Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fabi/Faeris Wile: Tonight I'm gonna tear it out and then restart

     The Inkbright girl stood up shakily and looked around. The room was empty, except for two super-awesome ninja swords, one covered in blood. Or it looked empty, anyway.
     "Fabi?!?" She looked around wildly, then started towards the door to the secret room. Faeris couldn't let that happen. She came from behind with her sweet-smelling spray. Poisons were her specialty.
     Star turned around, slashing with her emergency knife. Why was her sword gone? Ah, that's right, Evil Effie had turned it into a pansy. Pansy... The sweet, fruity scent enveloped her and she was unconscious again. I'm really making a bad habit of this, she thought as she slipped back into the black.

     Fabi was off in her own little world, singing Florence + the Machine, which she'd been doing a lot lately.
     "And I've been a fool, and I've been blind/I can never leave the past behind/I can see no way, I can see no way--"
     She stopped. Was that... A nose ring? She mentally twisted it and turned to see the pale man, no, vampire cry out and grab his nose in pain. She had a bit of time to experiment, so she snapped her fingers, still mentally focusing on the nose ring. His shrieks and attempts to fan his face indicated that it had worked.

      Faeris scowled, dabbing a cloth on the deep slash on her face. She'd make that Ink girl paid. Stupid emergency knives. The vampire named Amiens came out, carrying Effrancia Devastine's body in a glass coffin. "Radcliffe... I think he needs help," the stupid vamp huffed.
     Faeris sighed. Did she have to do everything herself? "Make sure that one doesn't wake up," she said, handing him the spray bottle.

     Fabi was having fun now, heating the metal up and making the vampire scream. He was obviously here on Mevolent's behalf, he deserved it. Or...was he? It occurred to her that she hadn't stopped to ask questions. She began to feel guilty, and it was in that moment of hesitation that Faeris lunged.

    The girl with no more surname than a stupid initial toppled at the tackle. She wasn't particularly sturdily built, awkwardly skinny for her height, and stood no chance of resisting. Things got interesting when Faeris's dagger grew too hot to hold and her cell phone melted into a miniature cannonball that kept trying to hit her at high speed, but it was a situation she could handle. Mevolent hadn't said uninjured, after all.
     Her fists and elbows flew, pummeling punches as she dodged what was once her cell phone. Fabienne S began to sing, right in Faeris's ear. Gosh, she was worse than bleeding Redirection!
     "And I am done with my graceless heart, tonight I'm gonna tear it out and then restart!" Way to be melodramatic, Fabi.
     Faeris pulled out a green vial and poured it on Fabienne's skin. There, that should do it. The paralysis spread, the "Dawn" cut off halfway through. Finally, silence. Faeris picked up Fabienne's unmoving body and carried her out to where the bleeding, cowardly, stupid vamps were waiting.


  1. NO! FABI! God... This is getting interesting!!! I don't like Faeris anymore... She's mean...

    GREAT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks!

      And Faeris is...bitter. I agree wholeheartedly.

    2. She's like a sister that I'm happy I don't have!!

    3. I could make her actually Vengeous's daughter just to mess with you, but that really doesn't fit into my plotting, so I won't.

      You're welcome!

    4. If you did...
      *Gets ready to glare to re-kill Fabi*

    5. It's kinda ironic... I should be dead, like three times over (thanks, Jubi!). I forget I'm dead after about a week and just pop back up again...

      Don't worry, Faeris will not be any relation of yours. Like I said, I have other plans for her. Plans she will not be enjoying. XD

  2. Ooooo what's gonna happen next?

    Great chapter!!!!

  3. Redirection... *mutters*


    Great amazing fantastic chapter! :)

    1. [Re-directs Mara to an earlier statement saying that I am not responsible for Faeris's insults]