Monday, February 11, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Life in A Cell

Javier held his fiancé in his arms. Zafira had been quiet the majority of the time. When the Redhoods had taken him she was asleep so when he returned she was anxious. At the moment she was awake now and cursing Mevolent in Spanish.
"Hush my love. We'll be okay" Javier reassured. Zafira quieted down enough and looked up at him.
"What did he want?" Javier sighed,
"Nothing much. Just threatened my life." He murmured. He felt her shiver,
"Hush Zafira my love. I am with you." He stroked her hair. He did feel bad for her. She wasn't used to the people around her. Javier knew most of the people who were watching them. But when Nefarian Serpine appeared at the cell door that's when Javier was concerned.
"Mevolent asked me to see if you'd give in." Zafira spoke up now,
"Go to hell Serpine." Serpine shook his head and motioned for Zafira. As prisoners they were forced to obey any of Mevolent's men. But Zafira didn't budge. She glared at Serpine he shook his head
"Do not defy me, Kerias. I know how to kill your future husband." Serpine growled. Zafira got up and slipped her hand through the bars scratching Serpine in the face he backed off blood tricking down,
"Oh wait until I report this!" He ran off. Zafira shrugged.
"He can die. I hate him." Javier laughed
"Oh Zaffy." She lay back on him and they stayed like that. Life wasn't so bad in a cell.


  1. Still can't decide whether or not I like Javier... He's tricky... I definitely ship you guys, though!

    1. Sorry- I totally forgot to mention how great this chapter is! I feel like your writing improves with every one of these that I read. Great job!

  2. Nice chapter, Zaf!

    I like how even in jail, you still scratch Serpine in the face!

  3. DON'T HURT DAD!!!!

    Well... Foster-dad...

    1. I thought you didn't like him... Or is that different now?