Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Mevolent

(Set in the past during the war with Mevolent, first one

Zafira stood alone in the shadows. Ghastly Bespoke had asked her to help and she had agreed. It was cold in Ireland and they had just been witness to Skulduggery Pleasant's death. She had viewed him as a good person but such as it was Mevolent just had to kill him. She went inside the small house and looked at herself. Justaria had been lurking for days. It was unnerving. Suddenly Zafira went away and Justaria took over. Justaria grinned. Zafira was weak but she was no longer a problem. She drew the cloak over her face and shadow walked. She found the forces of Mevolent easily. Redhoods blocked her path. Justaria looked at them,
"Take me to Mevolent." She said. The Redhoods surrounded her and took her to Mevolent. He was in his battlesuit but either way Justaria could sense power from him. He turned to face her.
"Who are you?" He asked. He sounded more amused then angry.
"Justaria. I know who you are and I wish to join you."
"What discipline did you study?" He looked at her closely. His eyes flickered to her necklace but he waited for her to answer
"Necromancy." Justaria responded. She sensed he was an Elemental. Strong too. Mevolent called to someone and Baron Vengeous came to them. He looked at Justaria his expression clouded.
"Vengeous this is Justaria. She is a Necromancer. See to it she is given a place." He ordered. Vengeous motioned for Justaria and she followed Vengeous. He led her to a group of sorcerers. They looked at her and Vengeous repeated Mevolent's words.

A few years later
Justaria stood among the generals. She was allowed to as Mevolent believed she was powerful. She was not ranked as a general but she didn't mind. Mevolent looked across the field they were in. The Resistance was coming. They all knew it and they were ready. The small Resistance came forward. Lord Vile was now amongst Mevolent's forces. Another Necromancer like Justaria. Mevolent was watching Justaria and she knew it. She took out her dagger prepared for the onslaught. When the Resistance came she charged into battle either killing or maiming anyone in her bath. Her dagger was made with a poison that made the wounds infected upon contact. A commotion Justaria had created herself. Suddenly she felt a sword across her neck. She fell dropping her dagger. The wound was bleeding and Justaria blacked out

A few hours later Justaria woke up. She had managed to heal her wound but it was obvious the battle had been finished. She couldn't find her dagger. She had her necklace though. That's what mattered. Suddenly after years of attempts Zafira Kerias broke through and making Justaria return to her mind. Zafira lay in the snow. She didn't know what happened and suddenly she felt shackles. Ghastly Bespoke had her. He forced her to her feet and took her to the Resistance.
"I got one of the generals." He said. Zafira felt someone enter her mind and all went blank.

Mevolent studied the dagger closely. It was Justaria's. he had lost a fighter but in times of war such was and he didn't have control over it. He pocketed the dagger. Justaria would have rather him have it then a Resistance member. He strode through the sorcerers from his side. He had won this battle at least.

Zafira woke in the camp of the Resistance. She felt shackles still. Dexter Vex was watching her. She sat up and looked around. Vex realized she was awake and took the shackles off.
"Zafira." He greeted. She looked at him but didn't speak. He offered a hand to help her up. She took it and stood. She knew where she was and what she had to do. Fight for the Resistance.