Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Wedding Bells

Zafira smiled as she twirled. Her dress was white and had lace sleeves. Her hair was braided and her veil was woven into the braid. Her adopted father would have been here so instead her mother was walking her down the isle. In New York City. Javier was waiting and she could hardly wait. Finally her mother took her to wait. Many important Americans came to this of course all sorcerers. After what felt like forever Zafira was led down the isle to the music. Javier waited his black suit amazing and he looked hot. After forever Zafira made it and took Javier's hand. The priest did the whole spiel of lines to tell them and then the moment. Javier looked at her as the priest asked Zafira,
"I do." She said. He asked Javier,
"I do." Javier murmured.
"You may kiss the bride." And Javier took Zafira in his arms and they kissed lost in the moment. They eventually did break apart.

Florida: The Honeymoon
Zafira lay beside Javier by the ocean. Javier hadn't taken his eyes off her since they lay there.
"Zaf, I love you."
"I love you too." They stayed quiet for a while the waves crashed. The scene perfect,
"Zaffy, would you be willing to try again?" He asked. She shook her head,
"Yeah if we really want to." She told him. He smiled and they kissed. He kept this for a while.

Mevolent waited paitently for Serpine to report. Serpine came and bowed
"Master they had the wedding and are on their honeymoon in Florida. Shall we attack New York?"
"No. We wait until they return. I wish to personally attend the raid. Go. Send me Baron." Serpine bowed and got Vengeous. Mevolent had a plan and he needed Zafira with Javier. He intended it to work. It should work.

The day passed and Zafira swam with Javier
" Catch me!" She teased as her and Javier swam. He picked her up easily and laughed,
"I got a Grand Mage!" He laughed and they kissed again. Then they broke apart laughing. They were going to Disney tomorrow. It'd be fun.


  1. So I'm getting beat up by my other character and a couple of vamps while you go to Disneyland??? Not fair!!! Not exactly at the same time, either, but anyways.

    Nice chapter!!! It's good for them to have a break, can't wait to see what Mevolent does next!

    Wish I could see the dress!

    1. I'm dying and she's at Disneyland? Not cool...

  2. Awww, this was so cute!!! Yay, maybe another baby! *still don't know I killed your unborn child* Yeah, maybe someone should tell me that...

    Is now really the best time to be pregnant, though...?

  3. AWWW ITS SO CUTE!!!!!

    Keep at it!!! I MUST find out what Mevolent is up to!!!