Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Battle of Long Pond

Aah tis where the Pocono Raceway is if you know where that is you may understand what Mevolent planned

Race day in Long Pond, Pennsylvania was a bright day. Temperatures were high and fans had piled into the raceway. Long Pond becomes the second largest city in Pennsylvania twice a year for the two races. It was the perfect plan. If mortals were exposed o magic here then the Resistance would be scrambling to cover up. Mevolent was in the woods waiting. There would be time when drunk mortals saw magic and the sober as well. From what Zafira had explained the race would last about four hours and the fans were pretty drunk, fast. Mevolent didn't understand why these mortals enjoyed this. By 2pm the sounds of America's nation anthem were heard from the track and within a half hour the crowd was cheering and the sound of 43 race cars going around the track at 200mph was heard. Very loud.

Zafira led the group of sorcerers through from their seats on Pit Road. They has heard rumors of attack and they planned to intercept. Except their spotter had warned Mevolent was in the woods. They got in the van and drove through the tunnel from the infield. They parked in the back of the parking lot and went into the woods. Their spotter gave them good directions. The roar of the track was heard even here. Zafira found Mevolent's army. Why in god's name here was beyond her belief. Javier and her were still under orders to fight for America. The wounds inflected on her in torture stung but she was determined to go on. On a silent cue the agents attacked Mevolent's army. The battle itself was harsh. Zafira took down any person in her path and didn't care who it was. Javier fought beside her as hard as he could. Mevolent wasn't seen but they managed to injure Serpine. Ah well to her he was worthless. Then someone from the crowd pointed up and Mevolent rose to the sky, towards the track packed with cheering fans. Zafira and a few others shot anything they had at Mevolent. Zafira climbed a tree and sent shadows at him. She misaimed and the wall of shadows hit him, in the groin. Mevolent came crashing down and he barely managed to slow his fall. When he stood up he called to Remit and they retreated. When the army teleported she turned to her phone. The spotter confirmed they'd gone to Ireland. Zafira sighed in relief. 3:30pm. She looked and saw Javier laying in a pool of blood. She knelt beside him.
"Help him!!" She snapped. There was commotion and their teleporter took hold of Zafira and Javier and they were in the Medical Bay. The doctors worked on Javier and Zafira was teleported to the woods.
"Grand Mage shall we continue the facade as race fans?" Alexia Di asked. Zafira nodded and they went snuck back into the pits. Hell it looked like Jeff Gordon's car was on fire.

The race had ended an hour ago. Jimmie Johnson had won and that was that. Zafira was sitting with Javier. He was released and sent home. He would recover and that was good.
"Oh Javier." Zafira murmured. He took her hand and kissed it.
"My love?" He responded and they kissed. She was worried about him and he was stubborn. The couple just lay there happily.


  1. I like how it's set at an actual mortal event.
    [Sighs in relief] I was worried about Javier for a second. If one more character dies, I'm going to go insane and kill the rest of you myself. I think FabiTC might go insane as well. We shall see.

    Oh, and congrats on injuring Serpine! I know it's not as important as the actual leader, but he is a general. You should celebrate, get yourself a nice doughnut or something... Oh, right. There's a war. [Sarcastically] I'd forgotten.

    I really should have used Aemilia for this story... [laughs] But I can't bring her in now, for approximately three reasons!

    Ok, now I'm definitely on a random tangent totally unrelated to your awesome chapter. I'm stopping now.

    1. Well then I guess this would be a great time to mention that _____________ is going to die for sure, and ____________ and _____________ might die as well. I'm not so sure about _____________ either, but who knows? He/she/it might get lucky. (it's not likely)

  2. You misaimed! HA you aimed PERFECTALY!!!!

    GOD I cracked up at that part!

    OH GOD he's not going to be happy with you next time he see's you!!!

    :D Great shot Zaf! couldn't of done it better myself!!! ;D

    Great chapter Zaf and i'm glad Javier's ok!

  3. Great chapter, Zaf! I can really see an improvement in your fight scenes just as well as the rest of your chapters. I don't even know how you manage it, but I swear each chapter is infinitely better than the last! Great job, and keep improving!