Sunday, February 24, 2013

Charisma Thorne - Well That Went Well

Hello! This is my first chapter, so I hope it's alright! Oh, and I'm Charisma Thorne, Elemental and all round crazy occasional French Speaker and walrus, for those of you who don't know me.

 Charisma Thorne – Well that went well.

“You had ONE job!” the balding man shouted. “ONE job! And look what happened!”
Charisma sat there.
“All you had to do was scout about for a bit. Try to find out Mevolent’s next movements and what did you do? You charged into the building, and ended up killing over 50 Cleavers!”
Charisma answered. “Yes, but I did kill some of them. And anyways, I was bored. I’ve been sent on ten scouting missions in the last fortnight and to be honest they’ve all been boring as hell. So, I decided to make it more fun.”
The balding man sighed.
“Charisma, yes, you did kill some of Mevolent’s army, but you still lost us 50 Cleavers. And we haven’t many left. And the fact you disappeared afterwards. For god’s sake we all thought you’d been killed! Where were you?”
“At the cinema. I went to see Les Mis again. It’s very good you know, and I do love that Aaron Tveit-“
“Charisma for crying out loud, we’re fighting a war, and you want to go see musicals? You need to focus more, you really do.”
“Yes, but Aaron Tveit and Eddie Red-“
“This conversation is over. You have been de-briefed. Go back and see Dianda and the others at the Sanctuary. And NO more trips to the cinema or random disappearances, and for God’s sake, try to focus on what’s happening. We’re in the middle of a war here.”
The balding man stalked out of the dimly lit room. After noting that he probably wasn’t best pleased with her, Charisma walked out, leaving nothing behind but a chair.


  1. Musicals in the middle of a war? Nice priorities! This was an enjoyable chapter.

    Welcome to the MC, Charisma!

  2. Welcome!

    Hehe, nice chapter, I liked it, can't wait to see more.

  3. Hey Charisma!! I don't think I've ever met you, but I already love your style! Les Mis in the midst of the war against Mevolent... I know I'm echoing Fabi, but nice priorities indeed! I can't wait to learn more about your character. Killing 50 Cleavers takes some skill, even if they're not directly attacking you. With that, I will welcome you (I'm echoing Fabi again, I know... Perhaps we're more alike than I realized...) to the Mevolent Collaboration! Also, I feel it's only fair that I should warn you- a lot of depressing stuff goes on around here (especially in my sub-plots, and a few other people's as well (Death, sometimes Zafria) and in mine there really isn't much (if any) happy to balance it out...) but you're already making the storyline brighter and more amusing without straying from the context of the war, so congrats, and thanks!
    Woo that was long... I do that sometimes... On to the next one! *extravagant bow*

  4. Hello Aretha! Aww thank you so much!! Nice to hear it!