Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ian Heartbreak: Death of Death

(Just after Evil Snow Globe Of Doom)
Ian roared in anguish. The sound was loud in the quiet forest, he was sure Aretha had heard it. "Why?!" He screamed at the overcast sky. "Why did you have to take her from me?!" Tears spilt down his face and he cradled Death's head in his arms. She had a small pale face, brilliant ice blue eyes and pale pink lips. The lips were open slightly and Ian traced them with the tip of his index finger.
'These violent delights have violent ends and in their triump die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume.' He thought and hugged her cold body.
"Brother." Someone said from behind him. He tilted his head up to see Ren Clairvoyant's dark face. "I'll take her back. To Australia. You're faster than me, so go get Aretha before she hurts herself.
Ian took a deep breath, wishing he could stay with his Death but he knew deep in his heart that he had to leave her. Ian picked her up gently, still expecting her chest to rise with a breath, and handed her to Ren. "Be careful." He told him.
Ren nodded sternly. "Of course."
"I guess I'll see you when I see you Ren."
"Guess so."
The men looked at each other and Ian took off after Aretha, running as fast as his strong legs would allow.
He let his fury add to his speed as he raced through the dark gloomy trees. Ian didn't get tired. He wouldn't stop until he found Aretha, then, he would add another to the list of her murders.


  1. A. That was a superb chapter, Death.

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    C. Sorry I poofed last night, I wanted to stay up til/past midnight talking to you, Lav, Missy and any other awesome Aussi/elsewhereminions who may or may not have appeared during that time. Unfortunately, my mom had other ideas, involving sleep. That doesn't really explain why I'm here at 5 am. (Me saying 4am in the comments was an example of the 'Fabi getting up early' exaggeration factor.)

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    1. Thanks!

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  2. Wait, so does Ian want me to kill him now? Or does he want to kill her?