Sunday, February 3, 2013

September Silver - Someone Gets Left Behind

A/N: So this chapter is very strange, and very random, and it has the very off-putting Liberty Wit in here, but I hope you like it anyway.

"Butterfly! COME BACK HERE!" Mara cried as Ember prayed that this was all a bad dream. God, she should've just stayed with Mevolent. Now she was stuck with these three-year-olds.

"EMBER!" Mara yelled. "IT'S GETTING AWAY!"

Ember just gave her a withering look. "Mara, you need to get back here. I can heal Star, and then we can all move on."

Mara kept running after the butterfly. She was getting further and further away, so Ember shouted, "MARA!"

Eventually, she had to start running after Mara. "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CATCH THE BUTTERFLY!" she said. "BELIEVE ME, I TRIED IT BEFORE! YOU HAVE TO KILL IT FIRST!"

She thought about killing the butterfly, but the problem was that it was too far away for her powers to reach it. She decided to just keep running after Mara, because really, what was the worst that could happen?

I mean, they could accidentaly end up at Mevolent's base.

Which was what happened.

"Oh my god," Ember said, and stopped running to look at the golden pocketwatch that she'd hung around her neck. "We've been running for an hour. And we're at Mevolent's base.."

Mara stopped running as well. "Oh no!" she wept. "What if they have spoons?"

Ember sucked the butterfly's soul and frowned. "Wait," she said. "I can sense somebody here. Do you think there's somebody behind--"

And then she felt a sharp blow to the back of her head, and she blacked out.


She woke up tied to a chair in a dreary-looking room made out of stone.

"Maralie had better not be with me," she said aloud, and then she heard a (truthfully pretty good) rendition of Live While We're Young. She groaned, and that's when Abla Hazardous walked in carrying a crowbar.

"What makes you think that you can just attempt to infiltrate us like that?" she asked, and then she whacked Ember with the crowbar. Ember healed it instantly and stuck her tongue out.

Abla kicked her chair to the floor and pressed a symbol on the wall. Ember felt her powers dim, and she cursed.

"Run, Mara!" she yelled, before realising that Mara was gone. She frowned, and then realised that Mara must've left before her powers were dimmed. She had better come back soon, she thought.

Meanwhile, Mara was sulking outside the room. She was tied to a chair too, so she used the heat from her light power to burn through the rope. She bit her lip and started to pace the floor.

"What would One Direction do at a time like this?" she wondered, and then she grinned and burst into song.


Adra immediately ran out of the room. "Seriously!" she yelled. "What the hell is that?"

Mara paused, and then she screamed. "I'LL MAKE YOU DIE WHILE YOU'RE YOUNG!"

She grabbed Adra, kicked her, and stunned her by her light, then untied Ember. "Thank you," Ember smiled. "Now that we're here, should we go on a little walk? I get hungry occasionally, and a butterfly's not much."

Mara shrugged, so they walked around.

"You know," Ember said, "We could set the prisoners free."

"Good idea!"

"And then we could kill them!"

Mara gave a her a weird look. "Or we could just set them free and let them go do whatever they want to do."

"Yeah, all right. But you have to let me kill ONE of them."

They kept walking, and then they reached a wall.

"I can feel them behind here," Ember said. "There's some kind of spell here, and we can't walk through."

"Yes, but I can!" Liberty grinned from behind them, floating upside down in the air.

Ember turned around and sighed. "You know, if you could let us through, that would be very nice of you."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then I'll kill you."

Liberty groaned. "You always use that threat. Can't you use another one? I dunno, how about IF YOU DON'T DO THIS AND THAT I'LL FILL YOUR ROOM WITH DIRTY SOCKS?"

"You don't have a room."

"See, that's why those kinds of punishments would work better for me."

"Liberty. Please, be serious. I've had enough hooligans for one day."

"All right, fine," she grumbled. "But you owe me."

She thrust her hand into the wall, moved her fingers around, and suddenly the wall lifted.

"You have about ten minutes before it goes back down," she said. "Go on and do whatever. Could you frame it on somebody for me?"

"Will do," Ember smiled. "I need you to help me unlock the cells too."

Liberty shrugged, and then she slashed through all the bars. The prisoners who hadn't been tortured started running around like headless chickens, while the more injured bunch lay on the floor and got trampled.

"Please. I swear to god, can you do things the conventional way just once?" Ember groaned.

"Whee!" Mara laughed. "It's like a really big rave!"

Ember worked on healing the mages who were too unfit to move, and then she ran with them.

"If someone tries to fight you," she said to Mara, "Make sure you defend yourself properly. If someone tries to fight me, leave it. Take care of yourself. I'll be fine. Hopefully."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Liberty said from among the chaos.

And then Mevolent appeared.

"Yo, Mev!" Liberty smiled.

"The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!" Mara sang.

Everyone else panicked and ran from the room.

Hundreds of Mevolent's followers immediately came after them, so Ember grabbed Mara and tugged her through the crowd.

"Come on!" she yelled. "Run!"

Serpine appeared out of nowhere and covered her eyes with his red right hand. She screamed and lashed out, but he didn't falter. Mara shone light from her hands and paralysed him, then grabbed Ember and pulled her along.

"You know what?" Ember said. "You're pretty useful to have around. And one more thing--why didn't we just teleport?"

Mara paused and let go. "I dunno." And then she teleported.

Problem was that she left Ember behind.

"MARA!" she yelled, and then for the second time that day she was enveloped by darkness as Mevolent knocked her to the ground with his fist.

Hey guys, it's Mara! I posted this for Ember :) she's a 1Derful author, isn't she? ;)


  1. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell...

    *points at Hazardous* Hehe, thanks for using her...and hitting her, she deserves it for what she's going to do soon...

    I liked this. I found it amusing :) Nicely done. Prisoner amounts are confusing. So many people want to free them from so many places.

  2. This was a great mix of comic relief and plot movement. Great job! I really enjoyed reading this.