Monday, February 11, 2013

September Silver: Making Muffins

Just a crazy filler chapter I came up with

The torture was bloody useless.

Because the torture had to be done magically, the room wasn't bound, and Ember could heal everything immediately. They threatened to kill everyone she cared about, but she just shrugged and said that Liberty was untouchable since her their lives were linked. Liberty clapped her hands excitedly from the ceiling and asked Ember to give her more pain sensors so that she could be tortured.

"Oh, come on," she groaned when the torturer refused. "I haven't had any pain in ages!"

"Elizabeth, behave!" Ember had snapped. "I promise you I'll give you back your butterfly knife later, but for now can you PLEASE show some respect for our poor torturer here? He's been working for a long time but hasn't been able to get me to reveal everyone's location, so he's probably going to get killed. Give him some slack in his last few moments of life."

The torturer looked slightly petrified at this point, so Liberty rolled her eyes and hopped down from the ceiling.

"By the way," Ember said, "if you want to die painlessly, do you want me to kill you now instead of Mevolent killing you later?"

The torturer paused, then nodded.

"Too bad, I promised Elizabeth I'd give her something to eat," Ember sighed, and Liberty started dissecting him with her claws.

Once Liberty had started on her snack, she untied Ember. She offered Ember a piece of eyeball, which Ember graciously accepted, and then Ember wandered off.

Unfortunately, she met up with a few of Mevolent's friends, and got thrown into a magic-bound cell.

With Fletcher Renn and Myra.

"Hello," she said, smiling pleasantly. 

Myra shook in fear, and Fletcher smiled flirtatiously.

She grabbed Fletcher's head and slammed it into the wall, and he stopped smiling. "That always does the trick," she grinned, and leant back into her corner. 

"Do you like muffins?" asked Myra.

"Excuse me?!"

"You know, these little sweet things that you put in your mouth! And then you chew them! They're really lovely!" Mara smiled shakily.

"Oh, I love muffins," Ember smiled. "When Elizabeth and I were little, before the incident, we used to make them out of flesh and blood. My father, now he made the best batch."

"Oh..." Myra tried for a laugh. "He was good at cooking?"

"No, but he tasted much better than our mother and the neighbors. Seasoned meat always worked the best for us."

"Ah," Mara said, shaking a little bit. "Ah."

Liberty came over and smiled. "Oh, good! You found some food!"

"Yeah, I'm starving," Ember nodded. "I swear to god, eyeball is really the worst part."

Liberty held out her hand. "Knife."

Ember handed the knife over, and together they prepared the batter.

"You know what?" Ember said. "I think she'll taste pretty good. Is there an oven here?"

"We have a fire that Mevolent uses to torture the prisoners," Liberty smiled. "We can use that."

So half an hour later, they had a little picnic inside Ember's cell. Fletcher watched, horrified, as Liberty held a knife to his neck.

"Save some for Mara," Ember said. "She'll probably be hungry too."


  1. Ew... Ew... Ew... Ew... Ew... Ew...


    Though you did make Fletchypoos unhappy... Now me is happy!!!
    And they were just kids in love! The summer was full of mistakes they wouldn't learn from!

  2. O_O you killed her and ATE her!!!!
    I'm also an Aussie!!! How could you do this to us!!!!
    I know we must taste good because we get regularly backed here but O_O she was a poor MORTAL!!!!


    This was a mutual agreement with Mara anyways.

  4. And now Mom's asking me why I don't want to eat breakfast...

  5. Ember, is it alright if we don't kill Fletcher just yet? Mara have idea... *cackles*

  6. MYRAAAAAA!!! I LIKED HER, SHE WAS NICE!!! I'M UPSET NOW!!! *crawls into her famous rock off some other site and weeps*