Saturday, February 16, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm/Liberty Star - Back To Ireland

Short chapter! Just to show how they got back to Ireland. :)

Maralie grabbed Liberty and Harry's hands, slightly blushing as Harry entwined their fingers. Eleanna put her hand on Maralie's shoulder and they teleportered-

-back to Mevolent's base.

"Damn!" Maralie muttered, shoving everyone outside. "Go!"

Eleanna nodded and grabbed Harry and Liberty. Shadows engulfed her and they were gone.

Maralie walked back to Ember's cell emotionlessly. She was ashamed. She had killed Fletcher. For what?


She reached the cell and slid down the wall, her knees up to her chest. Ember looked at her, and walked out of the cell.

Terrible ending, I know. But... Yeah. Ember's writing the next bit :)
~ Mara x


  1. Well then, okay.

    That was over rather quickly, not enough to satisfy my need for entertainment at 5:16 am on a SATURDAY (preposterous hour to be up, I know. Saturdays were invented simply for an excuse to sleep until noon). Anyways, I will eagerly await the next chapter. Mooooorrrrreeeee.

    1. Since I may be ever-so-slightly bored, and simply unable to go on Blogland now (ie, there's stuff I might have to be doing soon and I need to be able to leave the iPod for a sec to do it), I will post another comment here. Apologies if it annoys you.

      Harralie! XD

      That is all.

    2. Sorry for the shortness! D: And yes, you should be asleep XD


    3. Too bad! [Scowls in a way that suggests that yes, I should indeed be asleep]

  2. HARRALIE!!! Gah, now you've mentioned it...*opens word document* HARRALIE HERE I COME!

    I like the whole regrets and emotion bit. I mean, it's like one line and two words, but that just means it was extremely effective because it was really effective and stuff.

    And the ending was actually quite good in a simple way :) I had a word in my head for what I thought but that word went away when I started writing this mini paragraph, as words usually do when I try to write them. Good chapter anyway.

    1. HARRALIE FTW!!! :D Seriously, you're writing a Harralie story? XD you're AWESOME B-J XD

      Extremely effective? Haha, really? :P MaraTC's all upset with herself so... Yeah, I needed to say she regretted it :)

      I don't really like it... But thanks! :)

    2. I am. I REALLY AM, OMG!!! *does the awesome dance*

      I'm scared of writing someone really OOC though...I always get scared of that when not writing for my own OCs though, I guess.

      Well it had a big empathetic impact on me, I know that much.

      Well I like it :P De nada.

    3. *joins in* AWESOME! XD

      I bet you'll do a great job! Email me if you need to know anything about MaraTC :)

      Okay, thanks B-J! :)

    4. I would if I needed to know anything, but I don't know your E-mail.

      De nada ^^

    5. :)

      De nada? *awks*

    6. Got it :)

      De nada=It's nothing (I Spanish is mediocre at best)