Monday, February 11, 2013

Faeris Wile: And the Games You Play That You Always Win, Always Win

   My apologies to everyone/thing Faeris insults. I do not mean to offend the Sanctuary, 1D, vampires Twilight or anything else. Please don't kill me! 

   With every breath, Faeris Wile cursed the Sanctuary. It was only thanks to Mevolent that she knew the truth, that the 'accident' that had killed her sisters and made her lose the use of her left ad been a purposely laid trap by somebody really important in the Sanctuary. Someday, she would get him to tell her a name, and then she'd make that sorcer wish he (or she) had never worked for the Sanctuary in the first place. 
      Faeris flexed her robotic fingers. The way they looked, the way they worked, the way they even felt, a perfect blend of magic and technology, still impressed her. Why were some people foolish enough to live with technology alone? What was the point? 
     Well, for one thing, you were less bleeding likely to have your family burnt to nothingness by a corrupt and unstoppable official government of powerful sorcerers! Faeris's boots clacked against the stone floor as she angrily strode into Mevolent's office.
     "My lord, I am at your service." She knelt before the one who had told her the truth so many years ago, the one whom she'd been too little to serve properly then. She could make up for it now.
     "Your next assignment is simple, yet crucial to my next plan," he pulled out a map, and pointed to to the circles building, a supposedly unoccupied house in Dublin. "The two rebels inside are both asleep. Bring them to me alive, and also bring the body of the girl with short black hair. Don't damage the corpse, but damage the living ones all you like."
     He beckoned to two men in black, and Faeris scowled as she saw their faces. Stupid bleeding vampires, her face said it all. Stupid teenage girls. Stupid Twilight. "Them??? I have to work with THEM?" Stupid gracefulness and stupid, creepy eyes. Bleeding vamps.
      "It's time you got over your fear, Faeris. They won't be needing to change forms, it's nearly noon."
     Faeris sighed. If it had been anyone but her master, she would have killed him at even the suggestion. Despite how hard she tried to hide it, he knew. At least they couldn't go all beastly and kill her, and anyway, neither of them was that singer Resurrection guy. Not Resurrection... Redirection? Whatever, stupid either way.
     "Yes, my lord." She bowed and the three of them walked out of the room, the vamps on the far left, Faeris on the far right. The hatred was mutual, lovely.
      She didn't look either man in the eye and hoped neither would remember her next time they were hungry.


  1. :D awesome chapter I can't wait to see where I goes!!!



    Great chapter! lol. The Twilight insult was pretty funny. *nods*

    Mara will murder her if she gets her hands on her, just saying.