Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marcus Shrewd: Shadowland

Note: This is set at the same time as Zaf's chapter "Off to Death We Go"

Marcus stood hesitantly outside of the Sanctuary. Should he go? Should he go and fight and risk his life? He almost went back inside, but he was inexplicably drawn to the park.
"I shouldn't go. Louise and the girls need me," he muttered to himself. "But if I don't go, how will I live with myself? And I need to fight. I need to protect them." He ran to the park as quickly as he could, his untucked shirt flapping in the wind. People peered out of their windows at him as he ran by, but none came out. They were too frightened of the battle happening not too far away. As he sprinted down the street, a song ran through his head.
Two weeks ago, he had taken Louise to see Lion King. Before all this trouble with Mevolent had started. They had eaten out for dinner, then went to see the show. Laura and Nina had been left with the girl who lived across the street.
The leaves have fallen
This shadowed land
This was our home
Screams ripped through the city, and balls of fire rose into the air.
The river's dry
The ground has broken
So I must go
Now I must go
Marcus ran and ran, cursing himself for being so slow.
And where the journey may lead me
Let your prayers be my guide
I cannot stay here, my family
But I'll remember my pride
Images of his family flashed through his mind. Nina's stick figure drawings. Laura's voice, singing along to the radio. Louise telling him she was going to have a baby. Holding Laura for the first time. Lifting Nina up to put the ornaments on the tree.
Prideland, I have no choice
My land, I will find my way
Tearstained, lea halelela
Take this, take this prayer
With you, what lies out there
Fatshe leso lea halelela
Marcus reached the park pulled out his gun. He hadn't used it in a long time, but he still could. He shot an Elemental through the heart, then shot an Adept in the shoulder. Another sorcerer grabbed Marcus' wrist and slammed him into a tree. Marcus hunched over, gasping for breath.
And where the journey may lead you
Let this prayer be your guide
Though it may take you so far away
Always remember your pride
The sorcerer flexed his hands, then pressed against the air. Marcus shuddered and opened his mouth, trying to breathe. But there was no air. Black spots appeared, and his chest hurt. As Marcus collapsed, he could still see his family.
"Goodbye." he mouthed.


  1. Cool! And sorry i had to go but that was interesting


    1. Marcus has been doomed since the moment he was created. But he had a totally different death originally. He saved Persephone, but she's in a different continent right now, so...