Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mortis Grievance: Forever Blowing Bubbles

Mortis awoke in a strange place. It must have been his mind messing with him. He was sure he saw some floating cows, and lots of rainbows and ribbons. There was the sound of a tuba flowing, being played very, very badly. His eye inched open, and he saw some familiar features. A face that reminded him horribly of Felicity Insouciant. He didn't like her, he decided at once. She smelled. Of roses. Mortis did not like roses. She spoke, but all he heard was the ringing of bells. Great, he was going mad.

And then he woke up, still in the old necromancer temple, still half blind and bleeding out. Someone was crouched over Jayden. It was Richard, he was sure of it. Slim build, short, wearing a long and heavy coat and with his hair in a silly little ponytail tied with a bow. He turned slightly and Mortis frowned. This man had dark skin. Craning his neck, he saw the woman who had been in his dreams, talking sharply on the phone. She looked like his mother, but far too young. Mother had not known of the world of magic. She came over and helped to lift the masonry off the killer, scowling at him. "Grievance?" She asked sharply, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth with a tissue. She was all business.
"And you are?"
"Arachne Basilisk." She said nothing more to Mortis but instead turned to the dark skinned man. "Perseus, this had better be good, or else."
"You know the kind of guy I am." He assured her. "Annie still waiting by the car?"
"She is, and she's furious to hear you've lost Reckless."
"As long as she keeps a lid on her temper. We need the killers."
"Which ones are they?"
"Grievance, Ame, I don't know, it's Charles' plan."
"I don't trust him."
"I'd trust him with my life, Arachne."
There was a moment of silence before a man with white hair and brown eyes came in. He looked around the place and wrinkled his nose. "Is this really it?"
"Did you expect something amazing and stylish, Detective?" Arachne spat as she helped Mortis to his feet.
"Somewhere a little less broken...can't say anything about corpse-ridden though, considering the Death Bringer thing a few years back..." He kicked something aside, something that squelched. "We're not taking all of them with us, but we're not letting them die, killers or not. They're on our side in the war."
"And you know that how?"
"Because I'm close to the Grand Mages of France. Former and present. I know quite a fair bit, Arachne."
"I'm sure."
Mortis felt consciousness slip away again and slumped in Arachne's arms, saying one word. "Jayden".


The plan began with Davidd O'Taerah opening up a link through which Lionel Ame could talk to France. He spoke to them with firm vigour and confidence, apologising for the possession, disappearance and lapse of proper management, before reassuring them that France would not fall to Mevolent. Of course they wouldn't. They had a man who knew exactly how mad men like Mevolent worked on their side.  They had Lionel Ame.

Davidd was a sense warden.  Very close friends with Sigmund Drakon. One glance over those around him and he knew what he was faced with, and the, ugh, drama within this stupid group. He went over to Wilhelm next and snapped his finger in front of his face. The pale man jumped and shrunk back, arms curling protectively around the toddler on his lap. "Wilhelm, right?" Davidd asked, speaking flawless German. He didn't wait for a response. "Now, I have a little job for everyone here, and yours comes in next. I promise you won't be in any danger, you just have to do exactly as I say."
"I...I'm not sure I should..."
"You can take the child with you or leave it here, it's up to you."
Wilhelm frowned. "What's the job?"
"It's simply to travel and wait. You won't be anywhere near the danger zone, I promise you." He helped the Gothic German up and led him through a door, for a briefing.

((I'm gonna try and bring everyone together...))