Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zafira Kerias: A Trip To Ireland

(Hmm...i am picking a random number..jk no okay seriously Zaffy is 3 months into this thing because i feel like it

Zafira wandered aimlessly through her house. She didn't know what to do now that she had this seriously somewhat big bump. Well she figured it was best to at least to make an attrempt at something today.Javier was asleep still as it was early. For some odd reason called morning sickness Zafira couldn't sleep. She went into the living room and curled up on the couch. The news Channel 7 news was on but she lowered it and lay there. The recent months since she first found out she was expecting had been a living hell. Baron Vengeous and Lord Vile had tried several attempts to take Manhattan and somehow the latest one nearly worked. They had lost twelve Cleavers to the fight. Zafira sighed and closed her eyes allowing sleep to hit her.

Baron Vengeous looked out across the river. He hated America. It was too populated and not a Cradle of Magic. But it was Mevolent's wish to get Manhattan and who was he to object? It had been proving diffcicult to take hold of one of thee American Sanctuaries. That was the problem with America. It was hard to conquer because unlike the others countries you needed to get all three Sanctuaries. And the Americans were smart in making sure the Sanctuaries were not near Washington D.C which Vengeous had only just learned was the capitol of America. And it wasn't even a state. To him, America was messed up. Vile stalked forward to Baron,
"Baron what are we doing? We need to do something before Mevolent himself comes out here. He isn't happy we still haven't managed to capture Kerias."
"What can we do?" Baron sighed, "It is rather difficult to get hold of America. It isn't like England or Ireland with one Sanctuary. They got three times more operatives then the majority of the countries maybe only outdone by China."
"We need to do something. A raid on Kerias' own home? Not the community maybe the actual house itself?" Baron considered it for a moment
"Maybe it may work. We need a lot of planning." Vile nodded.
"Soon Baron. We know Mevolent isn't to be kept waiting. Before she has her child."

Zafira woke up a few hours later to the smell of bacon. Javier was up. She grinned and got up. Javier was standing in the kitchen frying bacon.
"Morning Zaffy." He smiled hearing her enter. He turned away from the bacon and hugged her.
"Feeling alright?" He asked seeing how pale she looked. Zafira shook her head
"Stupid sickness. I hate throwing up." She sighed. Then she smiled again,
"Well I do have to go in today."
"Soon or later." She decided. "I have a meeting with Solomon Wreath. He and a small group of Necromancers wish to aid us. I am debating it. Yes as a Necromancer I should agree but....he is technically hated by some other countries and I have to listen to the concerns of my fellow Elders." Javier sighed.
"Well would you trust Dreylan Scarab?" Javier didn't wait for an answer. "No. I know you wouldn't. Zaf,do what you think is best for our country. You are the Grand Mage for a reason.You served on the Council when Bisahalani was alive for a reason, he had faith in you even though you practice Necromancy. Even the country has faith. Do what is best for us Zaf." He turned and finished the bacon putting it out on two plates for them to eat. Zafira looked slightly stunned as she sat down. Even though she'd been Grand Mage for a while it still shocked her that he said that. Many other mages from the countries that were Cradles of Magic had been objective to Zafira being elected even when Bisahalani was alive. Zafira ate her food and then sighed.
"I should go to the Sanctuary."
"See you my love." Javier smiled as she got up. Twenty minutes later she shadow walked out. When she reached the Sanctuary she immediately found reports to do while waiting for Wreath. The Administrator came maybe an hour later and told her he was here. Zafira went into the greeting room. Wreath bowed slightly at her entrance,
"Grand Mage, thank you for agreeing to meet with me." He said.
"Say what needs to be done, Wreath. I have a war to fight." Zafira told him. Wreath noddied,
"Of course, Grand Mage." He then continued on, "Myself and five of our brothers and sisters wish to aid America in this time of war. Ireland will be lost it is clear and it seems to me America is the next target. We wish to help in any way." Zafira thought for a moment.
"I need to discuss with my fellow Elders. As you know we are not working in one Sanctuary it may take a few days. I shall be in contact with you with the Council's answer when we get to it." she told him. Wreath bowed again and then instead of leaving he spoke again,
"Grand Mage, I know it isn't my place but, you should know this. Mevolent is planning something. A Necromancer who we recently saved knows it. He plans to get you while you are still pregnant." Zafira looked at him in utter shock.
"T-thank you. You may go." She dismised him and he left. She turned and went into her office. Looks like she;d be making a trip to Ireland. And it was not just a vacation.


  1. Oooh...I wonder what Vile and Vengeous will do...and the introduction of Wreath interests me...can't wait to see what happens next...keep up the good work :)

    sorry to be annoying in this next bit...There's a contradiction between your author note and the second sentence. At three months a pregnancy will only just start showing...((...Uh...I do a lot of contextual research for stories...))...*hides under a rock so she can't be mauled*

  2. Nice chapter, Zaffy! Mevolent is MEAN!

    [From this point on, I am thinking aloud and you should probably ignore it]
    Ireland will be lost, it is clear?
    Mevolent's wishful thinking.
    Wait...is FabiTC American?
    I guess so...
    Time flies. Maybe the war has changed in those three months. I should make more time pass in my chapters to catch up...getting diverted probably isn't the best idea then... To continue or not continue... I guess I should finish the Fabigail thingy, but skip Diversionary Path and forward a bit...
    Ok then.
    [See, told you you should ignore it]
    Back to the start: Nice chapter, Zaf! Mevolent is MEAN!

    1. Oh my god, I looked at this chappie and there was 1 comment, and then i looked at something else, then i came back and there were two.

      Can I have a new character that interacts with you, Zaf? Or do you have a fixed plan for where this is going?

    2. ...Does that mean I'll be left behind as I carry on through at normal speed with no time skips? NOOO, DON'T LEAVE MEEE!!!

    3. I don't think I can do any super-dramatic time skips, B-J. Not without leaving holes, and I HATE leaving holes in my writing.

      So don't worry...I think.

    4. I'm staying in the same time zone as everything... A post whenever but not in the future B-J!!

      Also, a big surprise is going to happen soon... When I say soon, this month, maybe towards the end... Big and evil and scary and fun and confusing and heart-wrenching and most of all... Crushing...


      Great chapter Zaffy!!! I cant wait to see what those stupid generals of mine will make their evil plan go into motion...

      I love my evil bosses!!!

  3. Damn remind me not to ask my science teacher stuff xD i typed that in science

  4. I'm not doing any dramatic time skips either. Though actually, that'll ,ake this really confusing... I'll find some way to work around it...