Sunday, February 24, 2013

B-J Maleficent: How To Die

((Nemone said she would just check her Deviantart messages then do her geography work and learn her drama script. Then Derek's new blog and the Charisma person ensnared her and now she is stuck writing here again...silly disobedient and easily distracted Nemone. And aaaalso, tell me, what did you think when you first saw the title? TELL ME! *teehee*))

Gale moved to the back of the group, keeping Daemon away from the newcomer's sights. Andeep smiled. It was a wicked smile that sent a shiver down his spine. "'Ello." She cooed in her annoying cockney accent. "What'cha doin' here? You ain't supposed to be here."
Aleron smiled back. "This is a Necromancy temple in Ireland. I'm an Irish Necromancer. I think I have a right to be here."
"This temple doesn't function anymore...and Necromancers creep me out."
He shrugged. "Well, you're kinda surrounded by Necromancers, so..."
"Ugh. Lovely. Robyn!" A girl shadow-walked in, short, dark hair framing her pale face like a porcelain doll. Andeep shuddered, repulsed, and waved her hand airily. "Intruders. Be a dear and help me take 'em."
Gale frowned. "You're meant to be in prison..."
"Meant to be." She replied, her voice like the tinkle of breaking glass, "but there isn't a prison out there that can hold a girl like me." She gave Gale a once-over and he subtley nudged the symbols he used to give the beautiful boy illusion. Not that he wasn't actually attractive, it just helped him seduce people.  Seeming to realise she was being ensnared, she turned her head and sent a volley of shadows towards Cadence, who responded by bringing her own, weaker shadows to defend. Austin stepped in beside her and sent his own shadows while Robyn was occupied. "Gale, get Daemon out of here."
"How? You're blocking the exit!"
"Aleron, help him."
Andeep was changing her hands into hammers, ready to attack. She was happy that Austin had distracted the other Necromancer boy as she swung her hand-hammer at the back of his head. She saw Belinda swing the hockey stick in the corner of her eye, but knew she was too far away to hit her. Ah, she thought as shadows pulled her arm off course. Of course this girl was a Necromancer as well. She swung for them again and felt something off in her mind as Ron dodged and punched, falling short and letting the shadows impact for him. She stumbled back and felt a fog cloud her mind. She couldn't think straight, and then she saw Defiance, his hand splayed towards her, head tilted, tongue sticking out in concentration. He was messing with her mind. "Get...out..." She moaned as Hadrian and Diamond turned their attention to Robyn.

Hadrian didn't attack Robyn Njarik, he instead dragged Gale away from the middle of the fight, stepping over Mallethands as she fought a mental tug-of-war with Defiance. He knew his way out of here. Meanwhile, Njarik was turning out to be rather powerful. She slammed Austin to the ground and swept Belinda's feet out from underneath her just as she went to strike. Cadence held her hands up in surrender as Austin jabbed, but was intercepted. The eldest of the Hawthorne siblings moved to haul her brother and sister to their feet, then held her heel to her chest. The three circled their opponent and all struck at once, but she managed to easily block all three. The next strike was a little different. Belinda reached out slowly with her hockey stick, trying to hook it against the prayer beads wrapped around Robyn's wrist. She grabbed the stick instead and Belinda began to draw her shadows in. Robyn no longer had any room to maneuver  the wrist with the beads as the other two closed in from behind. She sweep-kicked Belinda and pushed the other two back. Austin paused to remove his coat even though it was quite cold in there. They all pulsed shadows at her again, which she easily blocked, but at the expense of seeing their next move. As the shadows fell once more, Belinda's hockey stick slammed into her stomach as Cadence hurled her shoe at her face. Foul play, she thought as she doubled over in pain and realised the youngest Hawthorne sibling had disappeared. Suddenly she was forced straight again as his coat was pulled taught around her throat. Her hands went to her neck, but she was struggling with her left. She pulled harder and her prayer beads snapped. Belinda had managed to hook her stick in while she had been recovering. She kicked back and her foot crunched into Baritone's ankle. He made an amusing noise when he met pain, but his grip on the coat tightened and her ability to breathe lessened. She kicked again, but he had moved his foot and she just delivered a glancing blow. He hissed in pain and she saw black at the edge of her vision. She was better than this.

Austin dropped her as she lost conciousness, panting with the effort. He had never been very strong. He wrapped his coat back around himself tightly and tapped Nostradamus on the shoulder. He slowly relinquished his hold on Mallethands and joined the trio as they shadow-walked out, Baritone pausing briefly to pick something off of the floor. They met the others outside the temple and Cadence went to untie Maxim while Katherine went to retrieve Moses. "Where were you for the fight?" Belinda hissed when she got back.
"There was a fight with you guys too? I'm sorry, I got separated...there was a boy there." She lifted her shirt to show some pretty nasty marks as proof.


The girl with the short black hair and sharp green eyes had watched the scuffle from the cover of some woodland nearby. As the man struck the killing blow on the other she stepped forward but still remained hidden. She waited until he was gone before using the air to propel herself forward, getting to the injured man sooner. She carefully lifted him. He was in Elders robes, so that certainly was interesting. She dragged him off to where she had been camping, keeping a hand pressed against the stab wound. "I don't know if I can help you, but I'll do my best. My companion here is a tunneller and my brother is a healer. Garnet!"
The next voice was a man's. "You get into so much trouble. What do you need?"
"One-way ticket back to Ireland."
The man gave a drawn-out, theatrical groan. "Seriously? You make me act like a taxi again and you'll find yourself my toothpicks. I'm getting exhausted with all your moving around."
"Please, G?"
Garnet sighed. "I think I have enough energy for one more trip, but I need to rest. Where to?"
"Taking him directly to my brother is too dangerous. We're going to a friend's house and contacting him from there." Rasputin sort of lost the conversation as the Garnet man heaved him up and the two started arguing about Crocs or whatever those atrocious shoes were called. He sort of blacked out when they started tunnelling.

Basilisk came into her room, her eyes meeting with the green eyes of B-J Maleficent as she went to slip something into the coffee on the desk. She instead went over to Maleficent and handed her the sleeping pill. The raven-haired girl smiled and passed her a vial of clear liquid in return which was slipped into the coffee instead. B-J crushed the pill, opened her window and blew the resultant powder out into the wind. She left the window open, went to the coffee and began to drink. "Thanks, Arachne."
"Why exactly do you want to do this?"
"I can't help the Grand Mage, but I can help get something to defeat Mevolent. He has to believe I'm dead for this to work, for me to have any chance of reaching it."
Arachne nodded slowly, emptying yet more pills onto the table top as B-J sat on her bed and drank. The Child of the Spider followed the raven-haired girl's example and blew the resultant powder out into the winter wind. She gave a curt nod to B-J which the daughter of Serpine returned.

The potion had been made by the two girls with a little help from Jerry, but he would be dead soon. Arachne was banking on getting him to fight Gale and on Gale winning. The potion itself had the same effect as that from Romeo and Juliet, giving a perfect illusion of death. Her father found her under the effects of this potion and she was readied for her funeral. Arachne came down to get her, replacing her with a reflection that had been killed beforehand. She lowered the reflection into the coffin and replaced the lid, guiding B-J safely out of the castle. It was up to her, in the white cotton dress she was to be buried in and little ballet pumps, to make her own way out there. She had done it before, but not from this much scratch. Arachne didn't fancy B-J's chances.

Neither did B-J. She looked a little strange dressed as she was in the dead of winter. After a while, she stopped. Her legs were numb, her bladder full and her stomach empty. She felt a little silly, but she seemed to have a plan. There was the sound of breaking twigs followed by the striking of a match and the crackling of a fire. Confused, B-J followed the noise and found a ginger man, looking about sixteen, covered in acne and with a thin layer of hair growing on his upper lip. He was sat dangerously close to a fire he had just started, rubbing his hands. He wasn't very well-dressed either. Not that B-J was usually a fashion critic. But honestly, the yellow jacket with grey checks, what from that distance looked like a kilt with green tights or leggings beneath and the browny-grey looked disgusting...He looked up, saw her and looked back to the fire. Then he frowned, looked back round and his mouth dropped open, partially from shock, awe, and sympathy. He looked around, panicking slightly, and waved her over. "You must be freezing."
She held up one finger, telling him to wait as she went to find a bush to relieve herself behind, then came to join him. "What brings you to this forest?" She asked quietly.
He cocked an eyebrow and looked confused. "I'm exploring. What about you in that dress?"
She looked down at herself. "I lived nearby...but I'm running away...this is a funeral dress, they think I'm dead."
He thought for a moment. "Wicked. Did you make them believe that with your magic?"
She snorted a laugh. "Hardly. I'm an elemental."
"Adept. What's your name?"
"What's that stand for?"
"...uh...nothing...just B-J..."
"That's a lie."
"B-J Maleficent. What's your name then?"
"Ooh, sinister. I'm Garnet Dorado." He reached into a bag beside him and produced a pack of marshmallow things. "Hungry?"
"'re strangely friendly..."
"A pretty girl in the woods is not something I'm going to be rude to." He took off his jacket and offered it to her. She accepted gratefully. "Plus I think we've met before, and you seemed nice when we were kids, Caitrina."
"Oh...Seamus...I thought the name Dorado was familiar. You were the one crazy about constellations and you tried to grab my boob once and my dad nearly killed you as a result."
He gave a dry chuckle. "Oh, I remember that. How's Lorcan?"
"Insane. Deborah?"
"Dead. She worked at the Sanctuary when that bomb went off."
"Oh yeah. I'd forgotten." She frowned for a moment as she stuffed about seven marshmallow cake things into her mouth at once. Once she was able to talk, she asked him a few questions. "So...were you aware some idiot brought my dad and Mevolent back to life?"
He blanked. "What?" This was followed by a forced hysterical laugh. "You're kidding, right?"
"Oh were unaware...right, they're who I've pretended to be dead in front of, and also, what discipline did you train in?"
He sighed, shifting back from the fire a little. "I tunnel. Under the ground and through to anywhere."
Her face brightened. "Great. I need a favour."
He groaned. "This is going to be hell, isn't it?"

They arrived outside Mr Twist's castle and Garnet slumped down against the wall, Rasputin Vrestreni in his lap. B-J knocked as urgently as she could and waited. She heard someone talking as two sets of footsteps approached. Erin Motionless, she supposed. Only the voice was too deep. Twist opened the door, raised an eyebrow, and turned to see how the person behind him would react. Esra Sunshine tilted his head to the side, tilted it to the other side, held his hands up with the finger and thumb of each joined to form a square, then shoved Advantageous out of the way and enveloped his older sister in a bone-crushing hug. "Please be real!" He cried. Maleficent laughed and hugged him, patting his back.
"I'm real. Did'ja miss me, you eedjit?"
He pulled away, composing himself and putting his usual scowl on his face before sighing and nodding. "You're my sister. I thought you were dead."
"As long as Mevolent thinks that, I'm happy. Anyway, glad you're here. You were just the one I needed." She pointed down at Rasputin and Garnet. "The guy in the elders robes needs a heal and a change of clothes."
Esra paused, stared and nodded. "I'll get to work immediately. You can go meet Dexter Vex. I think you'd like him." He dragged the Czech elder inside, humming 'We're Off To See The Wizard'.



  1. Yay! B-J's not dead! [Celebrates with balloons] "Like Romeo and Juliet" though, that bit worries me. You do remember how that play ended, B-J? Potions like that bring doom to everyone [is being irrational]. [Is glad you're not dead, B-J]

    I'm listening to music on volume zero and I can hear it. Weird. [Shrugs] It's either proof that I'm crazy, or it happens to everyone! Then again, if that doesn't prove I'm insane, the fact that I was talking to B-J the character up there probably does. Or maybe everyone does that, too. Just not when I'm around. Huh. I should really speak to everyone more often. If they stop annoying me for a while.

  2. Oh, and as for the title, I pictured somebody with a ponytail and a mean looking dagger cornering someone else and saying "Now I'll teach you how to die."

  3. I only meant the potion effects. Nothing else is Romeo and Juliet, but I might kill her again...


    I speak to B-J all the time.

    And that is a brilliant thought. One of us may have to include that at some point.

  4. Ah, okay. Wait I mean. "You mean you haven't heard? Potions like that are plotting to kill everyone...or at least take over Norway! They're allllliiiiiiiiivvvvvvveeee! They're jealous of normal potions y'see." [Nods.]

    If you kill her again, I'll be back with a metaphorical flamethrower. And not that kind of metaphorical flamethrower, either. The Norwegian kind.

    And yeah, it is. It should be volume 0.314159... [Nods]

    And I started ranting at Mevolent the other post. Before I fled in terror.

    Brilliant? Really? [Dances in a circle excitedly] Yes, definitely. I have no immediate spots to put it, but I will keep all three of my eyes open. [The third being my mind's eye where most of my story ideas come from]. You also are welcome to include it, if you want and it fits in one of your storylines.

  5. Oh yeah, I've heard and alerted the Grand Mage. Now we just need to stop them getting jealous.

    Squee!*hides behind Derek* Maybe she'll marry the Czech elder or Garnet and live happily ever after with beautiful children in a nice beachside house...



    We'll see. Let us all try and include this in our stories...THE RACE TO INCLUDE THE GUY WITH THE PONYTAIL!!!

  6. well it thought: B-J's alive?

    Lots of people are coming back from the dead! I guess SP started a trend!
    ... although it's not looking to good on the bad guy's!



    YAY B-J'S BACK!!!!!

  7. Race is on, why not?


    Yipppeeeee! [Is oddly hyper for this time of morning]


  9. Mistical: Ahh, but if you think about it, B-J was never really dead.