Sunday, February 3, 2013

Effrancia Devastine: Marionette

     This bit takes place during to shortly after "Off to Death We Go"

     Effie didn't know whether or not she had betrayed Fabi. It had been Mevolent who'd apologized, but she herself (at least she thought it was herself) had been the one to tell Fabi about the irid anvil and the key.
     As it plummeted to the ground, Eff wondered what Fabi thought. She'd seemed to take the betrayal so hard, but was it really Eff who had betrayed her? She had absolutely no idea. All she knew was that she's been the one to simply hit Star Inkbright on the head instead of kill her. She wondered if she was getting soft in her not-really-that-old-for-a-mage age.
     The anvil landed an inch away from her, but she didn't care. What had been supposed to be some sort of tranquilizing medicine was making her veins feel like they were about to explode. She wasn't even in the room anymore, for some reason, she was in America, causing mass destruction,, that was Mevolent. Eff pulled herself back to herself, and realized that the blonde girl who had injected her with the poison had left the room. How impolite.
     As the thought passed through her mind, Mevolent pulled the poison down a notch. Eff was no longer dying quite as quickly. A hint, how nice. It was almost worse than poisoning her in the first place.
     A wave of anger passed over her, draining her, making her the guest, not master of her own mind. Her ears, no, her entire head was ringing, vibrating. She was forced back into the depths of her brain. At least she still had a brain. Sort of.
     Effie stood facing up against the Grand Mage of America. The two clashed for a bit before Eff realized it wasn't her. She was seeing through Mevolent's eyes, but he was the one there, controlling both bodies they occupied. Wait...nobody controlled her! The anger brought her back to herself, or what was left of herself.
     She was standing now, leaning against the anvil, holding Star Inkbright's sword. Fabi was below her, looking at Star's injury, then out the window. She said something to Star, who muttered something like "the one with the thick dress" but Eff couldn't be sure, barely able to ear over the mental reverberations. She couldn't think, couldn't control her motions as she brought the sword towards Fabi's neck.
     "Sorry Fabigail," Eff thought, "Guess this means I have betrayed you after all."


  1. ARGH NO.

    Fabigail is a nice name...


    I was going to ship them!


    Effabi ftw!

    1. Hey Mara I know this has nothing to do with MC but that's a great photo of you! At least I think it's you* confused*

  2. ...I keep imagining a chorus of skeletons singing 'Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to death we go, didlede de de, didle de de de...etc.''s very awkward...

    Serious note: Cool chapter, nicely written, you can really feel the emotional tone and...stuff...

    1. That's an...interesting picture, B-J. Chorus of skeletons, can't be any worse than my singing! [joins in] [cackles]

      Thanks. They'll be plenty more...stuff...soon!

    2. I have an...interesting mind. *also joins in the singing and dancing* *makes an 'I have no idea what I am doing' face*