Monday, February 18, 2013

Zafira Kerias: What The Hell?

Zafira was laying on the couch in the living room. Javier had her wrapped in blankets. The stab wound and burns were healing but her leg was still in a lot of pain. Javier kept that leg elevated. He had gone to the Sanctuary to get one of the doctors to help her. She couldn't walk but that was another matter so long as the leg healed right. Twenty minutes later the doctor came in with Javier. Doctor June. She looked at the Grand Mage and got to work. The leg was set straight at least.
"Can you manage shadow walking?" Doctor June asked. Zafira nodded. She was a Necromancer and that was a trick she learned. Zafira grabbed the doctor and Javier and shadow walked to the Medical Bay. She nearly fell but Javier caught her.
"Hey now I got you." He smiled and helped her sit up on the table. Doctor June worked to cast the leg in a special mold.
"Your leg will be stiff for a few hours but the juices are healing it. Come back tomorrow and I'll take a look. And you may want to minimize walking." Doctor June said and left the room. Zafira got up and walked. Her leg felt sore and stiff but it didn't prevent her walking. She went into her office and began looking through records. Elder Jackson had sent forces to help them but how? For hours she looked through files. Then she understood. Vidia Gaunt had informed the South. The detective who was trainee to Vinette Riddle. Zafira didn't want to tell Mevolent. She had to lie. She took out her phone and logged onto Skype. He was online and she hoped to god he'd answer. She called Mevolent via Skype. He answered and looked somewhat stunned.
"What." He said, "Is the reason you called me on Skype?"
"To inform you of what I discovered. Apparently Victoria Flame had contacted the South. But she was killed in battle probably by you. So that leaves me with a dead informant." She summed up. Mevolent shook his head
"So we no longer have her. Do you have any idea what the Sanctuaries in America plan?"
"Not really. Nobody wants to move forward with attacking Ireland. Yeah we'd love to infiltrate the City in your dimension but that's nearly impossible."
"Then my suggestion to you is find a way to be in Ireland tomorrow or as soon as able." Mevolent ordered. Zafira looked at her leg
"Tomorrow master. I can't fight with my leg but tomorrow it'll be healed." Mevolent nodded
"Good. Bring Javier with you. " He told her and disconnected the call. Zafira logged off of Skype and put her phone away. She had lied about plans. There was one big one to actually go dimension hoping to Mevolent. But that would wait. She got up and shadow walked home to Javier and told him the plan. With that being said she fell asleep beside him.

Dublin, Ireland 24hrs later
Mevolent was with the generals. They had seen Zafira enter with Javier but he did not want the Americans yet. None of the generals trusted the Grand Mage
"Fine. She may be lying but maybe not. I'll have the Sense-Wardens go through her head when she least expects it." Mevolent told them.
"Master we can't trust any Sanctuary operatives!" Serpine argued.
"That is my order Serpine. Deal with it." The generals left and Mevolent went to find the Americans. He found them in the main part of the castle. He motioned for Zafira and she came forward. Her head bowed.
"Zafira what did I tell you about lying to me?" He struck her with a knife. She didn't cry out.
"Who was the one that informed the South?"
"No..." She growled, "Don't know." Mevolent took her and pulled her inches from him,
"I will kill you right here right now. Who informed the South?!" He twisted her arm and released her. The fear in her voice was evident
"Someone. A detective." She responded. Mevolent pushed the air to hold her against the floor. He used his free hand to put the God-Killer to her neck.
"When I move the sword you tell me or it cuts your head off." He moved the sword and she spoke
"Vidia Gaunt." Mevolent released her and dragged her to her feet. He clicked his fingers and gave Zafira a nice third degree burn on her arm. He let go of her and turned to Javier
"Do nothing to help her or you suffer." He growled and left the couple. He had things to do and murder to plot.

Zafira widened her eyes as he left looking at her arm. It was burnt. Badly. She stood shaky and took Javier's hand.
"Manhattan?" She asked. He shook his head
"Mevolent will be unhappy if we go. To our room." He led Zafira and they waited.


  1. ...Well, I would voice displeasure, but that would be rather hypocritical of me...

  2. My comment disappeared!!!!!!

    I said something about Mevolent having Skype...

    Also, nice chapter. But I agree with Ari. You're no wimp, Zaf. Don't act like one. ...or make your character act like one, anyway.

  3. The reason she is acting helpless is because if she stays strong against him she'll get killed and also theres no way in hell Zaf can beat Mevolent alone so portaying herself as weak to Mevolent is letting him think getting America is gonna be easy when in reality it'll be far from it and also she's been punished for lying but she will go off you guys know she will lose her mind on him