problem of overpopulation, because we owned all the galaxies, all the universes."

"But then the Midnight Princess was born, and she hated everyone. She grew up with darkness inside of her. And then she learned how to kill people. She learned how to steal their lives without batting an eyelid, and she became the most powerful sorcerer the world had ever seen. Of course, she was the first one to really use her powers for something other than good, so... Anyways, she took all the other universes besides this one and turned them into Heaven and Hell so she'd have somewhere to put all these people. And now she's less powerful, so she can't kill people like she pleases anymore, but she made Heaven and Hell inaccessible.... Eff, are you listening?"

Eff was busy trying to get a piece of skin out of her hair. "Wait, what, huh?"

Ember and Order groaned simultaneously. 

"You have to let us try," Elizabeth said to Order. "It's our only hope."

Order looked at them. "When you go to prison, I promise to bring you pancakes."

Ember nodded decisively. "Good. I like pancakes. Now, let's go."

"Your Highness," Order said into a microphone on her shirt, "September Silver is here to see you, along with Effrancia Devastine and Elizabeth Wisdom."

Order paused for a few seconds, and then she nodded. 

"Okay, guys, you can go up. Good luck!"

An elevator appeared out of nowhere, and Ember and Elizabeth got in. After a few seconds, Eff followed them.

"This had better work," she grumbled as the doors closed.


About five minutes later, the doors opened to reveal a pitch-black corridor. Ember and Elizabeth strolled through like it was absolutely no problem at all, and Eff pretended to feel the same.

Inside, she was incredibly confused. Because a while ago, she was minding her own business, and now she was walking in a random corridor and she had no idea what was happening and all she wanted to do was get an anvil and smash someone's head in and have a nice relaxing afternoon.

After a while, she was happy that Ember had gone first, because she walked smack into the end of the corridor. She swore quickly, and Elizabeth elbowed her.

"What if the Midnight Princess is right behind this wall? And if she hears us?" Elizabeth whispered angrily.

"Then I'll get doubly arrested."

"Emby, we're trying to negotiate, okay?"

Eff expected Ember to smack Elizabeth for that comment, but instead she laughed and hugged her. Beaming, she whispered, "I've missed you so much."

When they pulled away, Elizabeth smiled and knocked on the wall. "Midnight Princess? We're here to see you?"


Elizabeth screamed inhumanly and slammed herself into the wall. The wall caved in and crumbled all over the floor.

"That's my girl," Ember grinned as Eff stared. "Okay, let's go."

They walked through the wall and then gasped. 

They were in outer space, stars sitting motionlessly around them. It was pitch black except for a shining silver mass of energy, in which the Midnight Princess slept. Her hair was made of stardust, and her skin glowed like the sun behind the moon. She opened her starlike eyes, and when she spoke it was melodious.

"What brings you here?" 

Ember curtsied. "I am September Silver, and this is--"

"I know who you are," the Midnight Princess sighed. "I know who you are and why you're here. You'd like to take somebody with you?"

"Two people," Eff said, and Ember elbowed her. 

The Midnight Princess stared up into the darkness. "I should destroy you now," she whispered softly. "I could, you know."

Ember frowned as she floated. "I know you could. But I have to return my sister to life. I love her. She made me promise her that I'd always bring her back, even with the gist."

"Fabienne S."


The Midnight Princess finally turned her head to look at them. "She annoys me, that one. She won't give up. She won't give in. She won't join my kingdom."

"...and?" Ember said warily.

"Let's make a deal. I know you know her, I can see everything. I'll give you forty-eight hours to kill her. If you succeed, I'll let you and your sister live. If you don't, I'll keep you both here."

Ember paused for a second, and then she nodded. She would do anything to save her sister, at least momentarily. "All right. I'll do it."

"Your forty-eight hours start now," the Midnight Princess said, and Ember felt life returning to her body. "Be gone."

"Wait a minute!" Eff yelled. "What about--"

The Midnight Princess waved her hand, and suddenly Ember was back where she'd started. Back in the place where Fabienne S was. 

Liberty Wit was next to her. "Took you long enough. What were you doing, buying a goddamned ice cream?"

"Oh, I wish it were that simple." And Ember walked back into the house, ready to kill.


  1. Is it weird that I find this funny? The whole bit about killing Fabi is making me double over with guffaws.

    Thanks so much for making me laugh in the library! [Sarcasm]

    And nice use of Eff! [grins]

    1. Only a little. It was supposed to be kinda funny anyway.

    2. Well, sorry if I'm finding it funnier than I should be! I guess it just... I don't know. It's not like I find the idea of you killing Fabi completely ridiculously not going to happen, it's just...I suppose it's nicer than what I had planned for her.

  2. One word.

    One Direction.

    What? It's two words? Pfft. What?

    1. What?


      And do you have anything to say about the chapter?

    2. *explains* One Direction One Direction One Direction, One Direction One Direction One Direction. One Direction! One Direction. 1D. *nods*

      [Translation] Today I almost won One Direction tickets. That is all that's on my mind. One Direction means every word in the universe right now. I ALMOST WON THE TICKETS, EMBER! D: But anyway, One Direction in that comment means 'SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPELALIDOUTIOUS' *grins*


    1. Oh, you'll see. You'll all see. Soon.