Friday, February 22, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Jekyll and Hyde: Female Version

Mevolent flew at Javier. Afraid of this Javier took his sword and charged but Mevolent was faster. He defended himself with ease and then Javier was thrown into a brick wall and his windpipe punctured. He lay there suffocating. Then it all went black.

Javier woke with a start. He felt his throat. Intact. It was all just a dream. He looked over at the clock: 3am. He looked over at his sleeping wife. Zafira was out cold. Smiling he brushed her dark hair from her face. She was beautiful even in sleep. He loved her and he couldn't think of anyone who would compare to her. He kissed her cheek and lay back down. He fell asleep much more peaceful.

The morning dragged by so slowly. Zafira was due home for lunch soon and Javier was anxious. He was an assassin but he worked with the Sanctuary since Aretha went mental and all. Though nobody could arrest him because according to Sanctuary law he had to actually kill someone in order to be arrested. Unlike Scapegrace he didn't even attempt to kill them. When he showed them their nightmare the victim would simply commit suicide. Javier made a nice lunch for himself and Zaf. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. He turned from the pot and Zafira smiled
"Hey Javier." She said and hugged him. Javier felt that butterfly feeling he got whenever he embraced her. He hugged her back tightly.
"Hello my love." He said and broke off taking her hand and kissing it. He poured her soup into a bowl and flipped their grilled cheese.
"Five minutes until they're ready." He told her as she sat down.
"How is the war stuff going?" He put the grilled cheese on two plates and served them. Zafira smiled
"Crappy. Elder Jackson is hostage by Mevolent and Marissa is going squeaky."
"Isn't she always squeaky?"
"No. When she's freaked she goes even higher. No wonder she was soprano with me in school." Zafira smirked. Javier ate his soup. Then Zaf spoke sounding slightly worried
"I fear we may have to risk our cover to get her out. I think I'll send some of Serephia's mages. Might make them less afraid." She decided. Javier nodded. They ate in silence and then Javier broke the silence. He had a question and it nagged him so much.
"Zaffy whats it like knowing your true name?" He asked. Zaf looked up at him. It took a moment for her to speak
"Well. Its like Jekyll and Hyde. I know this...person so to speak is inside my soul or whatever. Here I am as a good person and Justaria isn't exactly cuddly. Like how Jekyll was a doctor and a husband to be never killed a man then Hyde comes out and kills all these people and proclaims to be with Satan." She explained to him. Javier nodded
"So what I got the female Jekyll and Hyde here as my wife? Awesome!" He grinned. Zafira rolled her eyes and got up. She hugged him tightly from behind.
"Javier what can I do with you?" She asked laughing. She shook her head and went to the living room shadow walking to work. Javier watched her go sighing. He cleaned up lunch and sat down to watch TV. Nothing was even good on TV. That's when his phone rang.
"Javier speaking." He answered. A man spoke nearly a whisper
"Javier, Mevolent wishes to speak to you tomorrow." Lord Vile told him. Javier felt his insides chill.
"Of course." He told Vile. He hung up and lay against the couch. One day more. He may become a general for all he knew.

Evening came and Zafira was home. The happy couple lay together in the living room. Javier was being playful and was on top of her. He shrugged and they kissed. It felt good to have her with him. He let her go and Zafira gasped laughing. She was tired which for her wasn't usual. He caressed her cheek.
"Zaffy?" He asked quietly. She looked up at him.
"Javier I dunno I think I'm sick." She told him. He held her close
"But I love you. Get better?"
"I will." She promised and lay her head on his chest. He stroked her hair. Zafira was his and he planned to make it stay that way. For as long as they have.


  1. Naw. This was cute.


    This was really good, Zaf! :) Your writting keeps getting better and better each time I read one of your chapters! :)

  2. This was cute! I have to wonder which side you'll end up choosing... Oh, also- "he worked with the Sanctuary since Aretha went mental and all." nice touch! Thanks for filling in- maybe, someday, I'll recover... But that's assuming I'll even survive to the end of this war! Great job, as always!