Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Killer Past

Zafira watched the people come and go. She soon began to learn names. She knew Serpine, Vile, Death, and Baron. She had seen Sanguine a fee times but that was it. Some other people noticed her and Javier. Gloated or mocked them. Zafira didn't utter a word. At this point she was glad to see Mevolent or someone. Javier had been very quiet or ignored people.
"Javier, what can we do?"
"Ignore them Zaf. They feel triumphant because you are a Grand Mage. You haven't begged or anything. What you did to Serpine has scared some people. Trust me, that was brilliant." Zafira smiled at his words and rest her head on him. A few hours later Baron Vengeous himself came. He looked at the two and motioned for Zafira. She stood and went over to him. Baron unlocked the door and led her somewhere different. She felt her magic return to her. Usually the generals shackled prisoners unless Mevolent was torturing them. She didn't tell Baron this of course.
"Afraid?" He asked the Grand Mage. She didn't utter a word. Baron shoved her into the room. Somehow Zafira began to recognize the figures in the room. Sanguine, Vile, and Dreylan Scarab. Her face must have given away some of her fear. Sanguine spoke up, "We ain't gonna kill you darlin'." He told her. Zafira looked at each of them,
"Then why do you want me?" Again Sanguine spoke,
"Dad here has somethin' to tell us." Zafira nodded and stayed quiet in respect. Scarab looked at everyone then turned his attention to Zafira
"You are a Necromancer. You fought in the first war with Mevolent and your father was killed in battle. But look at me Zafira, what do you notice?" Zafira looked at him. He looked like her somewhat. But Sanguine....
"You and Sanguine are alike. Of course you are. He's your son. I read your file." She didn't lie. She had read Scarab's file.
"Almost Zafira. No doubt Bisahalani wrote something else in his journal. The Elder's Journals. I know America doesn't have many journals compared to Ireland or Australia but, no doubt you read them." Zafira glared at him, "Classified information are in the Journals! Only members of the Council of Elders may even read them." She spat at him. Scarab shook his head,
"Zafira, you aren't getting this. Not even Sanguine knows." He looked directly in her eyes, "Zafira, I am your father." She stared at him. Then she slowly registered it. "Y-you aren't gonna cut off my hand are you?" She asked. "But HOW?" She asked.
"Your mother died giving birth to you and gave you to the family you know. They learned the truth when in this reality I was imprisoned. They kept it from you but they knew. And so did I." Scarab looked at Sanguine who was in shock.
"How the hell am I her brother? She's a Grand Mage! I ain't even from Pennsylvania!!" Sanguine exclaimed. Zafira glared at Sanguine. Scarab sighed,
"Stop bickering. Now you know." Vengeous grabbed Zafira and led her to the cell. Javier smiled at her and she smiled back. She lay in his arms kissing his cheek. Javier let her be for a moment and they kissed again. He was happy and she hadn't the heart to tell him who her father was.

(Just so you know I did have her related to Scarab in my world but hey Tis for fun who says Zaffy can't dream?


  1. Well, this chapter was certainly interesting. I wonder if Mevolent will try to use this information against her... Kind of reminds me of a 'Luke, I am your father' type thing... *laughts*
    Also, as I said before- your writing just gets better with every chapter! Keep it up!

    1. Actually Darth Vader actually says "No, I am your father"
      And there for makes it one of the most misinterpreted line from a movie

      This is what my Star Wars obsessed friend told me

      Great story Zaf! I wasn't exepecting that!!!

  2. That was what I aimed for, the Luke I am your father. Trust me I was laughing as I wrote that

    1. Well, you succeeded then! Eff would approve wholeheartedly!

  3. Nice twist, Zaffy!