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Fabi: Say It Twice and Disappear: The Nightmare


"Fabi, help!" Mara's voice echoed, high and squeaky across the grand hall of Mevolent's castle, now a war zone.

Fabi's froze in terror. The enemy army was on all sides, blocking every exit. It had been a trap, an astonishingly well-planned one. Fabi suspected Serpine. Mevolent was in the center of it all, calmly setting the Irish Elders on fire. Ravel screamed and tried to retaliate, but he couldn’t. “Fabienne, help!” Madame Mist screamed, her mouth oozing spiders as she looked at Fabi, a plea in her eyes. Fabi’s first thought was ‘uurgh, spiders,’ soon followed by a wave of guilt as she watched the three of them die.

Effie stubbornly charged with one of those metal suits glassblowers or the Mythbusters wear, but Mevolent simply waved his hand and the air pressed her back against a pillar. The pillar. The same cold, marble pillar Fabi had been leaning against when she'd gotten into this mess.

"Fabi! Use the Force!" Eff screamed as the sword slit her throat open and she died again. The was the same sword Fabi had lost, just after she'd been leaning against the pillar. Oh, gosh, she'd been so stupid back then...!

Mevolent let Effie's corpse fall to the floor and turned around. "Give in and your friends will live, Fabienne. The ones that are left, anyway. Give me the orb."

Fabi looked down at her hands and saw she was holding a Focusing Orb [from Glitch]. She couldn't, wouldn't give it to him; her friends would die anyway if she did.
Ember came from behind, with a syringe, but Mevolent was too fast, whirling around and skewering her with a sword, Fabi's sword. Fabi’s fault.
"Fabi!" Mara shrieked again, her scream abruptly cut off. Fabi turned to her left in time to see Baron Vengeous turn her friend’s body inside out. A fragment of skull and hair landed on Fabi’s shoe and she looked away from it, her face contorting into rage, sadness, helplessness…
"Give in, or they'll all meet the same fate," Mevolent said, his voice drowning out the screams, the clash of metal on metal. All that metal, and Fabi was doing nothing to use it, unable to make herself move. That was okay…ish. If she didn’t move, she wouldn’t be giving up, but she wouldn’t be saving any of them…

"Ready...go!" Death Rose's voice drowned out the fighting for a minute and the four of them charged. Death directly in front of Mevolent, Star and Raeza to his left and Aretha Tesla from behind.
Star summoned a puddle of ink, making Baron Vengeous slip and fall to the ground, but he was up in a flash, joining his master and sending shadows after Star, shadows she barely managed to dodge. Raeza was not so lucky, though, and she screamed as the darkness sliced into her, disintegrating into flesh-colored dust.

Vengeous howled with rage and started after Star, the two of them disappearing into the fray. Fabi couldn’t see what was happening, but she heard the disgusting squelching sound, and the look on the Baron’s face when he returned told it all. Another of Fabi’s allies wouldn’t be coming out of this alive.
Death glared, but missed, evaporating three sorcerers and five Hollow Men before Serpine came from behind and forced her to look at the ground. The foundation of the castle shook. For a moment Serpine looked almost gentle, as if remembering Death as a little girl. Suddenly, though, his face hardened and he went from holding her head down to pointing with his red right hand. A pillar and uncountable mages and Hollow Men crumbled as she flailed around before falling lifeless to the ground.

Aretha circled Mevolent, and he turned to watch her, his back to Fabi. That was her moment, strike, strike him down already, but she couldn't and the laughter and the echoes in her head, never back down but fail anyway. Aretha kicked Mevolent in the jaw and he snarled, sending a wave of air into Ari and knocking her to the ground.
Mevolent darted around in one quick motion, snatched the orb before Fabi could so much as think.

“Fabi! How could…? You~” The anger in Aretha’s eyes hurt Fabi far deeper than the sword that penetrated her from behind, she could ignore that, it felt almost…good. Good that it was letting the life out of her, releasing her.
Don’t give in, won’t give in, don’t give in, she thought to herself over and over until she could find the strength to pull out the blade. It was a good blade, if (more than) a little bloody already.
Mevolent whispered something into the glowing ball and smashed it against Ari’s head. Her body began to glow with an eerie blue light.

“Assault on a Sanctuary official!” Zafira Kerias and a few others Fabi recognized from the American Sanctuary ran into the battle. The Grand Mage summoned a wave of shadows, but Mevolent only laughed. He simply held up the orb and the shadows fizzled out. Kerias tried to summon more, but nothing happened.
Fabi stepped closer with the sword, not going to mess things up this time, not going to let any more of her friends die, but Mevolent didn't care, he only spoke two words.
“Virelai, stop.”
Virelai…Fabi had never heard the word before, and yet it felt so familiar… she froze.
Oh, =_|||=_-|||->
The Grand Mage charged again, and Mevolent flexed his fingers. The air held Kerias in place, and Mevolent gestured to Fabi to strike the killing blow. She didn’t have a choice, he had her TRUE NAME. She stepped forward, shutting her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see the way Zaf was looking at her, as if she’d betrayed them all. It was as much as she deserved.

Fabi's eyes flew open, and Star, Ember and Liberty jumped back in shock. Liberty glared, Ember pulled out a syringe and Star gasped. "Fabi?  What happened?"

"I-I don't know." 

(Side note: Virelai is a replacement for Fabi's true name, not her actual name. It'd be the same as mine, y'see, and I can't let you know that.)

If anyone featured in this nightmare really wants the figment of FabiTC's imagination that resembles their character to be edited out of the chapter, let me know either in a comment or via email and I'll change it. Sorry for any inconvenience/upsetness.

My temporary absence from Blogland includes the MC, I'm afraid. I'll be gone until Saturday, maybe popping in for a little bit if I stay up late, but I'm a bit low on energy for that, so...see you on Star Wars Day! [hugs all] Basically, don't be offended if I don't comment on your chapters, I'm sure they're awesome, but I really can't be here, apologies again.

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Zafira Kerias: Intruders

Zafira lay awake. Her mind spinning. The whole entire Sanctuary was basically on lockdown. Of course they needed to be in order to protect themselves against Mevolent. Javier saw her wide awake and kissed her cheek,
"Zaf, relax. Stress isn't good for the baby. " He reminded her. She looked up at him and didn't speak. After a moment she put her head on his chest and fell asleep. Javier held her close keeping watch over her. He would die to protect her and their unborn child. He couldn't think of losing either of them. And with Mevolent out there the risk was entirely true.

Serephia Jackson bowed before Mevolent. She had some news to give,
"Kerias is pregnant. A reliable source from her Sanctuary said that she is and basically Javier vowed if anybody lays a finger on her that he will kill them." She reported. Mevolent nodded. He looked deep in thought. After a few moments he spoke,
"Then we continue taking America. I'm not killing an unborn child. Newborns are a different story but I can't risk killing her. I want her to watch America fall and be powerless to stop me. " He said. He glanced at the Redhoods around him then addressed Serephia,
"Go." He simply said. Serephia left. She wasn't entirely trusted as an ex-Elder. She figured it was worth it though.

Zafira woke up again. Smiling she saw Javier had got up. He always liked to make her breakfast before she went to work. She got dressed in her black shirt and pants. Her Elder's robes were in the Sanctuary so she figured she'd put those on later. She completely agreed with Ghastly on the robes. Well what he used to think. She went downstairs and immediately the smell of omelets was present. She laughed
"Oh Javier I thought the wife cooked." She teased. Javier turned and smiled
"Well I feel while my wife IS Grand Mage I prefer to spoil her. Maybe because I rather not be arrested for neglecting the Grand Mage." He laughed. Zafira grinned and took out her handcuffs. Javier widened his eyes
"Woah Zaffy!" He exclaimed. Laughing hysterically she put them on her belt. Javier looked at the omelets and flipped them. He turned his attention the the tv. A reporter was in Lower Manhattan. Zafira tensed. The reporter was explaining disturbances that to the mortals sounded like idiots making fireworks but Zafira knew better.
"Even the mortals are noticing. Those were mages at work probably Mevolent's. If they aren't then I guess they're young. " She sighed. Javier looked at her questioningly.
"What do you do for immature sorcerers not knowing the rules?" He asked as he put the omelets on two plates and set them down. Zafira sat down and ate her omelet and then explained to Javier,
"Well basically we have them confronted and taken to the Sanctuary. Depending what they did we have some experts to explain the rules. If I'm not busy I'll go down to visit and once they get the explaining and stuff we let them go but have an agent secretly watch them for a month. It usually always works out well. Very rarely do we have someone young actually arrested for crimes." Zafira got up and put her dishes away. Javier smiled and put his own away. Zafira turned and kissed his cheek before shadow-walking. Javier sighed. He hated when she left.

The doors to the apartment in Lowe Manhattan were bolted shut. Jayla Crowsfield glared at the two sorcerers before her.
"You idiots! Do you want to get us killed?!" She slapped the boy. Her voice carried a Dublin accent. She didn't look pleased. The boy she struck glared at her,
"Well you never told us the Sanctuary was THIS close to us." He snapped. Jayla sighed.
"Look there's a community of sorcerers within a few blocks is the Sanctuary. Grand Mage Kerias lives in the community. You two idiots are to spy on her ok? And David," she addressed the older boy. "I don't care how close you are to the Surge. Actually it may be best if you do experience it near Kerias. Go." She spat. The two boys left and went to find the gated community. Jayla sighed and sat on the couch. Why did Mevolent send her? Serephia Jackson was more prepared. Yes she reckoned as a Sense Warden she could hurt Kerias but giving her David and Joey was the worst. David was an Elemental Joey an Energy-Thrower. The joys.

Zafira was back home. Finally. Nothing actually had happened at work so she left. 11pm. A complete new record to be home this early. Javier was beside her again doing what he does best. Being loving. There was a crash outside the house. Both jumped up and went to see what happened. Two boys were standing outside the house. Upon seeing her one sent a stream of energy into Zafira. Yelling she gathered shadows and sent them right into the boy. He staggered. She whipped the shadows at his hands making him stop trying to use energy against her. The second boy used air to push Zafira into the house. Javier focused on the boy. When he went down she ran and handcuffed him. The energy throwing boy tried to run but Zafira sent a trail of shadows after him and he tripped. Javier took another set and shackled the other boy. Zafira sighed irritably.
"Both of you are under arrest for assault on an Elder." She told them. She grabbed the Elemental boy and Javier took the other. She shadow-walked all four of them to the Sanctuary. The boys were placed in the holding cells.
"I'll deal with them in the morning. I'll send a detective to question them." She mumbled. She shadow walked with Javier home. Once home her and Javier went to their room.
"Zaf are you hurt?" She shook her head. Smiling Javier kissed her.
"Can't let my wife get hurt."
"Oh Javier."

Beskjedenhet Monsun: Trickery and Lies

Beskjedenhet, Erik Stridden to nearby mortals, was sprawled on the sofa in the house that still belonged to his father. His girlfriend was standing over him, comforting the baby. He wished she would do that elsewhere so he could sleep. It was the middle of the damn night in Norway. He was tired. His half-sister was standing outside, smoking. The step-mother was probably asleep. She didn't wait for Axel to return these days. He works late, he comes home late, sometimes not at all, then goes back out, and they just all carried on as normal. "Orkan, please. Take him to another room."
"How come you never help? Like, ever?"
"I do help!" He shot to his feet, scowling. "I'm just tired." A car drew up outside. Axel Stridsoks had been even busier as of late as first Elder with the disappearance of Grand Mage Skisma. There was the slam of a car door, silence, then sounds of violence and the blare of a car alarm. Kai, the baby, gave a renewed onslaught of screams. Beskjedenhet frowned, concerned. He edged to the living room door and jumped at the sound of the front door banging open. His half-sister began calling for him. "Erik! Erik, help! They've got Dad!" Normally Sandra, or Virvelvind, could fight off anyone herself, but if they'd taken her by surprise, injured her...he ran to the front door to help her, warning Orkan to stay put and watch Kai.

Virvelvind wasn't at the front door. The driveway was empty, as was the forest path leading up to the house. His frown deepening, he stepped out and turned a full circle. Had he imagined it? No, judging by the look on Orkan's face, she'd heard it all as well. There was a creak on the stairs as his step-mother came to investigate the noises. He hugged himself, hands tucked into his armpits, and cursed himself for not bringing a jacket or dressing gown on his way out. He sensed someone behind him, turned just as they swung something that looked suspiciously like a frying pan at his head and deflected it painfully with his hand. He gave a gasp of pain and stepped back, clicking the fingers of his other hand to summon a flame. The other man swung the frying pan again and almost hit the Elder's son. He jerked back and almost tripped over on a tree root. There was a muffled screaming coming from behind him. He peered over his shoulder and saw Sandra bound and gagged. Again he gasped, and then the pan was jabbed into his stomach, winding him. The fireball hit the grass below him and set it alight. Sandra's screams became even more frantic. Wonderful, Erik thought. Now he'd started a forest fire, no doubt. He pushed at the air and the man fell over backwards. The young man took the opportunity to run to his half-sister and undo her bonds, but before he was finished both her and his girlfriend called out to him in alarm. He turned and the frying pan cracked against the side of his head. With a yell he fell sideways. As he tried to scrabble up, the pan came cracking down against his head again. The pan came down again and again until Erik had stopped moving and a little bit after that. There was one brief pause to keep Orkan and the step-mother off his back, and then the man had disappeared with Beskjedenhet and Virvelvind...


Loud Lady Gaga music blared through the radio as Twist drove his car through a narrow countryside lane, unaware his car was being followed as he was too busy trying to get the in-car company to behave without using his voice. Beside him, in the front passenger seat, sat Jayden, who was fiddling with the stereo. It was as if he'd never seen one. He switched it from CD to radio, seemed satisfied for a few seconds with Wham! and then began flipping through stations, looking for something he preferred. They ended up back on the same station, then went cycling again before returning to the CD. Mortis shot him a dirty look as he gave navigating instructions. He was sat in the middle of the middle, refusing to sit up front after he had been in a car accident once. He just didn't trust windshield wipers not to stab him. He'd needed a replacement liver and everything. Garnet and B-J were either side of him and the Grotesquery took up the back seats.
"Is it safe to be transporting that thing in plain view?" The girl asked. Nobody answered. Mort slammed his fist on the seatbelt release thing and stood, pointing to the side.
"Pull in there a moment!"
Sighing, Twist obliged, parking near a big, ugly building. It took him a moment to realise he had been directed to Roarhaven and parked beside the Irish Sanctuary. Mortis nudged Garnet, wanting him to get out, and the redhead obliged with a deep sigh. He was still moving sluggishly, tired, out of it. He watched him, concerned. This was probably ordinary tiredness though. He had probably been trying to doze off when they'd pulled over. Still, it worried him whenever Dorado got tired. Ever since the hospital thing. That had just been upsetting. Jayden was up and out as well, happy to be stretching his legs. Suspicious, B-J followed the three in. "Where're you three going?"
"Justice Popularity. I may travel and kill, but I keep up with things. I have to, or I'd miss something big like this." Mortis responded in a somewhat bitter tone. They turned a corner and Garnet threw up an arm to halt his company. Justice was right ahead, 'talking' to someone through a door. It was obvious he had seen them the instant they'd turned the corner, but didn't recognise them. The three men began talking in hushed voices, making sure they left B-J out. They then proceeded to stride down the walkway, chatting amongst themselves about what they did to Dexter Vex. She felt rather sick as she heard them talk. This Popularity man, apparently now an Elder, was coming towards them, not really bothered by them. As they drew level, Mortis unsheathed Wilbur and aimed towards the Elder's ribs, but Justice caught his wrist and gave a backhand slap. Grievance seemed shocked as the Elder whistled, and in an instant the two of them were surrounded by Cleavers. He wrenched his wrist free and instantly more Cleavers were between him and Popularity. He spat out a curse and turned, trying to strike, but there was soon no room to move his arm. There was no room to manoeuvre at all. He could turn his head as he tried to strike a Cleaver to no avail, simply getting a scythe in his side instead. He gasped and caught sight of a trio of men striding purposefully towards the knot of Cleavers, one showing some kind of mark of authority to the knot, dispersing it, saying he would take charge of the prisoners. Mortis managed to turn his head and see what was going on with the others. They were fighting, Garnet and B-J to get away, Jayden to get closer to either him or Popularity. The freedom fighters were breaking free but Jayden was being cuffed. "Jay!" he screamed, trying to get to him, but being hauled back. Something hit him hard on the head and an arm locked around his throat. As he began to black out, cursing himself for not being careful enough, not following protocol, not restarting the observation, he heard some kind of administrator or something yelling 'Mevolent's here!'. He heard B-J scream to Garnet to tunnel, and the beginnings of his insistence that he couldn't. He passed out as someone pulled him away from the one with the arm round his throat and dragged him away in the commotion.


Box was talking on the phone to someone, voice a little bit shaky. Gale Blaze was on his back on the man's sofa, a bag of frozen peas pressed to his forehead. Austin was upstairs in a scruffy bedroom, fuming. Awesome was on a chair in the corner of the living room, glaring at Gale in disapproval. "Don't you have boundaries?" He asked finally.
"Katharine doesn't." Gale replied with a sleazy grin. Awesome threw his shoe at him.
"I may not know you, but Austin does. You knew Kathy was out of bounds!"
"From what I've heard, Katharine's cheated on Austin multiple times before. I think by now he should just get the picture and leave her." He hesitated and sighed. "I don't really like Austin, but with a girl like that he'll just get his heart broken again and again. She's cheated on him more than he knows. She told me about it, made me promise not to tell."
"And yet you're telling me?"
He sighed. "Yeah. Right now Austin won't believe me if I told him."
"He's ended it with Katharine anyway now. Your problem is that you treat girls like meat or sex objects."
"Is that what Austin told you?"
Awesome sighed. "Austin's used to girls being in charge. He grew up with a single mother, two older sisters, constantly under the thumb of some chick named Crystalline or something..."
Gale frowned. "I have older sisters. Artemis and Niamh, I think..."
The vampire smirked. "I know an Artemis. Artemis Hunter."
"...that's the one..."
He nodded. "Cool. She's Katharine's house mate and I'm going to tell her what's happened."
"Aw! Seriously, don't! She goes seriously psycho when it comes to me!"
"I wonder why..."
"Because unlike her, I approved of Niamh's marriage." He responded snarkily. They both sat in silence, glaring at one another. "Artemis didn't like Advantageous, or whatever the hell his name was, because he was mute or something...and because of his friends. She thought they were weird...and something to do with his social station...I can't quite remember, it was a really long time ago."
Awesome Dude seemed to have lost interest.


Mortis gave a low moan, or at least as low a moan as he could muster, as droplets of water were shaken over his face. He turned away so that his face was buried in a cushion on the sofa he was lying on. There was a smirk. "Well, Hiro, he's alive. I'll give him that."
An Australian voice spoke next. "You owe me, Hiro."
The first voice spoke again. Irish and somehow familiar. "And me, Hiro. I've been healing this guy for years, ever since Gar dragged me along on a stupid hike and we found him collapsed by some car wreckage. They'd met before, but I doubt he had a windshield wiper sticking in his side that time." There was a round of laughter. "Had to get an unwilling donor though. Healing started a bit late to be properly successful. God, this guy was fun. Grade A lunatic." The familiar voice's owner began shaking him gently. "Hey Mortis! Get your lazy arse off my sofa! Wilbur's in my knife block."
He shot to his knees and glared at the back of the man with the stubby ponytail and long blue pirate-like coat. He was trying to recognise him and ignore the Asian man in the 'geek' shirt and the tanned redhead. They were arguing in whispers over how much the Asian man owed the redhead. "R...Ricky Sloth?"
The brunette paused. "Yeah?"
Mortis gave a slightly insane sounding laugh. "Puh-lease, Richard, you're the lazy one, not me! You hated moving two inches if you weren't being pushed or driven!"
"And yet I never got fat...strange, huh?"
"Not really. We never had any food in the fridge. 'Course Gar and I were always out, so you and Jay were the ones who had to bear the brunt of that one."
"God, that was a painful life!" Ricky spun on his heel, grinning. "At least Hiro makes money...and didn't have to kill someone to get a house."
"No, he took Garnet's old one, I see."
The grin faded. "I'm surprised to see he's still kicking."
"I'm surprised to see you're still kicking. Thought you burnt to death. Is that a burn scar?"
"Yeah, but from a different fire. Didn't he have a tumour or something?"
He grinned again. "After you threatened to kill me because I couldn't cure it and all."
"Sorry about that. You're not a very good user of science-magic, you do know that, right?"
"Yeah. C'mon, get up. We have to discuss some things. Namely the capture of Jay and Gar."


Garnet awoke in less favourable conditions. His cheek was pressed to a gritty, cold, soggy floor. He was adding to the soggy part by drooling in his sleep. B-J was pacing around the small cell. He didn't feel he had enough energy to so much as raise his head. He let out a low moan instead and heard B-J whimper.
"They carved something into your skin. They said it would drain your energy or something...that...that it was the best way to stop you tunnelling without killing you..."
He managed to forced himself up onto his knees, but that small change of altitude made him feel so dizzy..."I think I'm going to be sick."
"Please don't." Came a misty voice from the corner. A woman was chained up there and watching them with dark eyes.
B-J was shivering, and somehow he doubted it was with cold. Then he remembered the people here thought she was dead. "Jinx? Jinx, calm down, you look like you're about to have a panic attack." A door opened and closed. Someone was entering the cells. Serpine and Mevolent stopped at their cell.
"Oh." Serpine said, lip curling in distaste. "It's you." Garnet briefly wondered how that man had spawned such a, in his opinion, hot daughter. The man with the glittering emerald eyes opened the cell and stepped over him, going straight to B-J. He had a brainwave related to escape, but two things barred his way. The first was the complete exhaustion of a level he had never felt before, the other was Mevolen't standing in his way. Serpine was closely examining B-J's face. He wasn't sure whether to believe it was her or not, but he seemed to decided that she was her when she burst into tears. He held her close and guided her out of the cell, ignoring her protests to set Garnet and the woman in the corner free as well. He was locked back in and felt another wave of dizziness coming on.
"Looks like we'll have some time to talk." The woman in the corner said.

((Aaaaand to stay correct to what I believe to be the time frame here, I can't do anything with Jayden or Garnet for a couple of months now...apart from have them talk to other prisoners...also some stuff...and B-J has returned, but will Arachne, Prosperity and Arduous find out? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON HALF-LIFE, FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!...wait, wrong thing...also I'm hyper, so flippety-blip-nuggets. And I really like the murderers' know what that means? TORTURE!!!(uh, mainly of Gar since he's in the perfect situation for it...)))

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Persephone Grief/Adamantha Snark/Leo Whatsthename: The Lemon Kind (featuring Ricardo!)

 Persephone and her attacker hit the ground hard, momentarily knocking the wind out of her. But only for a second. The attacker kicked her in the stomach, then punched her in the mouth. Persephone bit her tongue, and yelped from the pain. She elbowed her attacker in the solar plexus, then swept her leg around, sending them crashing back to the ground.

 Leo Whatsthename  clicked his fingers, trying to summon a spark as he hit the ground with a thud. He gritted his teeth as he felt at least two of his ribs breaking. Either that or he was being paranoid. He hovered on the edge of his consciousness, flailing wildly, then his arm hit something furry. He blinked his eyes open and saw a strange white miniature elephant, only with smaller ears and a bit longer...almost a weasel? It was Ricardo. Leo didn't know how he knew this. Ricardo the hallucination. It made perfect sense. It suddenly occurred to him that he must be dreaming. Ricardo looked at him imploringly, either begging him not to wake up or asking for bananas and pickles on toast, Leo wasn't sure. Bananas and pickles on toast? Where did that come from? Leo wasn't a softie and he didn't have a sense of humor. He woke up.

"LEEEEEO! HEELLLLPPP!" Olivena screamed from somewhere nearby.

Oilvena, that overgrown brat. If she wasn't working for Mevolent, he'd leave her to die. She was technically his superior, though, in rank if not in brains, so he threw a fireball in the general direction of the screaming. 

 "None of that now." A blade pressed to his neck, drawing a spurt of blood.
For some reason, all Leo could think of was throat lozenges. The lemon kind. And sparkles, evil sparkles that would kill the invisible attacker person weirdo. Unfortunately, the sparkles were just figments of his imagination. Blood, so much blood. Leo liked blood, even when it was his own.

Persephone squinted at the attacker. Her blade was cutting into his neck, but he was just sort of
 mumbling to himself. This was slightly worrying.
 "Who are you, how did you find me, and why are you attacking me?"

Adamantha pinned back Lily-liver's only remaining good arm and formed her finger extensions into a fist. 
"You're no better than you think I am, you know." Olivena tried one last retort, but it was honestly too late.
"Procrastinator," Mantha muttered as she hit Lily-liver across the jaw with her invisible fist, knocking her out cold. That wasn't enough though, not after all the times Liver had caught her at pickpocketing (not to mention "caught" her a couple of times when she'd been doing absolutely nothing. Seriously--if she was going to get "caught" anyway, she may as well actually take things, so she could have her fun first.) Mantha lifted Lily-Liver's right hand and inspected her nails. She selected one of the needles of poison, the only one she recognized, and began to carve an "L" into Olivena's forehead.

"Ricardo the ice weasel elephant, I'm coming!" Leo exclaimed in a loud whisper as the blood oozed from his neck. After a pause: "Olivena, we don't have to like you now!" 
From somewhere in the distance, Olivena screamed. Her scream was good, it meant more blood, probably. 

Persephone's forehead wrinkled in confusion.
"Ricardo the ice weasel elephant?" Most people babbled right before the died, but it was usually more along the lines of "Don't kill me!"
He stared at a point a little past her left shoulder, his eyes wide. She kicked backwards, worried that there was someone behind her, but not wanting to let the crazy man go. There was no one there. Just a hallucination then, the could deal with those.
"Look, answer my questions, and you can go with Ricardo. I just need some information."

Leo vaguely heard a voice asking for information. Huh, weird. "Blood is cool," he said. "Blood is very cool. Shells are not cool, unless they have crabs in them, then they're ok. I already told Mevolent all he needs to know, whaddoyouwant?" Ricardo was right there, why wasn't he helping?

"What did you tell him?" Persephone snarled. "What did you say?"

"I told him about that healer's cabin and hideout... I'm in these woods every day, with Ricardo sometimes. I know things." Leo tried to nod proudly but couldn't remember how to do it, so he remained mostly still. "Since we've taken care of the rebel-people here, we should go get the ones in the hideout, which will be easy and see if we can get the healer to help us instead!" Leo was all ready to go!

"Do you honestly think that Ras would help you? Don't be ridiculous. He's the most loyal person I know, which is more than can be said for you. Thank you, and goodbye." With these words, Persephone leaned forwards and slit Leo's throat.

Olivena woke up in the middle of a snow drift (not that kind, the Norwegian kind!), completely unable to move. Leo Whatsthename and a weird white...miniature elephant??? were standing above her, laughing.

Fabi's note: Well... in case it isn't obvious, this is not how I'd originally planned on incorporating Ricardo. That is all.

Zafira Kerias: Javier Gets His Wish

It was rough she had to admit. Javier only wanted one thing and how could she dare ignore his plea? She was Grand Mage but she was trying to refrain from fighting unless it was an attack on the Sanctuary itself. So maybe Javier's plea was something that may keep her from fighting. For the next 9 months. Zafira didn't expect it would work especially after having her organs rearranged so nicely by Niccolo. But she still was able. Apparently THAT particular organ was untouched. Figures she doubted Niccolo knew what the organs down there were. Zafira kept working on the small pile of files. Eventually she'd get through them and go home. Eventually that is. After a few hours though it did end. The pile of papers. She got up and looked at her clock: midnight. An early night. Zafira sighed. How did the other Sanctuaries work around the world? She knew in most counties the Elders worked together in one Sanctuary policing the country but in America it wasn't even possible to do that. With such a large nation the Council each policed a different section of the country in order to keep mortals safe. It wasn't easy especially running the main American Sanctuary. It is worth it she figured. She shadow-walked home to Javier. He wasn't asleep though. She wrapped her arms around him from behind,
"Hello there." She whispered. Javier yelped and laughed.
"What have your eyes gotten better now?" He asked. Zafira just smiled
"One of the Sensitives figured something out. I can see you clearly. As for nightmares....she tried her hardest. She said the most she could do is keep them from every night but they still lurk in my mind." Zafira sat beside him on the couch. Grinning shel laid her head across his lap. He smiled seeing her close to him.
"Sleep you need it. You Elders work so hard." He murmured and watched her fall asleep. He brought her up to bed and placed her under the covers. He went downstairs. 12:30am. Plenty of time to kill the man lurking outside the window.

Javier stood outside near the fountain. A man in white robes was there. Sense Warden. Trickier to kill. Grinning Javier focused on the man. The Sense Warden fell to his knees trying to block Javier's attack. But Javier was prepared. He focused in harder and watched as the Sense Warden went and drown himself. Javier stopped focusing and left the body. Dead bodies were common now with the war. He shrugged and went into the house and back to Zafira. He lay beside her and soon fell asleep.

Zafira woke up late. She sat up but Javier held her back,
"Woah Zaf calm down. You're not going in today." He reminded her. She lay back down facing Javier,
"Damn i forgot! I am so used to getting up." She sighed. But as were the doctors orders to not go in once a week. Her body still was recovering from what Niccolo did the first time. Javier smiled and took her into his arms.
"Mmm I think I can handle keeping you captive all day. I mean if that's what you want." He murmured. Zafira nodded and Javier ran his hands through her hair. It wasn't as long as it used to be but the cells in her body were tricked to growing it faster. It'd be another few weeks until it was her original length. Javier continued to play with her hair.
"I wonder if the little one will have your hair." He smiled. She laughed,
"Maybe. I wonder what it'll be like, watching them grow up and have the Surge. And..." She trailed off. It didn't seem right.
"How do you know if I'm even having a baby?" She asked. Javier gave that sly smile,
"A friend of mine is a Sensitive. Told me what the future was for you." He told her. He looked up at the clock. Shrugging he got up and scooped her up in his arms. Zafira laughed letting him. He took her downstairs and placed her in the living room. Then went and made breakfast. She looked at the files she brought home. Fun.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Guardian Angel: War

Lest we forget

The world was at war. Again. We had just seen it come out of its last tragedy when the Japanese and Germans invaded. I remember being in Australia that day, listening to the static filled radio explain Hitler’s arrival and the attack of the Japanese. I knew what I had to do. Hell, I was going to do it anyway, even if Death hadn’t enlisted to join the army, posing as a boy.
I followed a man with dark brown hair into a side street away from the others, and tapped on his shoulder. He spun quickly and I smiled at him. “Excuse me, my good sir. I seem to have become lost. Would you help me get back to my house?”
The man smiled at me, his hazel eyes glittered. “Of course, where do you live?”
I smiled at him as he turned his back. I put my hand on his shoulder and grabbed a knife out of my pocket, slicing his neck. “Keep.” I muttered and felt new skin grow over my own. A new personality accompanied it and I pushed it down inside me somewhere.
I turned around and walked back to the enlistment tent near the bay. I signed my name and was told I was to do a medical. I knew I could pass. This new body could do anything that was desired.
I walked over to the next tent and talked to a doctor there. He passed me quickly and moved onto the person in line behind me.
I sat down and watched the soldiers-to-be line up, judging their height, weight and strength. The odds weren’t in most of their favours. I saw a young man there, he had short brown hair. His ice blue eyes seemed glued to the floor. It took me a moment to realize that I was staring at Death.
She had cut off all of her precious hair! She was wearing thick clothing and her face had stubble, very well drawn on stubble along her jaw. It took all of my strength not to get up and chastise her for what she was going to do. I knew what she would be thinking right now; something along the lines of, I need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Who cares if I die? I have to protect the little man! That’s Death for you…
I watched her as she was inspected for her medical test. I was afraid that the doctor would realize she wasn’t a man and would kick her out. She’d throw a rampage if that happened. She’d probably yell and hit someone and glare… Killing those around her. I knew I couldn’t let that happen.
I stood up and walked over to where the doctor was standing, a small book in his slender hands, and tapped on his shoulder. He turned to me. “May I help you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
I shot him a quick smile. “I know this man. He is amazing and is more than fit enough to go to war. Please, move to the next man along the line.”
The doctor looked at me for a while longer and then sighed; stamping a sheet of paper and handing it to Death. She grinned widely at the doctor and me before walking off towards the main town district. I smiled after her as I left the doctor to inspect more soldiers.

I didn’t see her again until we were deployed.
The boat was rickety and too small for our large battalion. I could already see some people becoming terribly bored and some were throwing their large knives around. I looked around and saw Death sitting by herself and writing in a journal.
Her pan was madly scratching away. Her calligraphy would not give her away for it was as messy as it could be.
I stood and walked up beside her. “Good day, sir.” I said with a smile.
She looked up. “And to you, sir.”
“How are you this fine day?”
“Swell, I guess. I don’t have a fondness of sinking ships.”
It was a joke so I laughed. “Ah, nor do I, for that matter.”
There was a pause. “Thank you, for the medical test.”
I smiled again. “Nought a problem.”
She laughed lightly at that but it was too feminine for her act. She coughed quickly after it. “Sorry,” she muttered.
I patted her shoulder gently. “I know you who you are.” I said with a grin and left her to her own accord.

I lost her for a few days. I left the boat, all alone, and struggled up to Flander’s Field. The army had gathered there for us. Bullets whizzed past as they were fired from enemy guns and my fellow diggers cried out as they were shot at.
I launched myself into the trench, cursing as my ribs and my gun collided on the ground. My trench coat was too heavy for this fight so I slid it off, knowing that this body could be killed so much easier. I pulled out my knife from my belt and spun, stabbing the enemy behind me in the chest. I ducked under another swipe; bring my knife back up, opening up the insides of the man. Something hard cracked against the back of my skull. My eyes rolled back into my head and I slumped to the ground.

I woke as cold water was splashed on my face. My eyes flew open to a small dark room and I tried to speak. I couldn’t! I tried to figure out what was in my mouth, a gag, before remembering that someone must have been in the room with me.
My eyes struggled to adjust to my surroundings and someone spoke in poor English. “Give information. What is plan?” Whoever spoke had a thick Japanese accent.
I made several humming sounds before the gag was taken off. I spat on my interrogator. “We have no plan. We have a goal. We have already achieved that goal.” I smiled at him smugly.
“What is goal?” Something cold and sharp pressed against my neck.
“To beat you. We already have. Didn’t you hear? Your troops have either all been killed or taken hostage.”
The blade pressed harder into my neck. “No. We win. We win! Your troop all dead.” There was uncertainty in his voice.
“Go check then. Make sure I’m not lying.”
The man dropped the blade on the floor, clattering as it settled, and ran out of the room. He left the door wide open. Ugh… No fun, I thought and a pout.
My wrists and ankles were tied tightly together with coarse rope. I pulled my wrists apart to test how strong it was and decided that I would need that knife. I rolled onto my side and gasped. My rib that had connected with my gun felt broken. A burning pain shot through me and I rolled onto my back. I closed my eyes tightly and my hands searched for the knife.
I felt the coolness of the blade and picked it up. I placed the handle in my mouth and bit down on it. I started cutting through the rope. Up, down, up, down, up, down. I kept repeating that in my head until the ropes around my hands broke. I spat the blade out and started on my feet which took half the time.
I jumped up, my broken rib rioting, and walked to the door. The knife was in my pocket in case of emergency and I thanked God that I put it in there. There was someone with their back to me, talking by a small hand-held radio. I sliced his neck in one smooth motion, picked up his gun and continued walking.

I passed rooms of people screaming, people crying, and people laughing. I had to keep walking. I knew that if I stopped, someone would notice me. I walked through the corridors purposefully, as if I was on an errand. I found a way out of this camp I was in and found myself near an ocean.
Alright, I thought as I started walking the opposite direction of the sea. Time to help Death, as I had done since the first moment I had met her. I was her guardian angel.
I grabbed a stick and wrote my name in the mud, Diablo von Impurse.

Zafira Kerias: I Have Got to Carry On

( anyone notice my Jekyll and Hyde quote? No? Pity...

Zafira stood in the Sanctuary more or less in shock. She couldn't believe what happened: she had died multiple times and came back. She didn't know how to react or to even feel. Her hands shook. She had to stop Niccolo before she even attempted Mevolent. The question is how. She stayed in her office. There was a battle she wasn't in. Finally she had come to her senses to not attack. Javier was fighting though. She continued to work.

Javier yelped as he felt the dagger enter his stomach. He pulled it out and fell to the ground. One of the Teleporters grabbed him and took him to the Sanctuary. He blacked out.

Zafira nearly fell out of her chair.
"He....he,...." Zafira lost her train of thought. She barged past the Administrator and ran to the Medical Bay.
"Where is Javier?" She asked one doctor. The doctor looked up at her and sighed,
"Grand Mage....we're...working on him. I can't even say if he'll live. He came in with a wound pretty deep. We have the best doctors working on him." He told her. Zafira stared at the doctor in shock. Realizing her distress he put an arm around her,
"Grand Mage, I promise he will survive almost guarantee. I can call you when he's out of surgery. Go to your chambers and calm down." He told her gently. Zafira nodded slowly and went back into her chambers staring blankly at a wall. Slowly she took her phone out and searched for Jekyll and Hyde. She listened to Lost in the Darkness and tried to relax. Throughout the whole entire first act her thoughts whirled. For a while she watched then the words struck her. Niccolo was like Jekyll. Man is not one but two he is evil and good and he walks the fine line we'd all cross if we could. And he's waiting he's just waiting. Finally as Jekyll was getting married the doctor came,
"Grand Mage you can go see him." He said. Zafira went back to the Medical Bay and found Javier. He was awake looking up at her. Her face broke into a smile
"Javier what am I to do with you?" She asked kissing his cheek. He smiled weakly
"Love me." He laughed. He took her hand.
"Zaf my love don't fret, I'll be fine in a couple of hours." He soothed. She nodded and leaned in close,
"Okay Javier I thought about the question. If you can we can try but....I can't...guarantee it will follow through." Javier's face lit up.
"Thank you, Zaffy."

Maralie Lily Charm/Harry Styles ~ Teenage Dirtbag

Dedicated to Luci(:
Also to my best irl friends. *giggles* Teenage douchebag! XD
(it's an inside joke XD)
~ Mara xx

Harry sighed as he sat down on the couch. Maralie was upset and wouldn't talk to him or go near him. It was starting to annoy him. Harry wasn't one to get annoyed, but it was one of the most annoyingist annoying things that had ever annoyed him in the history of annoying things that had ever annoyed him. Ever.

"ELEANOR!" he yelled.

Footsteps echoed around the room. "Coming!" a loud voice shouted, thumping down the stairs. The door creaked open and Eleanna walked into the sitting room. "Hey, Harry."

"Anything from Mara?"

"No," Eleanna mumbled. "She's not coming out of her room."

"Damn," Harry muttered, rubbing his face with his hands and propping his elbows on his knees. "El, what'll we do?"

Eleanna chewed her lip. "I have an idea.."

Harry looked up straight away. "You do? What is it?!"

"-but it involves getting Gemma here." Eleanna winced.

Gemma was Harry and Eleanna's sister, 24 years old and, in Eleanna's words, awesome. Harry had a different opinion althoughter most times, though...

"But she doesn't know about this" Harry inserted air quotes to state his point, "magic, does she?"

"No," Eleanna sighed. "Which means we have to fly back to Cheshire just to have a bloody girls' talk."

"Language," Harry warned.

"I can say what I like, I'm 8. Where's Lib, anyway?"

As soon as the words escaped her mouth, a crash and a yelp came from upstairs. Eleanna sighed and trudged upstairs. Harry smiled slightly and heard rustling about in the kitchen. He frowned and stood up. Walking slowly, he opened the kitchen door and Maralie screamed, grabbed some fairy cakes that were on the table, and was just about to teleport, when -

"Dammit, Mara!" Harry yelled, slamming his fist on the table. Maralie jumped and stared at him with huge eyes. "What did I do? You've been avoiding me!"

Maralie swallowed and her eyes flickered to the door. She couldn't teleport right now. She was scared of what Harry would do.

"Don't you dare," Harry warned, sliding over to the door. Maralie bolted and Harry leaped after her.

"Maralie!" he yelled.

"Leave me alone!" Maralie cried, yanking the door open. Arms reached around her waist and she screamed, kicking her legs. Harry closed the door with his foot and dragged Maralie into the sitting room. She started cursing at him and he raised an eyebrow, not impressed. Obviously Maralie wasn't that innocent as she seemed.

Harry dropped her onto the couch and she scrambled upright, breathing heavily. Harry looked closer and saw tears running down her cheeks.

"Mara...?" he asked, worried. "What... did I hurt you?"

Maralie looked at him, her eyes glassy with tears. "Yes," she spat, "but not the way you think."

She disappeared and Harry cursed, running his hand through his hair.

She's Irish, blonde and oh so innocent ;)
~ Mara xx

Garnet Dorado and Jasmin Orage: To Reconcile

The two children sat waiting by the reception desk. Clarice was on Lydie's lap and they had both been crying. Jasmin had decided to put on a brave front before his daughters, but he almost broke down himself when Clarice turned, ran over to him and asked where her mother was. "They explained it to us, they did as gently as they could, but she won't believe it." Lydie cried.
Orage guided his daughter back to Lydie and sat beside the older girl. He pulled little Clarice onto his owm lap and pulled them both into a tight hug. "Your mother's gone to a better place, Clarice. A nice place for people who have done good things with themselves. She's gone to look after Alice."
"When are they coming back?" Clarice asked as Lydie began to sob.
"They're not."
"They can't come back. They're not allowed. Some day you'll see them again, but not today."
There was a little squeak of words from Lydie through her own tears. He asked her to repeat herself and wished he hadn't. "It's all your fault, I said!" She pulled away and was glaring at him now. Jasmin heaved a deep sigh and fixed her with as stern a look as he could muster at the moment.
"Lydie, please. I send myself on enough guilt trips, and yes, I'll blame myself for the deaths of the British Mages who followed me in, I'll blame myself for the death of Alice, I'll blame myself for Surgele or Felin now I'm in the position I'm in, I'll blame myself for the deaths of ten of my closest friends a month before you were even born. I don't need any more blame, whether I deserve it or not..." He stopped, thought about it, wondered if things would ever get so bad in his head that the girls would lose him as well. Not to Mevolent or his forces or to any stupid criminals or damage to the Sanctuary. He wondered if it would ever come to the point where they would lose him to himself. "Lydie, now is not the time to play the blame game." He reached for her but she moved away.
"It's your fault for going off with that English girl, running into fights, just being you in general! Why the hell do I even have to be related to you?!"
He had no response to this. He simply turned away, bringing the arm that had previously been cuddling her round to cuddle Clarice instead. Was it sad he couldn't speak to his eldest without almost having a panic attack? He wouldn't have a panic attack, right? No, he was definitely going to have a panic attack. Clarice looked terrified as he began to hyperventilate and Lydie looked shocked. "Keep a civil tongue!" He managed to gasp out. "For once in your life stop blaming others or making them feel like crap and just behave like a normal, decent human being." The younger child was wailing now, clinging onto her father like there was no tomorrow.
"You're freaking her out, dad!"
He tried to calm down and she looked at the burns on his hands and sighed. She gave up and clambered onto the seats, cuddling him, apologising.


Garnet was tired. Mortis had noticed it. He used to be brilliant, so much stamina, practically limitless, but not any more. He was sick. He had collapsed once, back when his stamina was still so high. The doctors had said it was something bad. He couldn't remember what. Heart failure or conditions or a tumour in his lungs. If it was a tumour it was currently inactive, but it still took up enough room in there to screw the poor guy up. He was tired after that last journey, breathing hard, a little red-faced. Mortis watched him trudge along. The stupid man was pretending he had planned to surface this far away, but he had been moving a lot recently, the Necromancer assumed, and he had had to come up or risk exhaustion. The three killers were walking the rest of the way to the castle. Garnet said the people there had measures put up against his powers, but Mortis could easily see through that lie.

Further proof came when he had to take a deep breath and ready himself to step through the front door. There was the longest pause once he had disappeared through. Jayden frowned. "You think he's in trouble in there?"
Mortis shook his head softly. "He's fine. He always knows what he's doing." The door unlocked and swung open, and Garnet stood on the other side, grinning. Breath back completely. He gestured for his friends to follow him to Maleficent's room.

B-J was curled up next to the ex Czech Elder. "I think I understand." He said.
"You do?" She asked, frowning.
"I understand the feelings. I've had something similar. Against my wishes, these hands have drawn lifeblood before. Your friend running off like that can't have helped."
", it didn't..."
He rested a hand on her leg and offered a reassuring smile. "I don't judge people, I promise. You can trust me...I've been through a lot, I'll be able to understand everything except child molesting."
She nodded, smiling with an almost silent laugh. "Good thing I don't do any of that then, huh?"
He chuckled. "Yeah. You feel better?"
"Much. Feels good to just get it all off my chest." There was a knock at the door and she jumped. Frowning, she got up and opened the door, expecting Twist. Instead, she saw Garnet and immediately lashed out with a slap. He yelped and fell back, and she caught sight of his friends. "I needed you as a friend and you just disappeared! You always disappear when I need you most and suddenly come back as soon as I'm happy without you there!" He didn't reply and she went on. "And you have the balls to bring those two back? Those two who murdered a good man? Back here with me?!"
Mortis put up his hands in a sign for surrender. "Investigative purposes. I'm good at investigating. Is that the necklace, Gar? The one she's wearing now?"
Garnet nodded and reached out to touch it.
"It doesn't say 'friends', Gar."
"Like me or her could tell the difference. Reading is for chumps."
"You were right about it not being big enough for a single item curse rune. Don't touch it."
Garnet nodded, fingers closing around the necklace, before hissing in pain and snatching his hand back as though burnt.
"I said don't touch it! What is it with you two?! Why don't you ever listen?!"
"Shut up, Mort!"
He reluctantly obliged and grabbed his friend's burnt hand. "Lucky you, it's a one person only curse, just hurt you rather than passing on to you. I think. I'm not an expert at these things, but you sure as hell don't need any more bad luck."
"I don't know what you mean by that."
Mortis gave up and turned to B-J. "We have reason to believe your necklace has been cursed."
The elemental girl smirked. "Oh yeah? Who by?"
He shrugged. "Perhaps someone working for or with Mevolent who knew you weren't really dead or someone hoping to curse those around you during the funeral service."
Now she frowned and leant against the doorframe as Rasputin came to stand beside her. "Why in blue blazes should I trust you?"
Again, he shrugged. "I thought you'd say something like that."
Garnet spoke up. "I needed to get away because I couldn't deal with what had happened. I came back so soon because I seriously felt you were in danger. I consider you a friend. Not the kind of friend I would share things like what happened with whether you were there or not. Face it, we're not close. I don't share my feelings with you, I don't share illnesses with you, I don't share my troubles with you. While I met you long before I met Mort or Jay, I've been in contact with them way more than you have. I'd therefore say I know them longer, better, etcetera. If I need to talk to someone or if I get traumatised or in trouble, I will automatically go to them, okay? Not you, them!" She shied away a little. "Don't act so spoilt because I have closer friends than you. Yeah, I have a crush on you, no you're not my best friend. Secondly, I dragged these two along for a reason. Mortis knows more about motive or symbols than you or I ever will. Thirdly I returned because I had reason to believe you or the others in this place were in serious danger. There are innocents in this house who have nothing to do with Mevolent. Children. I couldn't let you and your curse hurt them, and now I know you're definitely cursed!"
She hesitated before responding. "I don't make many friends. There's you, Arachne and Esra. One's in Mevolent's castle, one's dead and before that, insane, which leaves you."
"B-J, find yourself some proper friends. Like him." he gestured loosely to Rasputin. "You just sounded like a friendless freak...the crazy cat lady variety."
She went to slap him again, but he caught her wrist. "Garnet, are you going to say anything constructive?"
He looked to Mortis. "Okay, B-J, with a little help I might be able to undo the curse, but we either need to get you or your necklace away from here and the innocents...or both. Take the necklace off."
Suspicious, she turned the necklace so she could see what she was doing with the clasp. It looked kind of like it had melted together. "Level four." Mortis mumbled as B-J gave him a 'what the hell?' look. "Try and pull it apart..."
She tried, but couldn't. The problem there was that Mortis, Jayden and Rasputin were all no doubt stronger than her, but they would be unable to touch the necklace safely. The Necromancer hesitated and tried to think. "I think I know someone who isn't dead who can help. D'you have a car?"
Her eyes flickered to Garnet, but he saw and shook his head, looking pained.
"I can't, B-J. I'm exhausted. Take a car, please."
She hesitated. "Advantageous Twist has a pretty big car...but he was going to use it to transport the Grotesquery...hide it..."
Rasputin nodded. "He could use the extra security."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Niccolo Croatoan/ Zafria Kerias: Far, Far Away

Head down to the cells, the sensitive says in my mind, there are some people Mevolent wants you to see. You should recognize them. Your orders are to do whatever you wish, as long as they are still in fair condition for questioning. Keep in mind that they are heathens- treat them accordingly. A low laugh builds in my throat as I head towards the cells. Life has never been more exhilarating. 

Zafira was quiet. The shackles dug into her skin. She hated them and she was angered. Javier stayed close to her. Both heard the footsteps. Zafira started hyperventilating. Javier glared out the bars
"Who's there?" He growled.

"Grand Mage," I said with mock awe, "And I'm sure know who I am. I daresay I made an impression. Fancy seeing you here. I would say I'm surprised, only, you're a heathen. This is what you deserve. And Javier! How convenient. I heard you were looking to kill me." My smile faded. I fought back a wince, and took one small step backward, refusing to let the pain show. My eyes grew heavy for just a moment, and I told the pair, with sincerity, "I really wish you hadn't come here. If you make it out alive, and no, I won't kill you- not now, anyway, don't come back. Survive. Your job is to lead, inspire- not fight on the front lines. And make sure you look out for each other." 

Then the sensitive was back in my head, dropping my true name so casually, as if it wasn't about to destroy us all. Don't falter, the nameless voice commanded, you know what they are. Make them fear you. Make them rue the day they turned their back on the gods. A broad, malicious grin spread itself across my face. "On the other hand, I don't think you'll be fit to lead by the time you leave here. I think you'll either join us and live, or die. And in the meantime I'll give you something to think about, shall I?"

Zafira glanced up at Niccolo the fear in her eyes. Javier wrapped an arm around her and looked Niccolo in the eyes. As Niccolo spoke Javier felt some type of pity. Then he spoke,
"Niccolo don't hurt us then. We want to help you." Zafira nodded giving Niccolo a pleading look,
"Niccolo." She said, "What is the point in hurting me? You did damage far worse then ever. But if you have to then do what you want." She bowed her head. Javier kissed her cheek and then looked back at Niccolo
"Do what my wife wants then. It must make you proud to have Grand Mage Kerias at your mercy. An honor I daresay." He said sarcastically. 

I smirked at their offer of 'help'. As if was the one who needed help. "Oh, I would be proud, if she wasn't so pathetically weak. I do hope she isn't the only one shackled because she's more dangerous than you are, because that would mean there aren't even words for how weak you are. And the way you agree with whatever she says? What, you let your own wife control you? That's low, even for a nonbeliever." With a gust of air I pushed the two away from each other and kept them pinned against opposite walls. Sure, the cells were anit-magic, but I could deal all the damage I needed without ever venturing in. I smiled even wider, knowing I was taking exactly the right course of action. "Now you get to watch each others' pain."

Zafira screamed a curse at Niccolo.
"What the hell?!" She screeched. Javier stared at her from his wall.
"Hurt me not her." Javier told him. He looked determined to not have her suffer the most. If he wore Niccolo down he wouldnt hurt Zaf as much. Zafira kept glaring at Niccolo.

"Don't worry, I won't get worn out," I assured the two, reading Javier's thoughts, "But if you're so insistent, I think I'll start with her." I tossed a knife into the cell and elevated it with air, leaving it suspended in the air in the center of the cell. Then I moved it, slowly, right up to Zafria's face, and made three long scratches ever-so-gently in her right cheek. They were superficial wounds, mainly meant to strike fear in the pair and gauge their reactions.

Javier screamed seeing his wife hurt. Zafira's cry was high pitched. She tried to flinch but the air forced her to stay put. Zafira smiled sadistically
"Niccolo so scared he won't come near me!" She laughed. She lost it.

My grin spread even wider. "Is that what you call logic?" I laughed even louder. "Trust me, if I was afraid of you, you would be dead. And if three little scratches like that hurt you..." I let my voice trail off, trusting that the knife could speak for itself. I let the tip linger, just barely touching Zafria's shoulder, and then slowly let it sink in, deeper and deeper, until only the handle was visible. Then I twisted it in one swift movement, and then twisted it the other way before pulling it out and wiping it on her hair.

Zafira screamed as it entered and she closed her eyes. I survived him once I can do it again. She thought. She stuck her tongue out at him laughing even though pain was in her voice,
"Come and have a go-oh right baby Niccolo wont even dare come near me!" She laughed more. Javier stared at his wife. She was mental but this was funny. He smiled and felt content she would survive. 

"And now you don't care about pain? Hm. As long as you both survive, is that right? Fine. And no, I'm not coming near you. Obviously, it's just what you want me to do, and there's no reason for me to. Make fun of me all you want." Then I raised the knife higher so only Javier could see, pointed it down, and drove it down into her skull, my eyes gleaming more and more as the light left hers. 

Zafira screamed until she didn't see anything else. Javier watched in horror. He stared speechless as he saw the light dim from Zafira's eyes. He screamed a half fright half grief cry and was crying. He couldn't believe his eyes
"What did you do to her?!" He screeched. Javier looked desperate to see some form of life in his wife.

"I've killed her. Simple as that. She's gone. Doesn't that just tear you to pieces?" I taunted, a tremor of excitement rippling through my voice. "Now, watch this," I continued, and forced Zafria's soul back into her body. But I hadn't healed her, so she just died again. And again. And again. And I just couldn't stop laughing.

Javier just kept screaming staring at the whole thing as if he was in a nightmare.
"Let Zaf live!" He pleaded fear evident. He looked ready to flip if he could. He couldn't take it seeing her die. He just wanted to see her smiling face again holding her in his arms, alive.

Javier screamed and begged to no end, but I just couldn't stop laughing. It's so pathetic. All of this, and he just wants her alive... Wow. I just can't even believe that he.... I... 

Niccolo! A familiar somehow reaches my mind, and the illusion shatters like a broken mirror, each piece falling away one by one, revealing a jagged but ever-present image of the truth. 

Aretha. But how on Earth had she...? Javier's scream sliced the air, distracting me. And all of a sudden I realized what I had been doing. Oh God... What the Hell is wrong with me? And then I was picking the lock on the cell, dragging Zafria out, and healing her as quickly as I could, rushing to beat that fanatical haze, terrified that it might catch up with me. 

Once all her wounds had sealed up and her brain cells had fully regenerated, I brought her back into her body, and for once she actually stayed breathing. I released Javier from his invisible prison and Zafria from her handcuffs. "Run," I told them both, my voice dark and serious. "Run far, far away, and if you care for each other at all, don't come back."

Javier stared at Niccolo in shock. He watched him take Zafira and when she was awake he breathed a sigh of relief. As Niccolo freed him Javier knelt by Zafira. 
"I will run. I swear Niccolo I...I can see what happened." Javier helped Zafira up.
"Shadow walk." He told her. She nodded but turned to Niccolo first.

"If I ever find your true name out I swear I'll help you, Niccolo. I promise." She closed her eyes and focused on somewhere in Ireland. Roarhaven. She shadow-walked to Roarhaven and then Javier and Zafira kissed. Passionate. 

The moment they left I began searching for Aretha's mind. I would not allow myself to contemplate what I had done. I would not allow myself to recall that even after that, they had offered to help me. I would not allow myself to dwell on the fact that I was far beyond helping. I found Aretha- God knows how she got to Ireland- and teleported.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fabi: Say It Once, and Disappear~Part 1

      Fabi shook her head in disbelief. Or, she would have shook her head if she hadn't been unconscious and her head hadn't been on fire. Not literally on fire, but it felt like it.
     "See, you already look dead," Eff explained. "Of course, that's because you essentially are dead if you don't get medical attention soon, but still, Silver hasn't eaten your soul. She's still trying to help Liberty, she doesn't completely understand the paralysis potion, it had just about worn off you when she dealt with it before, at least I think so, but anyway, that really won't take much longer, then she'll make sure you're dead. The Princess either doesn't know about the substitute or doesn't care. So all you have to do is let me borrow your body for a minute or two, and I can explain everything, and it'll all be cool."
"Can't you go back in your own body?"
" See, I bribed one of the Princess' lackeys with an awful lot of illusioned gold coins...he agreed that a soul goes in, a soul goes out. Also, he thinks your name is Bert, just so you know."
"Can't you still use your own--"
"My body is currently in Mevolent's castle. Some recently appointed official-type person there seemed to think I had this object... Which even if I did have, I obviously wouldn't carry it around places, but anyway. I can't do that, sorry."
Fabi was about to agree, but then it occurred to her. Eff hadn't mentioned reversing the process, and she had no real reason to help, anyway.
"No." Fabi said. "Sorry."
Effie switched the illusion on her face, but not before Fabi saw her eyes and mouth tighten, an almost pained expression on her face. Fabi mentally blinked. Pink hair, seriously?
"Fabigail, you don't trust me, do you?" Effie's voice was strangely soft.
"Eff, you've been constantly insisting ever since I met you that you're not someone who can be trusted," Fabi pointed out. "Also, I killed you. Why are you trying to help me?"
"Well, all those other times it wasn't a good idea to trust me, but like, you can now, okay? And I don't want Mevolent to destroy the world, that enough for you?"
Fabi winced, or her subconscious winced, anyway. "Sorry..."
"Fabigail, why are you apologizing??? Stop the bad guy, okay? Give Mevo what he doesn't expect! And don't give up and die, that's just stupid! Sure, you've got life-threatening injures, but--" Effie gasped.
"What is it?" Fabi asked, concerned.
"He still has some control, Fab. He's trying to use my 022230300450 ghost, and then use me lock you out of your own body! I take that entire speech earlier back, do not trust anything I say or said. Not a word, you hear?" She turned and ran away from the loophole in reality and Fabi's mind shifted into a nightmare.
To be continued.

Jasmin Orage and Erskine Ravel: Appointing Elders.

"You must be mad!" The man yelled incredulously.
Jasmin frowned. "Lionel Ame-"
"Is a sadistic killer!"
"Now that Charles is no longer with us, Lionel is my most trusted acquaintance. And believe me, I do not trust him."
"It's a stupid idea!"
"He needs to reform. Some responsibility would be a good idea for that. We'll get him a puppy too. Puppies are good."
"Grand Mage, all due respect, but-"
"I don't want to hear it...what did you say your name was?"
"Montagneux." The man responded grudgingly. "I'm your advisor. I was Surgele's."
"Right. Montagneux. The only person I trust is English and can't speak any French, so she wouldn't be much good, eh? So I propose Lionel Ame as my first Elder...what's your full name?"
"Ashley Montagneux." He was getting annoyed now. He was quite young. Dark-skinned and tall. Too tall for Jasmin to feel comfortable around. His hair was straight and flopped down to his chin, glossy and healthy and looked like he used straighteners on it. He was in a grey suit and ugly floral tie.
"In that case, my second Elder is Ashley Montagneux." Jasmin replied airily.
"I have spoken. You're an Elder now. You're the sensible one who tries to keep the stupid ones in check."
"I'm not working with Lionel Ame, I can tell you that now."
Jasmin shrugged. "It's Lionel or Pons Excitacion."
Montagneux pressed his fingers to his forehead, exasperated. "You know what? I don't care. Put whoever the hell you want on your council!"
"Excellent. I have children to comfort now, so if you would be a dear and tell Lionel my decision?" He got up and left, leaving the newly appointed Elder to grumble to himself.


Katharine stormed off down the street. "Gale, leave me alone!"
"Hey, you came on to me, not the other way round!" He walked after her, very annoyed. Katharine paused.
"Okay, that's true...but I have a boyfriend, Gale, I can't just..."
"You don't have to, I promise. Just listen to your heart." Gale turned his head slightly and caught the eye of someone sitting at an outdoor seat at a cafe nearby. There were two people seated and a third just joining them. One of the first two men, both of whom were blonde, was yammering away. The other, the one Gale recognised, was watching him suspiciously with his thin blue-grey eyes. Reluctantly, Gale turned his attentions back to Katharine. She stepped closer to him. "My heart's a mute, I swear to God!"
"Well who's more fun?"
She hesitated. "Austin has too many downsides."
"Most men do. Everyone has their downsides."
"Like you being a slut, you mean?"
She sighed. "I'll decide when I see him next."
"Until then...?"
"Until then, can't we stay together?"
"Uh..." He was worried the blonde man was watching him. The man he recognised all too well. Katharine gave a pleading face and suddenly Gale didn't feel so slutty anymore. What he had heard was that Austin was giving Katharine a third chance, that he was in love with the personality and the body, but the girl cheated on him, twice caught, lord knows how many other times. Gale never went for more than one girl at once, but he never had a lasting relationship. He would have liked to have had one, but it just never happened and he moved on very quickly. He glanced across the road to make sure the three men weren't looking and kissed her softly. "Tell nobody."
"Of course."

Only while the blonde men across the road hadn't been watching when the kiss began, the brunette man with the limp, the late joiner, had. He tapped the first blonde man and pointed. "That's Katharine and Artemis' brother, right?"
Austin stared silently. Box raised a finger. "Sam?"
"Yeah?" Awesome Dude had been a contact of Box's for about a week now. It was surprising how quickly they had come to trust one another, especially with the whole Awesome being a vampire thing.
"I asked you a question."
"Was that the one about Snooke and McMooney and their standing against Mevolent and stuff?"
"That one was half an hour ago. Keep up."
Awesome just looked confused. "The rocket fuel then?"
"The rocket fuel and the killers' 'holy healer'."
"Oh, right. Yeah, he's got it and them."
Austin looked a little confused. He didn't know who the 'Holy Healer' was and he quickly excused himself to go confront Burn and Blaze.


The new Irish Elder stood in the robes in Erskine's office. He was an old friend of his, another old confident of Corrival's. He was staring at a desk ornament as though he had never seen one before. He had been standing like that for a while now. He'd nodded occasionally to show he was listening to what Ravel and Mist were saying to him and he understood, but he offered no response. Actually, he hadn't spoken once since Ravel had first contacted him. He had accepted the position silently and now Erskine was sure he could see a wide scar over the man's throat. "Justice?"
The man smiled, turning his full attention to the Grand Mage.
"I never noticed that scar before. Was that there the last time we met?" Justice Popularity shook his head quickly, bringing a hand up to hide it. Ravel frowned. "Can you talk to me? Just say one word? Any word? Elephant, banana, anything!"
Justice raised and lowered his arms in a 'this is hopeless' gesture.
"Oh perfect, he can't talk..."
The new Elder crossed his arms and looked a mix of apologetic and downright miserable. Normally he had his brown hair gelled up in spikes, but today he looked like he had just rolled out of bed. He tried to ignore Ravel and Mist as they began to talk in hushed voices.
"This is the most trustworthy person who you could find?"
"The most trustworthy who didn't threaten me when I turned to them for this."
"They weren't all friends with Corrival, were they? Didn't you tell me that lot were best known for alcoholism?"
"Okay, maybe they were, but that doesn't make them unreliable."
"In this line of work, yes it does."
"Just used to be an accountant, he did all our accounts and stuff, he's trustworthy and reliable and long as he doesn't use sign language around me. I can't make any sense of that stuff, I'd just end up punching him out."
"So now you're intolerant of people who have to use sign language?"
"No, it just annoys me, all the stupid gestures. Why can't they just write things down on some paper?"
Mist nudged her husband with a look. "Sorry." He mumbled before turning to Popularity. "Anyway, welcome to the team, I guess."


Richard Ricky Sloth frowned, watching the castle through a pair of binoculars. Normally he didn't spy; he had fallen out of that habit years ago. He had seen something that bugged him over there though. Ricky was a neighbour of Advantageous Twist. Not next door, he lived up the road. Anyway, he had met Garnet Dorado before. He used to be friends with the guy. He had just gotten home from a holiday in Japan. He had seen Dorado appear at the house with the black-haired girl and the tanned man in the elder robes just as he set off for the airport. There was no movement and he just had to accept Dorado was probably gone.

Ricky was an interesting man with hair just long enough to pull into a tiny ponytail. It was a soft brown. He was thin and had blue eyes that drank in any and every piece of information. He had gotten on well with one of Dorado's killer friends once.

The inside of his house was cushy and just a little over-furnished. Hiro Phantasmagoria stood to one side of the sofa on which an injured man lay. Ricky had met this man before and had been healing him over the past few days. He had woken up a couple of times, been given a bit of food and water and fallen unconscious again. Now he was awake and in unfamiliar surroundings. "What the...?"
"You're okay. My name is Ricky, I'm a doctor, I was in Japan when you got in trouble for killing that Hato witch. Got you out of there with my friend here, brought you back here, healed up any damage the Japanese caused and now here you are!"
"Oh God...Ricky Sloth..." The man was Australian, with wild red hair. He seemed terrified. "Where are the others?"
Ricky looked confused for a moment, then realisation washed over his face. "Ah. You were on Garnet's kill list. The weird ginger guy who stole his first girlfriend. Borealis. Finally caught up to you after Mortis and Jayden moved in, right?"
"Please don't kill me!"
"I'm not a killer, I'm a healer...Hiro, on the other hand..." The man beside the sofa cracked his knuckles. Borealis whimpered. "I saved your life, but I might be meeting my old friends behave, do as I say, work for me for a few days. I promise you amnesty from the nasty Irish slaughter people."
"O-okay..." He looked pretty startled. Ricky appreciated that.

((Despite it being the only preplanned bit, Blaze and Burn's scene was so difficult to write...Hey look, Ursa! He's back! Hey look, Justice Popularity is a recycled name from a previous chapter! He's a target of Mortis' already because of that! Damn my need to recycle an old name because I didn't want to create anyone new but ending up doing both at the same time anywayness. Not going to go down well. Not intentional. I wonder how long before I kill Lionel or Pons or Ashley...hey look, Awesome Dude! He's back too! Bet you all thought he was never returning!))

Madame Mist, Mystery Prisoner X and Acacia Adonia: Doppelgänger

((italics are mystery captured person X during present time))

What was the best way to keep a convincing mimic, Acacia sometimes asked herself. You had to know who you were mimicking. You needed a good idea of it. Their personality, their height, weight, looks and facial features, how they might act towards a certain person and how they might treat that one person differently from others. She was a bit of an expert when it came to pretending to be others. It was also a very fun hobby to her. She put on a bit of make-up and grinned. Oh, this would be too easy. She opened the door and swept out into a busy hallway and, holding her head up high, mimicked the target exactly. She already knew exactly how to hold herself around these others. This would be very fun.

She woke up, her head bleeding, a low moan escaping her lips. Her wrists were shackled to the wall above her. She tugged the shackles experimentally but they barely budged. There was a slight rattle, though, not that that was much. As far as she knew, she had been captured by Mevolent. Which was just wonderful in itself, she thought as she stared around the cell. There were a few others in the other cells, some watching her, some going about their own business. She could see a guard. As memories returned to her, she worried about how long it would take for them to realise where she was and what they would decide to do. She hoped they wouldn't do anything stupid. The more she thought about what had happened, the more off it had seemed. It wasn't just an ordinary capture, there was something else going on. There had been a fair few people involved in her fight, but just her on her own side. Outnumbered, she had been. Outnumbered and outclassed, as embarrassing as it was. And there had been someone standing in that group who had looked like her, who had let herself get hit. The suspicious one. The faker. Something was very very wrong and there was nothing she could do about it.

It was a nice car with nice seats, Erskine's car. Mist stood at the side of the road as he examined the seat she had been sitting on. "Is there much point still going to the scan then?" He asked quietly, stepping away. The seat was covered in blood.
"Call them. Ask."
"Are you okay?"
She shrugged.
"Because some people deal really badly with...with miscarriage..."
Yeah, and you sound pretty matter-of-fact about it. You hardly care. She spat these thoughts in her head but only shrugged on the outside. He came over and hugged her and she let him. After a few minutes he called up the clinic they had been heading to about the problem they'd encountered. They'd made the appointment under the names Angela and Niall O'Rourke. They walked the rest of the way to the clinic, apparently still needing the scan to make sure it was a miscarriage and everything was gone.

The girl chained to the wall glared as Mevolent himself approached. "You've been here before, haven't you?"
"I don't know what you mean. It would be nice if you could let me go, though. I have a medical appointment to make."
"Looks like you'll have to reschedule. We'd like to talk to you."
"About my new doppelgänger?"
"Quite. You've figured that out already then?"
"Everyone will be able to tell the difference."
"Acacia is a very good mimic. One of our best. She's the height of professionalism, and no-one will ever be any the wiser."
"There are some things she'll have trouble mimicking."
"Yes, and she'll find them out and deal with them herself. As I said, she's very good. No-one will come to rescue you. Friends, family, colleagues, they'll all be convinced you're right there. But we have more pressing matters to discuss."
"I guess I'm not in any position to refuse."


((...Several times I wanted to cancel this chapter and compress all the vital bits into other chapters, but something always stopped this chapter has vital stuff...and I told you I'd use the alias Niall O'Rourke again! Boom!...God, I regret killing all those French people...and non-French people I killed in France...and Fred Mould...I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! I MISS THEM!!! *Le sob*...randomness there...))

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Zafira Kerias: Traitors and Traitors Alike

The day was cold. Zafira felt her insides chill. The detectives had come and investigated the footprints. Apparently footprints in front of the Grand Mage's house isn't the best. Detective Allure came over to her. Allure was pretty with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She was an Elemental and one of Zafira's best detectives since Vinette Riddle. Allure spoke,
"Grand Mage, we believe the footprints belong to Niccolo Croatoan. " Zafira nearly screamed,
"What?! Why why why...." She stammered. Then closed her eyes counting to ten to calm herself. She opened them,
"Okay thank you so much." She smiled and Allure left. Javier looked up from his iPod
"Well that sucks." He told her and walked over hugging her.
"Niccolo won't hurt you Zaf. Mevolent controls the man if he wanted you dead you'd be..." He trailed off unsure what to say. Zafira nodded. She needed a plan. First she needed to kill Serephia. And then get into Dublin and kick the crap out of Mevolent.
"Okay I need to kick the crap out of Mevolent." She decided. Javier smiled,
"I thought you would. Wouldn't you like to find Niccolo first?" He asked. She nodded but didn't reply much.
"Then we find him on our way we kill him?" Zafira nodded
"Lets." And the two sat down and planned.

A while later they found themselves in Ireland. They snuck through Dublin trying to find the place where they were looking for. Baron Vengeous appeared.
"Well well well look who I found. Zafira Kerias and Javier Fyreheart." The Redhoods with him grabbed the two. Zafira struggled until they handcuffed her. It took three Redhoods to subdue her. Javier was quiet and furious. He didn't speak. Vengeous grinned and led them to Mevolent. They walked through the castle into the throne room. Upon entering Vengeous grabbed Zafira and put a knife to her neck forcing her to kneel before Mevolent. Every instinct in her told her to flip. But her magic was bound and the Baron would easily kill her. Mevolent looked at them shock shown in his expression.
"You found them." He said simply. He looked at Zafira then Javier. After a while he spoke.
"Put them with the other prisoners. Make sure the Grand Mage doesn't escape." Vemgeous nodded and took Zafira and forced her up and to the dungeons. Javier behind her. They passed Serephia Jackson and Zafira fought against the Redhoods and tried to lunge for Serephia. Vengeous cut her across the cheek and Zafira cried out feeling the wet sticky blood on her cheek. Vengeous grabbed her again and kept the knife to her neck until he put her and Javier in a cell. He left them there. Javier knelt beside his wife.
"Zaf hush we can handle this." The shackles on Javier were off as the cell was bound. But Zafira's weren't taken off at all. Javier pulled her close. She looked up and didn't speak. Fear evident.