Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zafira Kerias: When Mevolent Meets Elder Jackson

(Side note Elder Serephia Jackson and Elder Marissa Spiritheart are my friends in real life looong story

Zafira felt the blood drain from her face. Elder Jackson had called from Montgomery Alabama. They needed help. Fast. Mevolent had attacked the Sanctuary there and they were losing against him. Zafira knew the Teleporter had been to Montgomery but not the Sanctuary. She ordered people to go with him to Montgomery. Zafira tagged along. Within an hour the whole group was in the Sanctuary. Zafira attacked anyone in her range fighting alongside Elder Jackson. That's when the bad happened

Elder Serephia Jackson tried to throw them off but it was too fast. The Redhoods caught her and the next second they were in the Palace. Serephia had the look of fear plain as day on her face. The Redhoods took her to Mevolent who appeared to have not been in battle. She looked pissed. Mevolent looked at her
"You're on the Council with Grand Mage Kerias aren't you?" He asked her. Serephia nodded
"Yeah what does it matter?" She asked him. Mevolent sighed
"Serephia is your name isn't it? You know what will happen."
"Yeah I do. Zafira will come and beat you to death and I'll sit here and watch. Then again I could attack you now." She grinned and stood up not shackled.
"YAAAAR!!!!!!" She charged Mevolent with nothing but her magic. She sent fire at him attempting to set him on fire. He was quicker and sent her into the wall knocking her out cold.
"You my dear Elder are going to pay for that." Mevolent told her as the Redhoods dragged the unconscious form of Serephia into the dungeons.

Zafira looked around. The battle was a draw. She helped the injured and what not. She felt someone grab her and the next second she found herself in the Palace.
"Alexander what did you do that for?" She sighed.
"Mevolent wishes to speak to you." He told her. Zafira went to the throne room where Mevolent sat. Upon her entry he beckoned her forward.
"Zafira you have a fighter down South."
"Really? Serephia and other Southerners were rebels to the Union in the Civil War. Not surprised she's a fighter." Zafira replied. Mevolent pressed on
"One of these days you'll have to fake capture. So that you are the last Elder standing. Soon when we conquer the West coast." He ordered her. Zafira bowed. Mevolent dismissed her and she went to Remit. He took her back to New York where the people waited. She ran to the Sanctuary and everyone was waiting.
"Well?" Vinette called out.
"Well what Detective? We get Serephia the hell out." Zafira declared.

A few hours later Zafira found herself with Javier at home. He had his arms wrapped around her kissing her neck. They had just finished eating.
"Well have you thought about my question?" He asked.
"Yes Javier. I can't get pregnant now. Not in the middle of the war. If things work out and we survive we'll have a child I promise." She decided. Javier held her close and didn't speak. He just held her lovingly. He was agreeing with her.

Serephia screamed. The knives where digging into her flesh like hell. The torturers couldn't get anything from her. They had broken her finger and done much worse yet she wouldn't give in.
"Damn you all DIE DIE GOD IN HEAVEN DIE!!!" Baron Vengeous walked in.
"Well it appears we got an Elder." He grinned and took out a dagger and cut all over Serephia. She screamed but refused to give in. Within three hours they had her in the dungeons. Meritorious smiled upon seeing her alive
"Good job Elder Jackson. Try not to die."


  1. Meritorious? How?...Anyway it is a magnificent chapter and I really like the character of Elder Jackson. Pretty cool where this is going as well, vair interesting to follow.

    1. The prisoners from the other realty are also here so Meritorious is actually here

  2. ...but how? The description of the collaboration itself and almost everyone else's posts have led me to believe this mevolent is a resurrected Mevolent from this dimension, like Serpine and Vengeous are. This contradicts everything I've been believing about this story...I'm confused...I didn't think the other reality was involved at all and if it is then when did that happen, why? I'm confuzzled. Do I have to change my approach to this story to fit this new development in? Gah, sorry, this is's like the entire thing has just terraformed around me and now I don't know where anything is and nothing makes sense...I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE!!!

    Chapter's still cool though.

  3. Wait no sorry I messed up

    Serephia was hallucinating calm down I wrote notes on my story but eh things happen

  4. Okay, it makes sense now. I'm a bit high strung when it comes to this sort of thing, I kind of need to know what's going on and have logical sense and stuff and confusion makes me go funny...repetitive stress/depression/anxiety disorder...only I never know when I'm going to be high-strung about it and's not nice for me or other people...sorry for being so stressy there...hehe...