Monday, February 18, 2013

Faeris: Universe Reversed

     Faeris thrashed backwards, breaking free and delivering a slap into the face of her stunned assailant.
     "Was that really necessary?" The voice was hard to place for a second, then Faeris remembered.

     "Wait...Faeris?" Kelley looked around frantically, but of course he couldn't see anything, or anyone. Where was...?
     "You were looking for Raeza, weren't you? You don't bleeding care of the rest of us die!" Faeris could feel her face begin to turn bright red, though thankfully no one would be any the wiser. 
     "That's not true!" Kelley's voice was soft, Faeris's words had hit their mark. Good. "The darkness only goes for a few more feet before there's light, Faeris. Just straight that way, if you hurry you can escape before he gets here. I'm going to--"
     "What? Play the hero? You don't know what you're getting into. The Sanctuary thinks it's a myth, just like the Faceless Ones."
     Under the gruffness of her voice, Faeris was concerned. Cody might end up her brother-in-law someday. Assuming they all survived this bleeding attack. She turned, and started back towards her sisters. If Kailey knew the way out, let him take it. 
     "Faeris, wait!" he grabbed her wrist, and tugged her back. She resisted, not going to leave her sisters. "I'm trying to help!" he shouted in desperation.
     "So am I!" Faeris heard a creak from above, and before she could react, the boulder plummeted, pinning her arm underneath. Curly let go at the last minute, and she didn't see what happened to him. He'd probably been crushed. Stupid bleeding boulder.
     "Faeris, so glad you could join us."
     Faeris spat at Serpine's feet.
     "My dear, I'm afraid you've been mislead. The Sanctuary killed your sisters. They want to kill you, too, but Mevolent doesn't want that to happen."
     "Mevolent's dead!" 
     "I spoke to his ghost. He's making plans to return, and he wants you and your sisters on his side. The Sanctuary set this up to prevent it, Kelley Throckmorton intentionally pulled you under that boulder. No matter that he'd die, too. His aim was to kill you, as he had been ordered. Nice boy, but he takes his orders too seriously. What a shame." Silence. "So, what do you say?"
      "M-my sisters are d-dead?"
      "I'm afraid so." The concern on his face looked genuine, if Faeris hadn't been taught otherwise, she'd consider him a nice person. Was it possible that she'd been taught the wrong side?
     Her sisters were dead. "Okay. I'll join you." Behind the firm, strong tone in her voice, she was holding back tears.


  1. Aw... Poor Faeris... Damn dad... Well, foster daddy

    1. I'm afraid he's a big part of the reason Faeris is who she is today.

  2. Aww, this was sad... However, on another note, it was incredibly clever- I love how you worked the past into the present and the way you're leading it perfectly into the futre is magnificent. I also love the way you had Serpine plan this out- compromise the characters emotionally, then use the emotions to work against them- completely overturn Faeris's world so that she could be easily swayed to any side. Overall, another brilliant chapter. Just what I'd expect from you. :)