Saturday, February 23, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Killing Vinette

Javier had been given a task by Mevolent. It was an order and so be it he had to. Mevolent promised Zafira's death if he didn't obey. His task was simple: Kill Vinette Riddle. Tracking Detective Riddle would be no problem as he was an expert in these matters. But so be it she was a fighter and he could not afford to lose this battle. Javier waited for Vinette to go to her home. When she got inside her house he snuck in and before she could move he made her see nightmares. Her eyes widened and she screamed. She summoned fire and Javier lost focus. Vinette threw the fire at him and lunged for him. Being she was an Elemental this would be tricky. He dodged the fire making her hit the sofa. He took his sword and swung slicing her across the belly. She fell panting. She somehow stood and he took the opportunity and forced her to see her nightmares. She screamed. As Javier focused he intensified it. After 10 minutes Vinette screamed her last,
"I WILL NEVER LOVE ANYONE BUT BILLY-RAY SANGUINE!!!" She took a kitchen knife and stabbed her self moaning for Sanguine. She died. Javier took care of the body and Remit came out from the room.
"Impressive." He told Javier. The two teleported to Mevolent. Javier bowed his head,
"Sir Vinette Riddle is dead." Javier reported. Mevolent nodded
"Good. I spare Zafira's life another day. Go tell your wife to prepare. Soon I will need to capture her." He ordered Javier. He bowed to Mevolent and he found himself in his own home. Javier waited patiently for Zafira to come home. He was in the mood for Zafira.

Zafira looked at the Administrator.
"Detective Riddle DEAD?!" She exclaimed in shock. That was two detectives down. She turned her gaze to the remaining.
"Investigate the deaths. We know Serpine killed Vidia but look into who killed Vinette." Zafira told them. The last detectives left the room to begin investigating this mystery. Zafira walked into her office and took off her Elder's robes. She hung them on her chair. She looked up at the portraits of past Grand Mages which wasn't many.
"What would any of you done?" She sighed. She stood and shadow walked home.

Javier felt as if Zafira was home. He turned and she stood in her black outfit. He hugged her tightly
"Zaffy." He murmured. Zafira smiled at him and he held her close.
"Mevolent wishes to stage kidnapping you." He warned his wife. She sighed
"Hell no. I refuse." She told Javier. He kissed her cheek
"Zaffy this is his order. We can't be ignorant to it or he'll kill us." Zafira sighed and buried her face in Javier's chest. Even he knew what would happen when Mevolent got her. She'd be tortured so when and if they released her she'd bear the marks of punishment. Javier couldn't handle this fact of knowing Zaffy was in danger.

Three in the morning rolled around and there was a knock on the bedroom door.
"Who is it?" Javier called.
"Open in the name of Mevolent." Came the voice. Javier shook Zafra awake and opened the door. Zafira stood up dressed in her pajamas.
"Vengeous to what do I owe this late night visit?" Zafira asked.
"Mevolent wishes for us to bring you to him. Javier included."
"It's three in the morning Baron." She reminded him. Remit stepped forward and grabbed Javier and Zafira and then Mevolent was in front of them.
"Well it seems we have a lot to discuss with you two." He told the bedraggled couple. "A lot in store."


  1. Blackmail... Nice, Mevolent! Not that I'm condoning it, or anything.

    This was an exciting chapter, Zaf!

  2. ... did they have to take you at three in the morning?
    God these people have no manners!!!

    ... well I guess they did knock so that's one thing at least!

    Great job Zaf I can't wait to see what happens next!!!