Thursday, February 14, 2013

Memphis Heatwave: The Valentine's Visit

((Got bored, hopped aboard the bandwagon, never mind the fact I told myself I would only make one V-day piece and only because so many people were complaining about V-day.))

Memphis was still sort of stuck in the bed in the medical sector of the Sanctuary. It had reached him that Kerias had been captured and he didn't need three guesses to know where she was. He had sort of lost track of the days while in hospital. His operation had probably taken a whole day from what he had heard and he wasn't sure how much time had passed before he had first woken up. He kept slipping between awake and asleep. River walked into the room and smiled her beautiful smile. He didn't smile back. He had only just woken back up and he was waiting for the immense tiredness to leave him. The lights were on properly today and he quickly felt a headache forming. Wonderful.
"I tried to get them to dim the lights for you, but they said there are others here today who would complain and the staff wouldn't be able to do their jobs. I'll see if I can find out what happened to you sunglasses."
"Huh? Oh! 14th of February."
Memphis frowned, thinking. "Perfect day for a proposal..."
River giggled. "Are these visits going to just be trips down memory lane or...?"
"Do I get a present?"
"You didn't get me anything." She placed a heart-shaped box and a round something wrapped in shiny black paper next to his head on the bed.
"I'm sorry. I assume you forgive me."
"Just about."
He reached for the wrapped present and ended up knocking it to the floor and cursing. Laughing, River bent down to pick it back up. "I'll open it for you if you like."
"Is it a teddy?"
"...yeah...a little blue fuzzy one..."
"His name is Jake."
"Jake. Cute name." She unwrapped Jake and settled him in the crook of Memphis' arm. "I...I have another present for you if you want..."
"What? Is it a kiss? I could do with a kiss."
"Well...I was thinking about the night terrors you have and..."
"I saw a head doctor once. He made it worse. I don't trust them."
Slowly, he sat himself up, grimacing from the pain, and she carefully wrapped her arms around him. He mimicked the action and they stayed like that for a while. Finally, they kissed and he eased himself back down, cuddling up with the teddy. It smelled of Parma Violets. Parma Violets and some kind of hairspray. He liked parma violets.
"You look like a little kid, Mem."
"I feel old."
She brushed some hair back from his head and tucked him in, planting one last kiss on his forehead. "Want me to read you a bedtime story?"
"How about a lullaby?"
"You know I don't sing."
"Without love, life is like a beat that you can't follow..."
"I'm not singing, Memphis."
"Without love, life is Doris Day at the Apollo..."
"Sing all you like, I'm not singing along."
"Darling, I'll be yours forever 'cause I never wanna be without lo-o-o-o-o-ooove...darling, never set me free..."
"I remember you doing that corny serenade thing where you came to my house late at night and knelt beneath the window and just sang random love songs. It was a little stalkerish..."
"You told me music helped you sleep and that you'd been having trouble sleeping recently. I was trying to help."
"You are the sweetest and most hopeless romantic I have ever met. I love you."


  1. This was cute, B-J! Not that kind of cute, the Norwegian kind!

    1. *throws mini celebration about successfully writing cute*

      Not that mini celebration, the Norwegian one.

      ...I think after writing something about these two book characters I've been locked in cute mode...